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JIVEWIRE Interviews Rudy Giuliani


JIVEWIRE Interviews Rudy Giuliani

JIVEWIRE- Giuliani, is that you? Why are ya wearin’ a dress?!

Giuliani- (in full drag and make up) To piss of the ISLAMOFASCISTSATANBOOGEYMEN !!! I’m MR. 911 and they HATE US BECAUSE WE LOVE FREEDOM!!!!!

JIVEWIRE- Alrighty! Let’s start with the comment you just made- don’t you get tired of scaring people so they vote for you with your constant “they hate us for our freedoms” bullshit?

Giuliani- Bullshit? Fuhgeddaboudit!!!! The reality is, 911 changed everythi…..

JIVEWIRE- Shut ya trap Giuliani, the American public and JIVEWIRE are fed up with how you milk 911 for votes and money!!!

Giuliani- When I was mayor of New York City, I cleaned it up! Now, with 911…..

JIVEWIRE- Giuliani, isn’t it true your first wife was your cousin, you divorced her, then cheated on your second wife WHILE SHE WAS BATTLING CANCER, dumped her, then said that you technically didn’t cheat ’cause you were IMPOTENT from your prostate cancer???

Giuliani- The reality is, because of 911, I am no longer politically impotent!

JIVEWIRE- But are you still impotent otherwise???

Giuliani- Yeah, why do ya think I wear a dress??? 911! 911! 911!!!!!!!!!!

JIVEWIRE- Heaven help us!!!

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