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I need suggestions on a good, small, fireproof safe

I am looking to buy a safe. The most important thing is that it is fireproof. Also, it needs to be small, not cumbersome. And of course, for the best price possible.

I looked at Liberty Safes but they are all the size of a elephants and in the $1000s of dollars, a little more than I am willing to part with.

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Safe Information

Found a great graphic that shows the various options for Safes available today; http://bit.ly/OyyFyw thought I would pass it along to assist fellow readers. Hope it helps!

The problem I have with standard model Sentry Safes is

they have their door hinges exposed on the outside of the safe. Anyone with a decent saw-zaw can cut through the hinge. To negate this, look for Sentry Safe's Professional series. This series has bolts that engage all around the seal of the door; top, bottom, left and right (hinge side). The standard series only has bolts on the left of the door, opposite the hinges. The surprising thing is the professional series doesn't cost any more than the standard series at Home Depot (~$200).

Here's an example of the professional series bolts: http://www.amazon.com/SentrySafe-DS3410-Fire-Safe-1-2-Cubic-...

Here's an example of the standard series bolts:

If you're not looking for one this big, you'd have to hide it well or worry about someone running off with it.

Don't get

one too small where anyone can just pick it up and take it.

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Look into Sentry Safes. Available widely at hardware stores.

They make several fireproof and waterproof models which seem excellent for the price.

But I'd be careful about buying one so small that someone could just pick it up an make off with it.

Here is a website for them:


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click the DP's Amazon

click the DP's Amazon affiliate link at the top of the page, then type in "fire safe" into the search at Amazon. Look for the safes with 4-5 stars and start reading the reviews.

You can find small fire safes with 1-2 hour ratings for a couple hundred bucks.

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Can anyone please give me a

Can anyone please give me a little insight?