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The Mecklenburg County Sheriff and City of Charlotte Police: Remove The Democratic National Convention from your Midst

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To the County Sheriff and the Chief of Police, and all the Deputies and Officers under them


This is a petition to redress grievance.

You are all failing to observe your duties by allowing an undemocratic, quasi-private entity to shut down downtown Charlotte. In this late hour I urge you to do all that is in your power to remove this fascist enterprise from your midst.

Not only have both major parties destroyed the democratic process, but their front men have violated the very Constitution that they, and I remind you: yourselves, were sworn to uphold. That you can tolerate such an injustice for a moment longer makes you a mockery in the eyes of the people, whom you serve.

The local police force is the last line of defense against tyranny. Well, the last line before the people themselves. I do not think that this convention's presence will create much more social unrest than it already has, and I hope that the reason is because you were there to stop it.

If you can't count on the one democratically elected police force you have, the office of the County Sheriff, or the men and women in blue, who can you count on?