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Rand Paul (Video): The REAL Endorsement


Judge Napolitano: "Have you made an official public endorsement of which of the Republican candidates you're going to support?"

Rand Paul: "I'm officially endorsing Ron Paul for President"...

I think a lot of people have probably forgotten about this, or never even seen or heard about it to begin with. Just thought it would be good for people to be aware that long before Rand "endorsed" Romney, he did in fact OFFICIALLY endorse his father. As Doug Wead recently said..Somebody's gotta play politician.

Also, a couple other notable endorsements:

South Carolina Senator Tom Davis endorses Ron Paul for President and says he is the one that can beat Obama, not Romney

And of course, our Military endorses Ron Paul

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People let their emotions get the better of them

some didn't pay close enough attention to Rand's "endorsement" of Romney when Rand said, "...now that the nomination precess is over...I support Mitt Romney"—I paraphrased—of all people you would think Rand would know the nomination took place in Tampa.

I am glad to see this now for the first time myself. Might help clear things up for people about their perception of Rand.

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Yeah, that's right. Rand

Yeah, that's right. Rand said "the nomination process is over"


Lie once, lie twice, won't get fooled again.

let's not fool ourselves. the

let's not fool ourselves. the nomination process was "over" before the primaries even started.

I am personally of the notion

that much of the 'Anti-Rand' rhetoric of late is a psy-op from the opposition (in both parties) intent on putting the brakes on Rand's prospects for 2016 or 2020. If you don't think they play the game this far in advance you're kidding yourself.

No way, get off the internet

No way, get off the internet and go talk to your friends. I have personally convinced 100s of my friends, and now they are all asking me what happened to turn Rand to the dark side. PEOPLE ARE MAD AS ALL GET OUT!

It will be politics as usual with him, and that's why I will continue to point out the blatant hypocrisy for years to come. He will "go along to get along," but I will be there to point it out. Call me a psyop all you want, but I'm speaking the truth.

Oh, and go check out his votes by reading all the bills he voted yes on. If you agree with all that crap he voted yes on, you need to listen to a few more hours of Ron Paul speeches.

Ron Paul set the example, Rand didn't follow.
Ron Paul said that compromise and cronyism are the problem, Rand didn't listen.
Ron Paul said that people wouldn't take him seriously if he endorsed the antithesis of his philosophy, Rand didn't listen and endorsed Romney.
Ron Paul said that no one should "go along to get along," but that's exactly what Rand did; and he did it with the arch nemesis of our movement.

Well, I listened to Ron Paul, and because of that, I don't like what Rand is doing.

I'm inspired to follow Ron, but Rand doesn't inspire me to do anything but run against him.

Positive for Rand

I observed many delegates on the floor of the RNC were favorable to Rand. And the Kentucky delegation was rabid about Rand.

That's right, & they weren't rabid for Ron.

They brought in a big roll of round Rand stickers & put them on everything. NO ONE STOPPED THEM. But, change two consonents in the first name & you'd be stopped by the RNC gestapo.

Part of KY sat behind NV, & I noticed about a half dozen who stayed seated throughout the coronation of Romney, as did I.


the other link is actually the video that led me to the endorsement clip..Thanks

De criminalize Liberty!


Here's the real endorsement:

Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney

I have yet to hear him retract this.

allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

Well, I

do like the sentiment presented here. :) If it matters, the link takes me to youtube and one of many "Troops support Ron Paul" videos!! LOL

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Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

Sorry, original link was to the video that led me

to the endorsement video...Fixed the link (it actually goes to the endorsement video now) :-)

De criminalize Liberty!

Thank you Myajace. Even in

Thank you Myajace. Even in his "official" endorsement of Rmoney he conceded that he preferred his Dad as President.

Blessings )o(