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Has Your State Gone After You Yet, For Unbinding For Ron Paul? Nevada's Starting Their Witch Hunt!

In 2008, Sue Lowdown (State Party Chair) turns off the lights, steals the ballot boxes at our State Convention, and later anoints national delegates & just gets a "That wasn't too nice." from the RNC, and NOTHING from the state party (though I did introduce Resolutions at the SCC meetings, that got NOWHERE.).

But already, "they've" come up with this. Before this came out, I did send Muth the page, explanation & supportive argument for RNC Rule 38, but he chose to ignore me.

Anyway, I find this all laughable, & it will be interesting to see how far they get with this.


Cynthia Kennedy
Nevada Delegate, National Platform Committee

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Time to fight back

I think its time we start having everyone who tampered with the election in any way, shape, or form, be charged with TREASON against the citizens of the United States of America.

We must hold no bars against traitors, life in prison, no parole, OR straight up death penalty.

Anything we can prove, lets pull them all into the light.

Maybe it's time for a new party based on Dr. Paul's philosophies

We are not happy with the Republican Party - or even their platform for that matter.

We have some key differences with the Libertarian Party's ideas.

Even the Constitution Party candidate is simpley wrong on some important issues.

So where do we go?

I'd rather see no parties - just independent candidates running on their own platforms and reputations.

But that is not the reality of political life.

Short of that, I'd like to see a brand new party strictly based on the ideals Dr. Paul talks about.

Not a party based on him, but rather the ideals he espouses. I for one simply don't disagree with anything I've heard him say.

What might we call this new party based on Paul's philosophies (which are all constitutional and moral based)?

Some ideas (but I think there could be better ones):

The Representative Party
The American Liberty Party
The Sovereign Party
The Constitutional Conservative Party
The American Republic Party

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

I like the Constitutional Conservative Party

I think we could draw more members....CCP...yeah I like it.

Yeah they're not perfect but they are the third largest party.

And seem closer to us than anyone, they couldn't win but would ruffle feathers but long term I think they're a dead end... We're the future I'm not sure they are.

I think

that the Constitution party and the libertarian parties should combine. The minute differences pale in comparison to the ridiculous "differences" between the republican and democrat parties.

Together we stand.
Unless this is done it will still be the same thing over and over.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

Then that Muthbag wrote this today.

So, what does he & the party want? Our cooperation, or our necks? They seem to want both. Don't they understand that we liberty delegates are principled people? Does he not know what a censored joke Rand's speech was & how the "tribute" was waaaaaay too little, waaaaaay too late? Of course not, he's a paid editorialist & those people can't spend any time on the truth!


The GOP’s Unfinished Business in Nevada

At a recent neighborhood volunteer recruitment meeting, attendees were informed by a Republican Party operative that there are 200,000 self-identified Christians in Nevada who are unregistered voters.

If true, then someone apparently knows who these folks are. And it stands to reason that most of those folks would register Republican if they did register. So, um, why aren’t Republicans going after this “low-hanging fruit” to quickly close the registration gap with Democrats?

Look, I’m all for outreach programs to Hispanics, blacks, gays and all the other groups who traditionally lean toward the D’s, but with only two months to go before Election Day, wouldn’t you get your biggest bang for the buck by focusing on registering people who already lean toward you?

The same GOP operative told the group that campaign projections show the presidential election in Nevada could be decided by less than 800 votes. And that figure is plausible. Remember, John Ensign lost his statewide race here for U.S. Senate against Harry Reid in 1998 by only 428 votes.

The Libertarian candidate in that race pulled in over 8,000 votes. Which reminds me…

In case you haven’t heard, there is an extremely credible Libertarian candidate for president who will be on the ballot in November. His name is Gary Johnson, and he’s a former governor of New Mexico who chalked up a very impressive record for fiscal conservatism while in office.

And a recent Zogby poll shows Johnson pulling 4 percent of the vote nationwide - which means he’s probably polling at an even higher number here in Nevada where significant pockets of the live-and-let-live libertarian philosophy - the philosophy espoused by former GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul – still exists.

And knowing how strong Paul’s support is here in Nevada, I asked the volunteer recruiter what the Republican Party was doing to reach out to those Paul’s supporters to keep them from drifting into Johnson’s camp on Election Day. The answer was less than encouraging.

The operative replied that the GOP had played a tribute video to Rep. Paul at the Republican convention in Tampa and let his son, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, speak.

Really? That’s it? Because I’m pretty sure I’m not going too far out on a limb to suggest that ain’t enough.

