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Is it now impossible to delete your own topics ?

Sort of wondering, if I cannot do that anymore, if I make a mistake I hope you can please delete my account.

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A thousand years from now

A thousand years from now people will reading all my fucking content word for word, since nothing is ever deleted from the internet. Suck it.

that was rude, but very american of you.

Mike is from northern Europe. and this is his second language.
I still consider him a friend and that was why I called you rude.

Yes. Delete your own forum content (intentionally left blank).

Highlight your forum content (one forum at a time). Hit delete.
Control+A (select all content)
Delete (delete selected content)

Then. to make all your hard work disappear, you must... ironically... save: This page intentionally left blank. [This red button provides access to 15 examples approved by the IRS.]

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people were posting things, deleting them, then reposting them

which is a unique form of content spamming. To prevent this, deleting content was turned off, yes.

We may give users the ability to unpublish, so it'd not be visible to the general public, but still leave a posting trail, exactly to prevent pizzicato posters.

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I think m72mc warrants an exception.

if that is possible.
last I heard he was a new father, but I suppose the days when such things were talked about are long gone.....