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Respond to this: Living in the Past

The Constitution is was not written by God, it was written by humans, and the founding fathers understood that so they made the ability to amend it easily. We know this as a country too, as it's been amended so much in our history. For example, giving women the right to vote, making the voting age 18, instituting income taxes, etc...

The point is that RP supporters and libertarians as a whole spend way too much time (IMO) conforming 100% to the old and being unwilling to change the constitution. Oh, and EVERYTHING is checked by the constitution in their eyes... isn't that the role of the Supreme Court.


I can't keep arguing with people who keep thinking like this.

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I don't think that

the RP people aren't willing to update and modernise the constitution, more a case of keeping within flexible boundaries for the Federal Government. More importantly, they are trying to put a stop the quickly diminishing role of the constitution within the Federal Government.

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well you're not going to get anyone with anything better to do

than click through and read all posts on DP with informationless titles.

You might get catch people interested in your subject if you titled it something relevant to your subject.

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