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Doug Wead says Ron Paul could STILL run in 2016

Seriously, he's not being facetious :

Is Ron Paul too old? Not for me. Konrad Andenauer , Germanys greatest leader of the last two centuries was in power at age 87. Michelangelo began painting the Sistine Chapel at age 71, he was still at it when he died at age 89. The Biblical account of Moses has him beginning his long journey, leading the Israelis from slavery, at age 80. Let Ron Paul lead us out of slavery at age 80.

Here’s a toast to Ron Paul, 2016.

But what do we do now? And more urgent, how should we vote in the 2012 presidential election?

The good news is that as befits the Liberty Movement, I don’t have to make that decision. Each one of us will do that as we want. But here are some of the arguments I am hearing.


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we need to be working hard RIGHT NOW to help further spread the cause of Liberty. No time to waste.

Just spread liberty, who doesn't want it? That will in time lead everyone to Ron Paul. Even if Ron Paul is not in the running, I am sure Ron Paul will certainly steer people in the right direction.

Most of the comments I've

Most of the comments I've read have missed this last paragraph,

"Consider this, if Ron Paul were the Libertarian candidate right now, some polls have him winning 17% of the vote, which would land him in the national debates and change the course of the country.

Bottom line? I haven’t decided yet but I would like to hear your opinions, without profanity please. Or join the discussion"

Possible Libertarian run?

Please comment on that on Dougs blog.

For Liberty

Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

John Adams

That's just what I was thinking.

Sounds to me like he is fishing to see how much support is out there. Go Ron Paul 2012....the ULTIMATE libertarian!!

bravo, Possible Libertarian run in 2012

I am going to restate it again because people don't read.

"Consider this, if Ron Paul were the Libertarian candidate right now, some polls have him winning 17% of the vote, which would land him in the national debates and change the course of the country."

Yup, just one more debate and RP will change history.

Trying to use the MSM as a tool to fight the MSM?

The outcome will be the same. Plenty of whitewash and near total blackout will stifle that effort.

In the mean time the MSM will promote Death Match 2012. The quadrennial Hate Match between the RNC and DNC.

After which they gather again to screw the public for their own good or so they claim!

Free includes debt-free!

Well Pau;_S. if that's the way you feel about the good Dr.

and the 2012 campaign...why are you even lurking here on the Daily Paul?

Even though he doubted he would win he still spread the message.

Spreading the message of liberty is the only important thing we will accomplish.

Free includes debt-free!

sure MSM is bias

but he has reached people despite that, look at where he is now comared to 10 years ago

The outcome is a rise of a

The outcome is a rise of a third party. Even while the media would belittle the party, it would certainly open some eyes. I gather most people despise this two party system and will have arms wide open to a third.

They slipped just enough to make him a viable 3rd Party candidat

They need people to come out and vote voluntarily. I won't vote for President unless Ron Paul is the candidate.

The only way to win is Not tot play the game.

Free includes debt-free!

FEC will stop new parties in their tracks.

Of course the FCC will do it;s part. The FED will bankroll the 2 major parties only.

If you want more parties the Two Party cartel created by the FEC needs to be ended.

Free includes debt-free!

Did he even run in 2012?

What I saw was a self defeating campaign designed to lose; don't wear any buttons or shows of support, skip out on Iowa, "respect" the people who openly rig our parties primaries and assault liberty loving Americans?

No thank you. The scam is over. We want real representation.

Somebody Give This Man/Woman The Prize

For honesty and the courage to speak the truth, I'd vote you up all day long if that made any difference - fortunately, it doesn't. The Paulbots are weary from a season of getting their nice asses kicked by guys wearing cool black suits working for Romney and the RNC/DNC.

Doug Weak needs to write another book - "Sellout...The Jesse Benton Story" where he confesses before God and everybody how the Ron Paul "leadership team" blew the big one. Alternative title - "Dupes 'r Us - The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign".

Be seeing you.

Go away NumberSix

If you don't like Dr. Paul and his supporters, you should leave this site. I cannot imagine why anyone would spend time on a site named after a statesman they don't respect exchanging messages with people who revere this same statesman. GET A LIFE....but please go away from here first.

