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Paul-a-Palooza: News?

Anyone have an update on how the Paul-A-Palooza events in Nevada have been going?

Having recently encouraged someone to participate in the events, I've been checking online to follow up on how things went Saturday, but have seen no news about the big march, nor heard any word on the canvassing or other events, not even on the Paul-A-Palooza blog page. I'd love to hear from someone local in NV and/or who may have any updated information on this grassroots project. Thanks!

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It's only 9:00 am PST. Those

It's only 9:00 am PST. Those guys just got to bed 2 hours ago. We probably won't hear a thing till later after they sleep it off LOL

News Outlets Asleep?

Well, yes indeed; it may be true for the participants that they need a little shut-eye at this time. However...there's not a word from any news outlets, including the LV local newspapers (Sun, Review-Journal) -- though I don't know that I would expect those papers to report on it anyway. But even a Google News search keeps showing *only two* results, both of 'em old reports leading up to the event.

So, hello, Las Vegas? Some feedback?

Good point I was only

Good point I was only thinking of the participants! I am so jaded when it comes to the Old media's lack of reporting. Although sometimes it's there. Maybe it'll be covered on their local news tonight.

Me too!

what happened? Why are there no youtube plug-ins around? Was there a march or not?

oliver robert ike

Im curious too.. Blimp

Im curious too.. Blimp it

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