Mitt Romney firmed up his conservative base with the selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate. But many of the Paul supporters are still out there undecided between Romney and Johnson.

If Nevada truly is as close as everyone says it is - and it very well could be - it seems to me it’s long past time for Republicans to finish firming up their base of support among unregistered Christians and undecided Ron Paulers. Before it’s too late.

Allow me to play devils advocate

I could make a better argument for NV Paul supporters to vote Romney than this guy can. Allow me to be the devil's advocate for a minute.

According to RNC by-laws, any state that gets a majority of its electors to vote for the Republican candidate will be allocated more delegates based on how many electors that state has. Under this rule, Nevada would get 9 additional delegates in 2016 if Romney carries NV in the general election. Since Paul's delegate strategy worked so well in Nevada, it would make sense for them to try and get 9 more delegate slots to the RNC in 2016 by voting Romney this year.

I just moved here to Las Vegas and that would mean I would have to vote for Romney but it would aid in shifting power. We went from 21 votes in the 2008 RNC to 185 in 2012. This strategy could offset gains for Romney by Paul supporters voting Obama in states that we couldn't gain delegates in because of state viciousness.


Thats like

Sticking your hand in a drum of acid while enjoying an ice cream.

This is very confusing and excuse me for asking but I dont understand how this would happen at all.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

Bound Delegate is an oxymoron.

The point of a delegate is to make a more informed decision than the popular vote of the ignorant masses. If delegates are bound then there's no point in having any delegates, and we might as well declare our country a direct democracy.

I particularly liked

"Whereas the Nevada Republican Party must always seek to be a party of principle, fairness and honesty,"

Ha! I like how they're also going after those who abstained. NO! YOU MUST CAST YOUR VOTE! *grabs hand and checks boxes*

Nevada wants RNC to correct vote to reflect Nevada GOP rules.

(The claim is that some delegates broke the rules by voting their conscious or abstaining.) If granted, would the RNC fix Maine's recorded vote, too, to reflect Maine GOP rules?

"Be it further resolved that the Executive Committee of the Nevada Republican Party requests that the Secretary of the Republican National Convention record Nevada’s roll call votes for President and Vice-President of the United States as our rules specify they were to be cast in order to correct the erroneous reporting by the Nevada Delegation Chairman.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

I thought the Nevada GOP was ours, hence the "Team Nevada"

I guess that's not a 100% thing but if we do have a controlling stake in Nevada, then we should see some internal fighting to stop this or only a wrist-slap for those doing it. Maybe the best case scenario would be to have this issue brought to light and make a precedent that Nevada can not actually bind delegates ever. That'd be nice.

Dr Paul is wrong

... trying to change the GOP from within is foolhardy and a gigantic waste of time. I left the GOP Tuesday morning, registered Libertarian, and I'm not looking back. Ron Paul or not at all I support a Paul & Ventura 2012 ticket and none other. I'll be working to raise awareness that the entire two-party CIA-controlled primary, caucus, assembly, convention, debate process MUST BE DEFEATED. THAT is my mission now...

Join the Eternal Liberty Party GIMME SOME TRUTH

slow applause

{ slow applause }

Your state and county GOP are applauding that you have voluntarily removed yourself from any effective action. As you admit in a following post, you won't even vote for the libertarian candidate so you won't be helping them achieve 5% to receive FEC funds in the next election.


I think Dr. Paul would be the first to admit that our chances of creating a change are better in BOTH the dominant parties and in the LP than they were five years ago.

Who knows, if Obama gets reelected (he probably will no matter what we do--incumbents have the edge and the Fed will see that the economy doesn't melt until afterward), he and the Democrats may take the blame, and we could take over all three parties.

There are plenty of factions in the LP, but all of them pledge not to advocate the initiation of force, and you'll get all kinds of support if someone violates that principle, just on principle. We also are not intimidated by open discussion of ideas, and some will even play the Devil's advocate, so enjoy the debate!

Dr. Paul's advice is correct: do what you want to do, have fun (and don't burn out).

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Gary Johnson violates the NAP

... through his support for the "choice" to murder your baby. So I won't support him, and will advocate the Libertarian Party adopt a Paul & Ventura 2012 ticket. I'm through with settling for less than Liberty.

down with Demuglicans! ... down with Republocrats! . . . but I repeat myself


Let us know how that works out for ya, and how much attention your protest garners.

Why don't you just tell your state's RNC to shove it?

Just quit the rotted, corrupt republican party.

Who cares?

The party isn't worth being a part of anymore anyway.

