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Beyond Tampa

Here is my assessment of the situation, as well some suggestions for going forward.

First, as Ron Paul indicated in his SunDome speech, we do have the numbers. We have the numbers in Iowa, Minnesota, Maine, Alaska, and Nevada. And we are very close in other states as well. If all of our people stay involved, we will place many liberty-minded people on the RNC, just as Maine has already done.

If we all stay involved, we will replicate the success of Maine et al., Priebus will be removed along with Sununu and any others who have disgraced the party with their anti-Paul antics. If we do not stay involved, we will leave those who do, to stand alone against the tyranny of the current RNC leadership—and their fate will be the same as Maine, Mass., Louisiana, Oregon etc. Make no mistake, the RNC has already demonstrated a willingness to interfere with state parties and overturn elections they do not agree with.

As to voting in the election, I urge all of you to oppose Romney. What he did to Maine, the delegates of his own state, and to the Republican Party is inexcusable—and an ominous warning of what he would do with the power of the Presidency. Furthermore, if Obama is reelected, the majority of his attempts to expand government will be opposed by our Republican legislators. Romney, however, would be unopposed—and George W. Bush showed us the danger of a self-proclaimed conservative who is liberal with respect to economics, the size of government, and have a willingness to go to war.

I recommend voting for Gary Johnson. I do not believe he can be elected, but a strong showing could accomplish the following goals:

1- It would interject libertarian ideas into the zeitgeist, the media, and possibly the debates.
2- It would strengthen the libertarian party.
3- It would punish Romney those in the RNC who expressed disregard for the rules of the Party, as well as basic decency, in their campaign against Paul and his delegates.
4- It would demonstrate that we are a viable political force that can swing elections, and that we can stay together as a movement without the direct guidance of Dr. Paul

I know some of you have issues you disagree with Johnson about. Get over it. I could write a dissertation on the issues I disagree with Paul on, but I supported him to the end. Why? Because there will be a time when we can discuss issues like abortion, intellectual property, immigration, environmental policy, etc, but now is not that time—we simply do not have that luxury. Now is the time for us all to unite and support anyone who advocates for liberty against those who would seek to use government to infringe on our freedoms.