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Paul blew a great historical opportunity


I love Ron Paul, but all along the campaign was too weak and I felt Paul's stoicism and nice guy attitude completely sabotaged the run, as he was up against vicious enemies who lie and cheat. Paul was effectively shut down from the beginning by the Zionist media, and he should've come out swinging. It was not the time to be timid, and he basically acquiesced to the powers that be by accepting a little pat on the back from the establishment (by being let in to walk on the floor of the convention) after they completely ignored, ridiculed, defamed, marginalized and rendered totally irrelevant. the Zionists control both parties and the media, the pundits, and this one fact is why Ron Paul has not got the nomination. they have made America into a war nation for "jewish wars of survival," and all of us are paying the price for that. their influence in the Republican party is so strong the G.O.P. preferred to give it to Romney and lose to Obama than see Paul triumph over both. I think the slow, gradual infiltrate-the-party-from-within strategy is smart and with time could be effective, but resistance is still strong and i do not believe we have the time needed for a grand project like that. i'm not saying third party is the answer either. you cannot fight an enemy until you name it, and these people are a 5th column, traitorous, group of criminals controlling and rigging the system. it is time to rise up! this piece by Mark Dankof perfectly illustrates my feelings for Paul - i love the guy, do not look at him as a fake or a plant, or controlled opposition - he just dissapointed me by being so weak against his enemies, and not using the spotlight when all eyes were on him to inform Americans what is really going on and who runs their country. Here is the link http://mark1marti2.wordpress.com/2011/06/06/mark-dankof-to-c...

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It's not Ron Paul's

It's not Ron Paul's personality to be like that. But I agree in politics you have to be nasty and aggressive to get somewhere nowadays.

I also wish Ron would have

I also wish Ron would have been more aggressive...

If there is one thing Chris Christie has proven, if you are bold and forceful in your political speech, it's like media candy...too sticky and too sweet for them to avoid.

To give an example, I wish Ron Paul somewhere along the line would have said, "End these God damned wars NOW, and give us our freedom back Mr. president. You stole our money, and now you're trying to steal away our freedom too? It's time for you to go, Barry, er, Barack!"

That would have gotten a lot of media attention.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I feel the same way

Ron Paul had a fantastic opportunity to take the liberty movement much further than simply dropping it. I was hoping to hear some strategic move in his last Leno's show, but he simply announced what he wasn't going to do (running under a third party). In this scenario, I wish at least he ran for his house seat and continue to hammer the Fed, which would have been very effective. I know many people campaigned very hard and spent all they could to promote Ron Paul and his message. In this case, while the message is important, the messenger is also very important.

This is the truth...

as hard as it is to take for people who love Dr. Paul. Being a non-interventionist peaceful man when it comes to foreign affairs is one thing, but this fraud of an election is a matter of national defense. Our country has been stolen from us and the Constitution is now just a a GD piece of paper as GWB said. RP was most likely threatened to back down right about the time the defeatist E-mail from Benton was sent out and then soon after the unthinkable Rand endorsement of Romney. If Dr. Paul listened to his own doom and gloom about what is happening to this country and its economy then he should understand that it won't be the establishment threats to his family he should be worried about, it will be WW3 that will usher in the NWO permanently affecting his and everyone elses families for a long time to come.


You are a FOOL if you think Ron Paul has not bull dozed the republican party of old. He has them committing FELONIES!lol
LOOK AT THEM! Just look at what he's done to them!lol
Are you BLIND?
Ron Paul has kept neocons and other fraudsters from our district for almost 30 years, going against MAMMOTH machines like the Newt Gingrich and Tom "The Hammer" DeLay-who is on trial and Newt had resigned in disgrace paying out millions in fines.
All the while, Ron Paul STRUTS around with his moral head held HIGH and 30 years of voting history, in perfect constitutional check...
All done on a dime store budget.

Paul can walk onto any college campus and into any organization and be welcome.
You have not done any home work on your subject and talk out of the side of a view screen with an uneducated mind that lacks the facts.
Learn history and learn the HUNDREDS of cans of whip ass Paul has simultaneously opened on the establishment republican party, year after year-election after election.
Im embarrassed for you for the pure stupidity of your piece.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Don't shoot the messager

because you are now awake to the message that Dr Paul has been spreading for 30 years.
It is the message that is the most important part of this campaign for Dr Paul, not the position of POTUS.

the jig is up

I'm not shooting the messanger - I'm simply saying that Paul was the man with the spotlight on him, and that brings a great responsibility, and in my opinion he just quietly went out with a whimper rather than a bang. yes he built a movement, and the future remains to be seen, but i feel the moment and the timing was crucial for Paul to act, use his influence and get angry! he remained passive the whole time and let his enemies roll over him. Now all his supporters are disenfranchised and without representation. Americans have to just wake up and realize a Zionist cabal is running them and they need to overthrow it or perish.

there is no left or right, only system and anti-system.