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So could we talk about you know definitions ? Like liberal...

So this libertarian or liberal is confusing..

I live in Sweden and we have a party called

The liberal party, they feel and have the opinion almost exactly as Ron Paul. Unfortunately they got almost no votes ever here.

I guess.. Like 0.00001 %.

There is another party calling themselves liberals and they sure are almost a clone of the democrat party even as they proclaim to be the right wing here. That is folkpartiet, who always advocate EU membership and other communist agendas.

But basically all parties here are communist and like the planks of the communist manaifest, like a central bank, a strong state power etc.

Now there is one party here already in parliament that say crap you establishment we will reduce immigration, now I would rather vote the liberal party who agrees with me almost always, except they like more immigration...who should I vote for.. since I cannot think for myself.. who in the hell should I vote for...

so I am confused as to the term liberal, it do not seem to be the same meaning here as there.

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