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People Should Vote: Not Computers

People Should Vote: Not Computers

Citizens Resist Department of Justice takeover of NY elections: Demand Hand Counted Paper Ballots.
Every citizen of the United States should watch this and be very, very alarmed. Electronic voting machines are the device for a coup d'etat. It WILL happen if YOU don't stop it. Turn off the televisions and focus on the elected and appointed officials of your States.


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voting is a human activity...PERIOD

every state should use the caucus system.

plexiglass ballot boxes bolted to the dais.

votes counted in the open.

the people demand and deserve accuracy over speed

every vote counts

All we need is accurate counts

If we are going to continue to allow proprietary software to secretly tabulate the count, then NO, there's no hope of ever using a computer.

However, we use computers for almost everything in this world and we trust many of them with our lives. There are many ways to make them trustable - that is, to the point of an 'acceptable error'. Even the highest tech medical and space computers have an error factor. The trick is to reduce that below the point that it affects the outcome. In this situation, that would probably mean an error rate of less than .005% or 5,000 votes total, nationwide.

The problem is that in this situation, we're not fighting the computer gremlins of bad or inaccurate hardware. We're fighting off intentional, covert human manipulation. If thinking with any kind of honesty, one should assume this to be an easier problem to solve. However, people are easily swayed into making decisions that aren't necessarily in their best interest.

The reason? We're not calculating NASA trajectories. We're doing 2nd grade level counting! What justification could there possibly be for keeping the software proprietary? Could it be a high risk secret how the totals are organized? Could it be risky to reveal how it's stored on a disk for archival? Even how to convert scanned images into filled-dots to determine the voter's wish? No. In this case, every step is straight forward and if it's not, it should be. Put the code online for all to review and critique for loopholes.

That 'should' solve the problem but then we get into the logistics of loading it, securing it from alteration and so many other things. This is where our current process has failed the most drastically. I'm not sure a 'political' solution can be found given that the US is not allowed to have the federal government mandate to the states how they will accomplish their elections. In my humble opinion, there is only one solution. Fortunately, it solves both sides of the problem.

The federal government CAN mandate how to report votes to it by the states. So to fix this mess, all we need is a reporting process that removes all the middleman steps between the voter and the report. In addition, today's computers in every household, newsroom, blog site and votewatch organization have the capability to receive and tally the same results (should they choose) for corroboration. As such, we can easily use the internet to collect all votes from the lowest levels (even the actual voter if a precinct decides) and distribute the votes directly to such a large group that would easily expose any manipulation.

This only leaves one problem to solve. There needs to be a method to create this standard report by anyone (precinct computer, voter, county election commission) such that it keeps the election information visible and the identification and vote choice private. This is where an algorithm is used to hash the data into a hidden code.

An example is multiplying 10 numbers. If you only report the product, you have no way of knowing any of the originals unless you know 9 of them already. In this way but on a larger scale, a code (or 'key') can be generated to reveal the date, election, candidates, precinct, county and state, while hiding the name easily. This can be first sent as a federal election 'registration' to compare a later vote to. Then an extended key can be resent which includes the time (just to the minute) and the vote. Standard computer checksums can easily flag any altered data so altering would require re-creating all the information from original data and gathering that info would not only take a monumental effort of trial and error, it would only yield one vote change. That's hardly worth the effort in a national election where it would take thousands to alter the outcome.

So, go back to paper ballots or choose fancy new rigged ones. Play by winner-take-all rules or caucus through a corrupted, partisan process. It's up to the individual states. None of that matters if the people are truly informed about the popular vote. If we want genuine honesty in that count, this is one way to federally mandate an acceptable level of accuracy in the reporting, direct to the people.



This is the battleground or you lose it all.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

What interesting about this

is that it was Jr's DOJ foisting the rigging by black box onto the People. Papa must be proud of his little tyke.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

We need

to demand paper ballots!This is crazy!