A Lot of Respect For Dr. Paul

I just don't have any "respect" for dupes and people who delude themselves...and absolutely NO RESPECT for people from Ohio.

It's not your choice who goes or stays on the DP, so follow your own advise, loser.

Be seeing you.

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"For me, voting for Romney is like kissing your sister. There is just no future in it." Nice one Mr. Wead.

"It’s not pessimistic, brother, because this is the blues. We are blues people. The blues aren’t pessimistic. We’re prisoners of hope but we tell the truth and the truth is dark. That’s different." ~CW

RNC/Romney corruption - our job to let Americans know

In response to what Doug Wead wrote, I have two comments:

First, as to what just occurred on the part of the state GOP's; Romney campaign; and RNC to prevent Ron Paul from having a fair chance as a presidential candidate, I'm not sure how we'd do this (more than what I and likely others have been doing, telling friends as different things have occurred), but I think there needs to be greater awareness among the general public of what just went on. The Republican Party is counting on people just forgetting about it. We can't let that happen. Let us be a thorn in their side from now til kingdom come.

I explained what happened to one "apolitical" friend - she hadn't been aware of any of it - and she was furious. She said she didn't know if she'd even vote this time; now she says she'll vote for Johnson. SOME of what went on made it into the mainstream media - such as the New York Times and others reporting on the impromptu change from five to eight states to be nominated at the convention. But that HARDLY told the whole picture! And too much was never reported at all except, on occasion, via local media.

There needs to a SUMMARY somewhere, with dates and places (perhaps links): from the earliest vote anomalies during the primaries straight through to Ron Paul's being robbed of his right to speak at the convention. Other links might include that documentary on vote rigging, or a clip of the recent DNC vote against a platform item that was simply disregarded. This disingenuousness is hardly limited to the Republicans. I'd title it something like: DOES IT MATTER HOW AMERICANS VOTE? Something tangible is needed, with all of it on one sheet, each ISSUE memorably titled (such AS "Remember The Maine" for the RNC usurpation of power over the states). People could make copies to give to family, friends, and neighbors; have it on some information table (or passed around) at tea party rallies in Sept/Oct or other civic functions; to serve as a base of information for writing letters to editors (and maybe if the document was on some website, a link could be provided); sent also to our governors. We need a DATED RECORD of EVENTS... with maybe a tag line, WHO WILL THEY SILENCE NEXT? (This will all be coming from concerned citizens like me, unrelated to issues, of no (negative) consequence to liberty-minded individuals working within the party system.)

Second, as to whom to vote for. I thought the Chuck Baldwin article was good, weighing alternatives such as Doug Wead did. I thought he had a good point as to why NOT to vote for Romney: "No, I don't buy the "anybody-but-Obama" mantra, either! In many ways, an unprincipled, compromising pseudo-conservative Republican is worse than an obviously liberal Democrat. The patriots of 1776 had far more to fear from Benedict Arnold than they did King George. An enemy easily identified is much less formidable than one who marches in the uniform of an ally."

I myself will probably vote for Gary Johnson. I wasn't going to vote for big gov't/pro-war John McCain last time, so I voted Libertarian, someone whose name I'd never heard of. At least this time I'll know who it is, and while he's not Ron Paul (no one is), I like him. I truly do not believe the Republican Party cares, but regardless, they'll know that most of Johnson's votes are votes from Ron Paul supporters.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Is Doug trying to sway us to

Is Doug trying to sway us to vote Romney? The only way Ron Paul will run in 2016 is if Romney wins? WHAT?

What? Voting for Romney was

What? Voting for Romney was the only option he listed without benefit. "It would be like kissing your sister. There's no future in it."

You missed it... read the

You missed it... read the whole post.... The only way Ron Paul runs in 2016 is if Romney win's 2012

Start Today - Do Not Wait

Here is how to make a MAJOR impact:

RP should announce a 2016 third party run TODAY. It could be any third party or a new one. (True - I hate third parties but hear me out).

This will show the big boys that something serious is brewing and, hopefully, they will try to save this country before it is entirely lost. Maybe more voters will learn how to question the actions of the Republicans and Democrats in time for the 2012 election.

RP should announce today, also because this will be a four year project - there is no way to convince the country to vote third party with only a short campaign.

