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I went to Best Buy last night to browse. Now seeing Best Buy ads online.

Coincidence? I don't think so.

Now I'm used to seeing things pop up after I search for them on Google, Amazon, Newegg, etc. It's a little disconcerting, but I understand that it's how Google ads work. Search for speakers for a little while and you're sure to see deals on speakers or ads for speaker companies come up for the next little while.

This was different, though. I haven't been to Best Buy's website in a long time. I can't recall seeing a Best Buy ad at any time in the recent past. All that happened is that I was bored and wanted to waste some time, so I went in and walked around the store for a little while. After coming home and hopping online, I saw a couple Best Buy ads on websites that I was looking at. It was actually quite disturbing. I don't want to sound too paranoid, but I don't think this was coincidence. To make it worse, I didn't buy anything at Best Buy, so if my presence there was picked up somehow, it wasn't through a credit card purchase.

It's a little disturbing if it's not a coincidence, but who knows... Has anyone else had a similar experience lately?

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All I Get...

Is APMEX Ads! ;-)

I click on all of them

and i hope it cost them dearly!

One way of tracking you is by WiFi. Another by GPS.
I always have those two switched off, unless i realy need them.
Saves a lot on battery life too.

Apple got some heat that their iPhones were connecting to WiFi's without you knowing and storing that information for later use. Maybe it is still active.

Was your smartphone in the car in the parking lot?

with GPS on?

Face scanning cameras are

Face scanning cameras are just starting to be used for commercial purposes so it's possible.

Within 10 years I expect every store is going to have face scanning cameras documenting your consumer behavior. And the sheep are going to love it because they are going to get personalized coupons and deals.

Pretty soon your facial profile will be mapped to your credit card account so when you walk into stores to buy stuff they will have your credit card information all ready to go. You won't have to swipe your card or wave it in front of a wireless reader, it'll be linked to your facial profile and you'll just have to push the "Accept" button on the screen to be charged. All part of the transition away from paper currency to an entirely digital monetary system.

Even if it wasn't somehow...

...intentional, it just feels CREEPY! There are still things we don't know...probably a lot! Is your phone and computer connected?

Sounds like

a similar experience I have recently had, but it's unequivocally by coincidence, in my case anyway. My situation was someone said, "Hey look a PT Cruiser, there's a car you don't see too often anymore." Then all of a sudden, to this very day, I see at least 10 of the dang things. There is a word for these kinds of situations, and it is sorta like hearing a word you never heard before, then once you heard it, you start hearing it used more frequently everywhere. I am sure face scanners for advertising is a few years away yet.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

Pretty sure you're referring to

sensory acuity???

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

They use them at...

...Disney World I've heard.

It was that RFID chip placed

It was that RFID chip placed in your penis when your were born. They told your parents it was a circumcision but....

Be afraid, be very afraid.

OnStar in the car?

It's a thought.

If you want to stop ads, use FF and Adblock+ addon.

Turn off cookies and scripting (NoScript addon) and just use them when absolutely necessary.

Do you have a Best Buy Preferred Customer Card ?

If so it most likely has RFID chip embedded in it.
Best Buy was looking at going with them back in 2007.

Check out this website from Cisco about the uses of RFID.
Additional, personalized capabilities provided by RFID include the following:
● Better service, with notification when a specific customer enters the store (sales
associate alert)
● Real-time, personalized messages and offers at critical points of decision making (via
digital signage, SMS to phone)
● Recommendation of product selections based on purchase history, clothing sizes,
preferred styles, and more
● Access to shopping lists, or the ability to build wish lists
● Faster checkout
● In-store analytics of customer behavior

Cut your RFID chips

out of your debit and credit cards ... go to youtube for how to ...

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Just because you're paranoid:

Doesn't mean that someone's not out to get you.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

It's plausible that there is some biometric scanning going on

I mean, the technology is available, it's only a matter of backroom deals to screw you over and steal whatever's left of your already almost-nonexistent privacy.

Have you heard about the biometric scanning going on at Disneyland, where they apparently have access to your credit cards via facial recognition?

BestBuy has closed quite a

BestBuy has closed quite a few stores here in Massachusetts and across the country.I think they eventually will only be an online retailer.

Was your phone in your car in

Was your phone in your car in the Best Buy parking lot?


Pretty sure it was at home charging...
I've heard of driver's licenses and credit cards having chips in them though that can be scanned at the front of the building. Not sure if this actually happens or not.

Could be coincidence

The human brain recognizes strange occurrences like this and tries to see a pattern even if there technically isn't one.

It could still be a coincidence but just something you're noticing because you were recently there. HOWEVER, now that you're aware, you can watch for this type of behavior with Best Buy and other places. You might even find a way to test for it. Document your findings if you have anything solid. I hope it's just a coincidence, personally.

How would they know? Do you

How would they know? Do you have a smart-phone?

I do have a smart phone, but

I do have a smart phone, but I wasn't carrying it at the time. Am I just being paranoid? Something tells me there's a reason Best Buy ads popped up after I was in the store.

I think you are being

I think you are being paranoid, but thats just my opinion.