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This is scary - NYPD Opens Branch in Israel

It seems both NYPD and Israel police are required to work together on a daily basis. What is happening to the US?


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U.S - Israeli Crime Syndicate

Partners in crimes of 9/11.

ONE of them had to make the nano-thermite because they are the only two militaries that had the capability.

I too find this odd. The U.S.-Israel alliance is worth looking

into, as suggested in a comment below. But those prominent positions involving dual-citizenship don't just include media. I do not think it is appropriate for anyone in a leadership position in a president's administration to have dual citizenship - Israeli or any other country. (Ditto for a president!) It puts their allegiance into question. I'd like to know with surety that the American government has what is in the best interest of AMERICA as its highest priority.

Some dual U.S.-Israel Citizens -

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Another goofy site professing to have an insider scoop

or is this true.

Patriot Cell #345,168
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I would be fine for the entire NYPD to go to Israel and stay.

I also think they should take Bloomberg with them.

Always remember:
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One cop = a "branch" ?

Not enough substance to this story. There are already so many ways in which Israel controls the US, and to a lesser extent, vice versa, that to have one NY cop stationed over there is hardly anything to be "scared" about. It's just one more confirmation of the fact that these two countries function as one, in many, many ways.

And that alliance, on the whole, is worth looking at more in-depth, especially with respect to our foreign policy. Then it's good to use that information to challenge neocon Republicans' adulation of Israel, which is usually a product of deliberate brainwashing. Rupert Murdoch, for instance, is a long-time advocate for Israel, and has put dual US-Israeli citizens in prominent positions for a long time: like making William Kristol editor of the Weekly Standard. Kristol went on to co-found the revolutionary Project for the New American Century.

Fox News devotees never seem to know these things.