The next four years should be used to build a major infrastructure for the Ron Paul party to become a household brand.

Even if he drops out, he would have put the RP brand on the map and people will start to question monopoly party actions. We might have influenced the 2012 elections. It will be easier for future liberty candidates to be taken seriously. We might create a serious third party. And RP might squeak into the White House.

I lost my Facebook password, but I will post this on FB later.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.


The 2016 presidential cycle began in February.

Third party is a nonstarter.

If you want to win in 2016, you are recruiting PCs, attending your GOP meetings as an AMBASSADOR (not an educator) and working to get on your GOP state central committee right now.

If you have not yet begun this, then you are already 6 months behind.

This is what you have to do if you want to WIN.

Because people did not begin in February, 2008 is why we got screwed this year.

You can opine on how this works and LOSE. Or you can just do it and WIN. Because this is how it works.

I Agree With You

One technique is to take over the Republican Party. Many good people are trying that now. Some are even succeeding on a local level. If that is what you want to do, then continue. No argument here.

But, trying to work exclusively with the 'good 'ole club' is not for me anymore. I've already tried the Republican Party - for over forty years. They have no morals or concrete rules. I do not want to limit myself to working with them anymore but I will always be ready if it looks like there is an opportunity to succeed. No more blind hope for me.

I would prefer to see if there is any way to spark the enthusiasm of those who want nothing to do with people who are guaranteed to steal, cheat, and lie.

Third parties are dead in the water because the voting majority will not elect their candidates. But third parties are only dead because of the voters, who might be persuaded to open their eyes, just as they did with Jesse Ventura for Governor. Or some of the Senators who won outside the monopoly parties. Ross Perot was shown beating the Republicans and Democrats at one point.

That is why I suggest a start by RP with a third party launch four years BEFORE the next election. Even if he drops out, he will have continued to keep the hope in the minds of the public. There is no point in saying that we should have started to take over the Republican party four years ago. We have to start today with with a new idea that has a chance to work

But, quite frankly, my greatest hope is that someone younger will come along and take the place of RP as a unifier. With five or six million people working in concert, the party will not matter.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

I am starting to feel messed with. . .

by the people surrounding the Ron Paul campaign. My hopes have been stretched out like taffy since Ron Paul stopped campaigning in May/June. I am done being a Republican. Some better folks may have the stomach for it, but it just makes me feel inauthentic and dirty. Going back to Independent Conservative status.

Right now, to me I feel that the priority should be seeing the Republicans fall hard on their faces in November. I want to see them lose so bad that the party virtually self-destructs. We can either rebuild it.. or preferably build something new... I don't care.. they just need to be brought low. I'll take the devil we know over Romney.

Its time to stay focused on the message... to take the torch from Dr. Paul and keep running. But Dr. Paul's race is done in 2012. To try and focus people on him for 2016 is a mistake and a distraction. We need to make our own plans for Liberty going forward. We all need to make whatever contributions we can that reflect our own best selves.

Thanks Dr. Paul for strengthening the message, I wish people would stop using you to string us all along.

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” —Thomas Jefferson

As The Son of Man Said...

You are not far from the Kingdom.

At least you've seen the light.

Be seeing you.

The light will shine brighter as the day draws near.

Wait and see ... it will be clear what we must do.

Patriot News
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2016 is too late!

He should have run THIS year...for REAL, including as a third party once the GOP F'd his delegates over. But, he didn't and he won't.

This lost opportunity may not come again. At the current rate of unravelling, this wretched empire may not even make it to 2016 before it collapses into chaos.

Oh great.

He'll dust off his mailing list and hit up whatever gullible saps of us have any money left in the worsening Greatest Depression so he can further pad his retirement and employ more relatives.

Please tell me this is not an

Please tell me this is not an excuse to wait another 4 years to support anyone OTHER THAN RON PAUL? HE WAS JOKING.


No, but...

No I don't think he will run, but....he did say something like that on Jay Leno, go listen to it. He mentioned being back in 2016. It's hard to know how to judge a statement like that.

"Be a listener only, keep within yourself, and endeavor to establish with yourself the habit of silence, especially on politics." -Thomas Jefferson