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An Open Letter To Dr. Al Mohler: Republicans And Democrats Aren’t That Different

Dear Dr. Mohler,

I greatly admire your work and your influence as a Christian leader in the Church and secular sphere. I resonate with almost every word you speak or write, but your recent post about the differences between the Democratic and Republican platforms I feel is inaccurate. Romney and Ryan are very similar to the Obama administration in many matters, including foreign policy (which in fact they want to increase military spending and involvement), overall economic approach, and even healthcare. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or PPACA (also called ‘Obamacare’) was specifically derived from Romney's plan in Massachusetts. The Romney campaign has responded with the slogan 'repeal and replace?' But the question is, replace it with what? He has never explained convincingly in detail how his plan would be better than Obama’s. Why should anyone believe that his healthcare plan will be significantly different when his Massachusett’s plan was the inspiration for PPACA?

As to more specific issues pertaining to morality, yes, I believe that on a personal level, Romney's positions are pro-life and heterosexual union, but how much will his personal opinion carry over into a presidential administration? While governernor in Massachusetts, he appointed pro-choice and homosexual judges. His justification was that these specific judges would not deal with judicial matters related to abortion or homosexuality. I think there is room to compromise with that approach, however I can't imagine such a position inspiring anyone's confidence to a significant degree. I know my hope and confidence in any legislative effort on Romney's part for these moral issues is shaky at best, given Romney's wavering past.

Moreover, it is also troubling that the Republican platform will continue with the Democrats in supporting agendas that continuously degrade the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as well has laying a heavy economic burden on the people due to their inability to act fiscally responsible. Both parties have supported the Patriot Act, NDAA, TARP bailouts (which have not long-term helped the economy), and they both want to continue nation building through endless wars, some of which are Congressionally unapproved and certainly anti-Constitution.

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