They showed the world that they are as dishonest and immoral as the DEMOCRAT party which did the exact same thing to its delegates.

So they can only punish you if you give a crap about remaining a member and I sure as hell don't anymore.

They have treated us Paul supporters like dogs for over 5 years.

And they topped it off in Tampa with that corrupt change of rules.

Boner should be ashamed of himself for lying and sayng the ayes had 2/3 of the vote when they did not.

Boner and Preibus are RATS.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Because a lot of nevadans have worked their asses off for the

ssed 4-5 years getting involved with those soulless people and trying to implement change nd get beyond the lack of critical thinking that comes from these folks. If it was Nazi Germany I have no doubt that a lot of thee people would be on the side of Hitler. The vice chair of one county has said that he is a "hard-core" Ron Paul supporter and this "supporter" has said that he wants prostitution and drugs legal in EVERY state. come to find out the moment he moved to town, he went into the Republican Party and said, "I HATE Ron Paul supporters! Several people believed he was a Paul supporter and hated Ron Paul because of him.

Another "leader", a Parlimintarian in the capital has had "conservative men's meetings" since the 2008 convention and it has been said that he ran it "like a vendetta to Paul supporters since 2008, planning and scheming."And boy did he ever take out the innocent, the young, who had NEVER attended a convention in their lives.

Another "leader" drove ballot boxes and almost made it to her garage.

Another "leader" said in a recent letter that she knows how to spot us and that we "cannot be trusted". That we NEVER will take over in her county.

Rats from the top down and the bottom up. So, for those who have made progress and got on the e-board or became secretaries, who worked with these rats (and some nice ill-informed) it is much harder to just walk away. Alot of hard work has gone into this for a lot of people. Some have worked hard to become the chairmen and women and vice chairs. We have to pray hard that some do not become the rats. The old saying, when you lie down with dogs you get fleas can apply. BUT, I can say that for the most part, the Nevada folks have kept their integrity. I cannot speak for all, because I do not know. But, I do know they are working very hard to have a Republic.

Keep going

Keep going, you will eventually win. It only takes a plurality of precinct committeemen and women to vote in a new county chairman. It only takes more state committeemen and women than they have, to vote in a new state chairman.

Nothing More Un-American or Undemocratic

I think that the biggest offense against decency possible in a nomination contest was committed by those delegates in Nevada who willfully ignored and disrespected the votes of the thousands of caucas voters by refusing to abide by the binding rules. The Ron Paul Movement claims to want to reinstate American values but it is anything but American. I hope that Terhune and all the other Nevada Paulites who led this offense against democracy are removed from their positions at the earliest possible moment - and I am positive that they will be.

Your contest and gripes against the "establishment" do not give you the right to just dump all over the voters which seems to the modus operiandi of the "Liberty Movement" which is really quite ironical - not that a close-minded zealot would ever be able to understand this fact.

AND furthermore, did you know that if the people like

"Paul supporters" did not exist that Ronald Reagan would NEVER have been President? Due to these rule changes, your candidate, if you ever have one you care passionately about, will NEVER make it to nomination. WE SPEAK for you and you do not even realize it. You do not get that "secret ballots" exist for a reason and when you make statements like this you are joining Barrack Obama in allowing intimidation, coersion, bullying, and segregation to exist with YOUR right to vote and have it remain your secret or yours to tell.

Furthermore, do you have any idea what it says about binding rules in a Presidential election? Do you realize that you were bound by only your conscience to vote during that said election? if you do not have that, then what do you have your creator? Would you have been one of those with a gun to load people in a train?

These are questions for you to look in a mirror and answer. Search your heart and know that if it were not for people like Ron Paul, we would not live with a Constitution that they are so willing to give up and destroy.

In convention after convention, the supporters of Paul were locked out, lights turned out, dividers put up, heat and air conditioning turned off, broken bones, disenfranchised at every turn. What you do not realize is that we fight and we speak for you, your freedoms of religion, to a secret ballot, to bear arms, and have a dollar that means something. That is so sad.

Research the Patriot Act, the TSA, the NDAA, and more. Do it for yourself and your family. WE LOVE THIS COUNTRY and OUR FAMILIES more than anything. look into the eyes of a Paul patriot and look into the eyes of someone who "just thinks this is a game." You will see a difference. Watch the video on youtube called Ron Paul predictions and you will never go back to NOT critically thinking about those actions and the governments.

nice rewrite of history

Reagan wouldn't have been President if these rule changes existed back in the day? You're not the first to say this either. Someone just made this up one day and apparently a bunch of people decided to run with it.

