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Ben Swann On The Jerry Doyle Show: Dems Have A Ron Paul Moment; "The Two Party System Is So Flawed."

Ben Swann was on The Jerry Doyle Show today talking about the "Ron Paul Moment" at the DNC. Hard to believe (yet not so hard to believe) that we would see an almost identical example of how the "votes" are scripted and pre-determined.

Jerry and Ben also talk about how FOX News is trying to make an issue of what happened at the DNC while completely ignoring how the SAME IDENTICAL THING happened at the RNC. Ridiculous!


You can tune in to the live stream of Jerry's show by clicking at 12:30pm pacific / 3:30pm eastern here: http://www.talkstreamlive...

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The two parties have probably been doing this all along

Thats why they were so confident that they became careless, they slipped up and let the teleprompter out their corruption. If the American people ever wake up long enough to figure it out, we could get some severe blowback.

The Masons are in control. Voting does not matter.



I try to change people every day. Do You?

No Kidding!

This is old news. But at least it's good to see that people are finally starting to figure it out.

CFR controlled Media

Who's Afraid of an Open Debate? The Truth About the Commission on Presidential Debates

A link with comparison.


You see both the DNC and RNC votes side-by-side.

Ben Swann

He reminds of the guy from the TV series Burn Notice

If he put on shades it would be him lol


they took our liberty, disabled our pursuit of happiness

"There can never be fair challenge between honest men and thieves."

Both the democratic party and the Republican party do not want the grassroots involved. The fewer people they have involved the better it is for them. Grassroots movements instigate actual change in government. They're passionate about new ideas. They are inspired by virtue. Without the grassroots involved the two parties can more easily manufacture their artificial reality to sell to the much larger, much less inspired and wrongly informed masses. They only need voters that are so far removed from the truth that they'll believe anything you tell them as long as you tell them often enough to keep them focused and as long as its branded to their liking.. I'm sorry but they don't need grassroots, they don't want us and they definitly don't fear us. Even if they did, would you want someone to respect you because they could get some kind of temporary superficial benefit from doing so; or would you rather be respected in sincerity? The parties will go on without grassroots. They will appoint their candidates themselves and then theyll make sure to make enough lobby deals to afford the propaganda to sell their appointed minions to the shallow voting pool. They don't even care for a majority vote as long as it can be imagined that an opportunity was given to achieve one. George Carlin was absolutely correct when he said, "it's a big club; and you ain't in it."

It's time to walk away. It's time to let this system, these people, these politicians go. When you walk away they will lose power. When individuals just stop paying attention to them, to their arbitrary rules, when we invoke our liberty and refuse to let them steal one more dime from ourselves and our families, when we stop allowing them to abuse us and our children; only then will we be free to pursue happiness once again.

Jews In Israel marvel

should they reject Mexico freedom fighters' desire to have Texas and California back as part of their party political platform?

Well, with thirteen political parties (including two Arab parties) Israel may not come to an agreement. Some parties will demand "New York" or "Detroit" to be USA capital, for example.

Luckily, Jews do not sweat on that to attract non-Jewish votes.

Haven't listened to yet but

Ben and Jerry are the sh$t. Some true patriots right there buddy.

How sad that an actual

How sad that an actual journalist like Ben Swann is a rarity. Every day there are more signs of how far our country has fallen.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Careful, Ben Swann!

Excellent interview but I would caution Ben Swann to be very careful about giving his opinion in a public forum too often. If he exposes too much of his own personal views, he'll open himself up for attack. Make no mistake, those that are threatened by the truths he seeks will take any and every opportunity to categorize and dismiss him. Once they "figure him out", they can manipulate the public to feel a certain way about him.

If he's Not Careful He Might Wind Up In The Congress

We can use a few more decent americans in the house or Senate...

Ron Ben Run!

Liberty On The Rise !


"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

Where's the video?

I know there is someone out there with video editing skills that can put a comparison video together of how Faux Newz & MSDNC are treating the DNC v/s the RNC shenanigans. We need to expose these frauds every chance we can for their bias and support of the status quo and two party system.

I wish

someone who has the ability to put a you tube of both the rnc and dnc cheating on one video. Someone else suggested this earlier. Anyone????

That video clip was great.

These recorded and undeniable acts that are so vile to a Constitutional Republic should be sent to everyone.

Peoples' Choice Award

For journalists. I nominate Ben Swann.

we have the technology

Standard technology for university lectures with several hundred students in an auditorium is to pass out clickers to take polls. The results can be displayed on a screen at the front of the classroom, including specific votes from specific people if wanted.

I think Occam's razor makes it painfully obvious why the RNC and DNC (and state conventions for that matter) refuse to use this available (and relatively cheap) technology. The people in charge would rather push through the results they want to see instead of actually tabulate the true results.

I cannot think of a single decent argument NOT to use these systems.

One possible reason

Any electronic system could be rigged. Just because you clicked yes, doesn't mean that your vote counts for yes. There are so many others around you that you can't ask everyone how they voted to verify the count. Sounds like the primaries with the voting machines, doesn't it?

Oddly enough, since they'd be so easy to rig, I'm surprised that they DON'T use these. Diebold (or whatever they changed their name to) is probably working on something. Don't worry; the system won't be used until it can produce the desired votes according to the script...

In this case,

you would display the results on the giant screen at the front of the auditorium. Then there would be a layer of verification. I'd picture something like a seat chart, with each seat being green (yes), red (no), or black (abstain). Focusing in our your specific seat, you verify that your vote is correct. Looking at the whole chart would give you a fairly instant idea of what the total percentage vote is.

Again, this happens in college lecture halls regularly.


It's been a long time since I've been in college, so I've not seen such systems in action. If they can work as you said, that sounds reasonable.

I think they're going to stick with "whoever can shout loudest wins" just because the chairmen can ram through whatever result they choose.

Who knew Ben and Jerry would

Who knew Ben and Jerry would be such a good combo


That was a fantastic conversation! That's the part of the message that needs to be amplified! A revolution against the two-party establishment!

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” —Thomas Jefferson


Now I'm craving ice cream :-(

These two are among the very few in the media that seem to get it.

I'm proud to shoot Jerry Doyle $3 every month for a subscription BTW

This was another outstanding interview with Ben Swann

Mods please embed this youtube for those who missed it.


Listen close. Great info on where Ben sees things moving forward as a result of the obvious corruption in both parties displayed at the RNC and the DNC. This was really encouraging to listen to. Ben and Jerry are a great team on the air. EXCELLENT!

They discuss the potential grassroots blowback. Great stuff


We need this, I need this. Got so frustrated 4 years ago, not as frustrated this time but I still am. This is what Ron knows, and why Ron is more optimistic than most of us. This movement is on the up and up. I think that is why they are accelerating the economic collapse. Top mission, more parties, our own party, allowed on ballots, non-electronic of course, and into all the debates.

The last time he was on it was a great interview

Can't wait to hear what Ben and Jerry have to say about this one.

This should be interesting!