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The lady from Charter called and couldn't believe I didn't want TV service.

This employee from Charter (I have high speed internet from them) called today and tried to tell me about great deals they have going on. I told her all I'm interested in is internet service. She asked me about phone service and I told her that my cell phone is all I need. She asked what I would do if my cell phone's battery died and I needed to make a call. I said I'd plug it in and then call someone. "But what if the power is out?" was her reply. I told her that I didn't see the reason to pay extra money to cover the off chance that I'll be in a situation I've never been in before that is not likely to occur.

She dropped that one and then moved on to television service. She asked how many TVs were in my house. Not that it is any of her business, I said there is one. She asked if I had a favorite genre or what I watched on TV. I said that I do not watch TV. She seemed to be in disbelief. She said something like "Well maybe you don't watch it a lot, but I'm sure you watch something." I told her that I didn't have cable service with them or anybody else, and that was fine. I just use the TV for movies and videogames. She was like "Well you just have to have TV! We have some cheap plans right now!" Cheap meant $49 per month. I said that was ridiculous and that I can watch the couple of shows I even care about for free online. She tried to tell me about how great on demand is, and I told her shows are on demand online as well.

Even if I did care about watching TV shows, I would just get Netflix and save $40 per month. I really have no interest in watching things on TV though. The internet has everything I need... even if the average person doesn't seem able to let go of television.

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Comcast makes me pay 2 dollars a month for not having my cable..

I have to pay Comcast 2 dollars a month because I don't won't my cable TV hooked up. I kid you not. I have to pay not to have cable TV. I have an Internet service with them but I opted out of having Cable TV. Netflix is awesome. My little 5 year old loves "The Munsters." She watches leave it to Beaver and all the old shows I watched when I was a kid, the only difference is, there's not commercials. If you do not have Netflix, you are missing some good stuff.

I love the foreign movies (Korean) There in subtitles but they're awesome to watch. You don't have to be on guard that your kid is going to walk in while some tramp is getting humped. You can pick and chose what you like to watch. I love the series "The Universe," it's great also. To many to mention but yea, we got rid of our TV a couple of years ago and love it.

i have a suspicion...

that most Paul supporters also don't own cable.

Network TV is worse than a waste of time


Free includes debt-free!

I cancelled cable last

I cancelled cable last December and only have internet as well.It as tough at first, but now I can't believe I was paying $120 a month for 2 DVRS and digital cable when I only was interested in 2 shows. Like most people I now watch them on the internet. With my digital antenna I pick up the channels from not only my city but one north and south of me and I average 36 channels for FREE!

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I haven't had a TV for years and don't want one. I consider

them a relic of the past and largely responsible for a dumbed-down populace. Though I do have some fond memories of watching certain "family shows" with my family as a kid, we could have well done without that and done other fun family stuff together, like reading aloud, telling stories, playing games, singing and playing music, arts and crafts, cooking, all that good stuff that folks did before canned entertainment took over. We probably have a much larger concentration of non-tv watchers on the DP than any other place. I also am the only one in my office who does not have a TV!


Cable TV

I cancelled the cable two years ago but kept cable internet. I got a call in June, offering to increase my internet speed from 10Mbps to 25Mpbs and adding basic cable TV for $7/month more.

I watch a couple home improvement and cooking shows which lets me pick up some the latest ideas on home repair and building and improves my cooking.

Once the special expires, I will be happy to let the TV go again.

Yeah. She asked what it would

Yeah. She asked what it would take to get me to sign up for TV, and I said if it was like less than $10 a month more than what I'm paying right now, I might consider it. I'd pay a little more for it, but meh.

Yeah they always seem baffled

Yeah they always seem baffled that I don't watch TV, so do most of my friends. I was visiting a friend the other night and he wanted to catch the 10 pm news. It's been a year or two since I sat and watched an entire "news" program and I was amazed at how the propaganda was so blatant and in your face. I know it's bad but it was just that much worse sitting next to someone that was glued to the TV and soaking it all in. It was sad and a bit frightening.


I had a similar experience with Time Warner. They kept calling me trying to sell me cable and phone service, but I kept telling them I'm happy with just paying for internet.

I like free TV via the antenna.

Roku with Netflix and Hulu.

Roku with Netflix and Hulu. OTA broadcast on top that.

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Haha, nice :) I like the

Haha, nice :) I like the line" Why would i want to pay for endless messages of why i should buy something i dont need, or propoganda and half truths all day?"

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"

I told the

Person at comcast I didn't want tv either and they got offended, To bad for them I shut it off over a year ago and I don't want it back I prefer to live in real life now.

Yep. People are flabbergasted when I tell them I don't have a


They just can't fathom it. You'd swear I told them I didn't have a toilet or a sink or maybe a roof.

I've had people ask me when is it that I find time to research things and learn about the world, and my simple reply is always - "when I'm not wasting my life watching Big Brother or Dancing With the Stars."

I advise them to put down People and Cosmo and try picking up a newspaper or doing some online reading.

They look at me like I just asked them to stop breathing.

The sad fact is that there are lots and lots and lots of people on this planet with no more mental capacity than to be able to eat, sleep, breath and occasionally entertain themselves with something completely childish and mind numbing. These people seem to be otherwise intelligent, but if they really are, they aren't interested in using that intellect in the least. They'd rather remain oblivious, and then bitch about life, rather than learn why they are screwing it up and figuring out how to fix it.