When Reagan became President, he won the Republican nomination quite easily. Which of these rule changes would have knocked him out?

I know some people have said this in reference to 1976, when he came very close to winning the Republican nomination (but didn't, and didn't become President then). The thing people don't get when trying to compare Ron Paul 2012 to Ronald Reagan 1976 is that Reagan almost won, and Paul didn't come close. Sure, they both got the 2nd highest delegate totals in those years, but beyond that there is no comparison. Paul did very poorly in primaries, but got a few states due to extra effort in conventions, and had around 10% of the delegates vote for him. Reagan won over 45% of the states, got over 45% of the popular vote, and had over 45% of the delegates vote for him. It's just a very bad historical analogy. With these rules in 1976, he still would have come in a very close 2nd, and still would not have become President in 1976, but still would have been in line to have a good shot in 1980.

Are you familiar with computerized voting?


Are you familiar with ballot box stuffing?


I am sure you think this only happens in Russia because our corporate owned mainstream media is honest and ONLY report Journalism! Of course they are not anything like the Soviet Union with the p.a. systems. I love how you state facts when it is clear where those come from.

Yes, and I and other witnessed the same kind of ballot box stuffing for Mitt Romney in our county, as well.

keep telling yourself that it was all faked


A republic...if you can keep it

I think Benjamin Franklin was thinking of people like you when he said, "a republic, if you can keep it."

Those delegates WERE voting the will of the people. The will of the people at their state convention who voted for them to represent the state.

If we are going to bind delegates what is the point of conventions at all? The decision would be made on primary night with a bit of simple arithmetic.

This system allows the minority to have a voice. They have to be irate. They have to be tireless. But you ought to be thankful the minority has been able to effect change throughout history, otherwise we would still have King George on our money.

we don't live in a democracy

we live in a republic. Open up a book and read about the difference. It is people like you who support media manipulated mob rule that are ruining this country.

My oldest daughter

Is in the 7th grade and in her civics book it actually says that we are a democracy so that is what she is being taught. Needless to say I have a parent/teacher conference scheduled for Monday.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

Good parenting, imo

If every parent spent the time looking at the "updated" history books, for example, and scheduled parent/teacher conferences and raised questions about accuracy, maybe we could gain some control. Ever notice, each and every state issue and elections seems to revolves around more money for education. My gosh, just how many billions of more dollars must we throw at education before they begin teaching truth and allowing creative thinking of the student? Any teacher who tries to vary from curculum and might dare to open up some avenues to critical thinking is a theat to the unions and the various eduction departments. Just some observations.

I just sent this out:

Chairman: Michael McDonald

Vice Chairman: James Smack

Secretary: Jim DeGraffenreid

Treasurer: Michael Bertrand

National Committeeman: Robert List

National Committeewoman: Heidi Smith


Dear Members of the Nevada Republican Party,

The link above is what the executive committee has formulated to punish the Nevada delegates who unbound for Ron Paul. For those of you who followed all the nastiness of the recent GOP convention, you know that the delegates from states who unbound, and nominated Ron Paul, were following their conscience and upholding our Constitution. They were noble people, who stood for truth.

Immediately after the vote on the floor, James Smack and Jim DeGraffenreid issued statements admonishing the delegates who unbound for Romney and voted for Ron Paul. At that time, I thought I understood that they were doing this to preserve their standing in the state party, and for Smack to insure some credibility for his future office as National Committeeman. Nothing was said in Smack's and DeGraffenreid's statements about former Governor List's unbecoming behavior on the convention floor when he called Wayne Terhune an SOB within earshot of the delegation.

Both Smack and DeGraffenreid, know the liberty delegates of Nevada well enough to know that Wayne Terhune did not tell anyone how to vote, nor could he make anyone vote a certain way. The fact that this Resolution lays so much blame on Dr. Terhune is indicative that the executive committee is just trying to find one individual whom they can parade through the streets in chains. I also find it curious that the Nevada Executive Committee's "Muthpiece" does not even mention that Dr. Terhune was bound for Ron Paul, and that Nevada was NOT the only state with delegates brave enough to vote their conscience, which was their right according to RNC Rule 38. Rules only matter to a certain faction of the Republican Party, when it is convenient for them or their purpose.

My latitude for understanding Smack and DeGraffenreid has been exhausted after reading this proposed Resolution. The fact that both of them, whom we once considered part of our cause, endorsed this Resolution with their silence (I have not read anything contrary from them rebutting it) I find quite troubling.

Cynthia Kennedy