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Searching You Tube videos... help needed

Am I the only one having this problem? If I search for videos "Added Today," I get this message:

No Videos found for 'ron paul'

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I'm Not Having That Problem

3 hrs. ago

4 hrs. ago

I have noticed a lot more videos being posted with "Ron Paul" as a tag that have nothing to do with him.

I noticed the same thing,

I noticed the same thing, though there are new one's.

If you search and sort by 'Date Added', and include all videos for today, this week or this month - it still shows no videos.

I'm guessing it's an internal thing at YouTube, because you can just as easily search for 'Clinton' or 'Obama' and get the same results. Seeing this, I cant say that there is any bias being shown at all - because the search simply appears to be broken.


Thanks, that's good to know...

... I had more sinister thoughts... I hope they fix it soon...

Plano TX