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Do Not Give Up On Ron Paul's Ideas

This election is not over you can still vote for Ron Paul's beliefs you just have to go in the voting booth and pull your lever for Gary Johnson. If you are a person who is concerned about the future of the Republican Party what better way to move it in the correct direction but to tell it they and the Democrats are not our only two options by voting for Gary Johnson? So what if his victory is a long shot it is not the time to quit now is the time to make our voices as loud as possible. If you vote for Gary Johnson you will not be betraying Ron Paul you will be honoring his legacy and you will be making things that much easier for Rand Paul in the future. It is pretty clear that the media and academics have decided that either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama has to be elected. So when one of them is in office what have we really lost? The only way we lose is if we continue to play their partisan game of scare tactics. Neither one believes you and should be free to live our own lives. You and I joined Ron Paul's quest because we do believe in our own freedom. Let us tell the Democrats and the Republicans that we still do. I voted for and gave money Ron Paul because I knew he believed the ssme things that I did and I am convinced the sme thing about Gary Johnson. You do not have to give a dime to Gary Johnson you do not even have to sign a petition because he is already on the ballot in all fifty states all you have to do is vote for him. Make your voice heard vote for Gary Johnson. Do not let all of the and work education Ron Paul gave to us have been for nothing vote for him vote for Gary Johnson.


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