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Is Gary Johnson a 9/11 Truther?

I know Ron Paul has courageously said he is in favor of a new investigation. In addition this website has always been in the vanguard of discussing 9/11 truth, which means Dr. Paul won't stop it.

I cannot find any positioning by Gary Johnson on the issue, after extensive google search. Does anyone have any public statements?

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Then you don't know what free-fall speed means

It's the fastest an object can fall, and only through thin air. Choose any medium you like, water, clay, "softened steel," tons of concrete will not fall through it at the same speed it falls through thin air. That is the speed at which the demolition like progressed downward.

You are repeating the official fairy tale of tons and tons of concrete going faster and faster. But mass does not accelerate as a function of weight. And of course the steel beams were built to support the floors above, even if the dropped 10 meters. The towers were not built like a stack of dominoes.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

They didn't ignore that, they

They didn't ignore that, they disproved it. One floor catching another would slow down the collapse. A pancaking collapse does not collapse at free fall speed. It can't. It requirs energy to break the supporting structure on the floor below. Any energy dispersed from the downward movment would neccessarily stop the speed at which it falls. Sorta like how a guy who bailes off a building in the movies, and falls through a bunch of canopies on the way down survives the fall. The support structures had to have been removed in order for the building to collapse at free fall speed. This might explain why hundreds of COPS, FIREFIGHTERS and REPORTERS all claimed to have heard explosions just before the collapse. Im sure they were all conspiracy theorists in on the big scam.

Also, the falling floors would not also cut the steel inner columns. So if it had been a pancake collapse, it would have left those supports standing in the skyline.

3 central columned steel buildings collapse from fire in one day. All three where the first 3 to have ever done so, and there have been thousands of fires many worse than these.

If jet fuel coule melt steel, your frying pan would melt while you were cooking.

I can't believe there are still people who actually believe the government's crap. But what am I wasting my time for. You simply can't convince some people that the sky is blue. Go on practicing your faith in the government.

You owe it to yourself to read more than just activist claims

This report, for instance, from a leading demolitions company.


It's not about "government claims", tens of thousands of private citizens and NYC employees would have to be involved in convering up such a conspiracy, such as clean up crew, seismologists, etc.

Well that documents crap

The first assertion of no explosions on the ground floor has been highly collaborated by witnesses on the ground and basement floors along with video. So you go ahead and believe them word for word without questioning their motives. Assuming they are right because they challenge a conspiratorial viewpoint is not critical thinking.