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I would Smoke a Joint with Ron Paul or Gary Johnson

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Ha! Hilarious.

I'm not a smoker, but hell yeah, I would too!

See even the Media

are trying to push us into supporting Gary Johnson.

Maybe they want the Libs to win, and then this system will come crumbling down on the libertarian party so they can blame libertarians for the complete destruction of our economic and monetary systems.

Im glad that smart fella finished the sentence for the Fox stooge and said Ron Paul before anything else.

Dems and GOP the same


Gary Johnson is no better.

Missing the point much?

You can add the Libertarian Party, with Kony 2012 believeing GJ at the helm.

They are all the bloody same as far as I can see.

Ron Paul or no one at all.

Then vote for a different third party candidate,

but RP is not on the ballot. We need to keep the GOP and the Dems below 50% of the vote.


Id write him in! At least I would know that I have voted with principle.

Does not get counted, and serves no political gain.

We are trying to gain politically to save the country. Food for thought. It's called playing defense.

Uh how about

No, I would not compromise my principles, and send my support away from Ron Paul for some no-where no-one candidate.

Write in would be my way.

i'll dab to that


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