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Web Inventor Warns Governments Internet Has No Off Switch

Web Inventor Warns Governments Internet Has No Off Switch

LONDON — Tim Berners-Lee, the British inventor of the World Wide Web, on Wednesday warned governments that attempts to block the Internet were doomed to failure due to its scattered structure.

Speaking at the launch of a league table showing which countries use the web most effectively, Berners-Lee said the lack of a global Internet “off-switch” meant authoritarian regimes could not stem the influx of digital information.

“The way the Internet is designed is very much as a decentralised system,” he explained at the London launch.

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HA! Yeah right.

AT&T's gotta switch, try being a week past due on your next bill and see what happens.


Al Gore invented the net! I helped him with the power cord!

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The web has a single inventor?

Sounds like a hoax lol. I never heard before that the internet had a single inventor.


...he invented hypertext transfer protocol (http) and the web. This is not the same thing as the internet; just part of it, or something that uses it.

I was just thinking that

I was just thinking that before I scrolled down ;)
Yeah I thought it was a collective effort to create the net.... collectively.


it is pretty easy to do.
You just make a law that internet providers have to make a provision for that.
When that is done, it is just a flip of a switch to take out 99% of the internet.
Another way is to just disconnect a few strategic hubs.
The whole point of internet was to have no single point of failure and data should find its way to its destination via different routes.
The problem is only that those routes are not taken because of the way routers are programmed. Most of them only have one alternate route.
One or 2 main routers offline and whole segments of the internet are practically disconnected.

Spend some days running ping plot internationally.

Plus every in-home router is a node on the Internet or just the base of a local internet. Two Wireless routers could connect until a open path were found.

Government intervention would cause prices to rise as packets are herded though active trunks. There will be money available for such herders.

A lot of people still rely on telephone trunk lines and use phone modems.

Plus there is are DVD/CDs and Thumb drives...

But considering that one thing has already been proven, the Main Stream Media and the broadcast media is a source of disinformation, means the truth lies hidden.

The FCC created a broadcasting cartel. Without competition they serve only Congress and not the consumers.

The internet is just one form of communications. If all else fails there is oral tradition or even sign language and body language.

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Algore said off is the big red button on the left.

you can't argue with Algore

This is why the dictators at S.A. have been lobbying for Web 2.0

This is why the dictator-lovers at Scientific American have been lobbying for Web 2.0 in various articles. They explain how horribly inefficient and chaotic the web has become, being allowed to grow from a developers' toolbox into a standard communication portal for every human being with access to electricity. They argue Web 2.0 would be the more logical framework, delivering content more efficiently to a broader audience.

Of course, by advocating the murder of our current internet and its replacement by Web 2.0, the trolls at S.A. are advocating the same design the government wants: a streamlined system with plenty of built-in doors to lock whenever they damn well feel like it.

What's funny is, advocating the murder of our current system is hypocritical on their part, given S.A.'s support of Darwinistic evolution. Its like saying a snail must be rendered extinct because it never evolved into a butterfly.

I say, hands off the Web. Let it grow and mature as it may, without interference from bureaucrats and their hacks in the media.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Thumbed you up just to rid the thumb-down

I hope all the "I'm SICK of Gary Johnson!" crowd realize that their expressions of contempt are encouraging me to like Gary more. Gotta side with the persecuted underdog.

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Feelin' pumped? Now go get em' tiger.

*Fyi I really am getting seriously annoyed by the Gary Johnson stuff. I'm not done mourning RP yet but I will most likely vote for GJ come November.

It is impossible for

It is impossible for governments to hire more people/brainpower than the amount of nerds who need internet girls. Theres already people in europe devising plans to keep the thing going by launching rouge satellites. They will do anything to keep it going. God bless the nerds.

Al Gore?

I thought he invented it. LOL!


He invented Global Warming.

sounds great to me...

sounds great to me...