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A call for unity between Paul supporters and Johnson supporters.

I have seen the war between Ron Paul supporters and Gary Johnson supporters and I think it is rather silly that people in this movement have such a hard time following Ron Paul's advice. It is pretty simple to me.

We can not force our goodwill on anyone, we can only set good examples and hope people wish to emulate us. --Ron Paul

My suggestion would be that if you support Gary Johnson, fine support him. That is what freedom is. If you support Ron Paul, fine. Most of us here do support Ron Paul and have for several years. If you support both fine, but lets stop eating our own.

The goal should be to grow the liberty movement not divide it. Great movements are always destroyed from within, not the other way around.

I have seen the arguments from both sides and many statements are misguided. The whole notion that some claim they are turned off on Gary Johnson because Johnson supporters are trying to cram Johnson down your throats is the same excuse where many called people that didn't support Ron Paul sheep because, those people claimed they wouldn't support Ron Paul because Ron Paul supporters tried to force Paul on them. Do you see how silly that argument is?

How can anyone force anyone else to support someone?

My suggestion would be if you are not going to support Johnson fine, don't result to name calling of Johnson supporters, this makes you no better than the people that did the same thing to Ron Paul that pisses us off. Talking to people in a civil manner goes a long way, insulting them is counter productive and will accomplish nothing more than to isolate people that may share many of the same things you support.

You may not like the people you are working with, they may not like you, but we are all supposed to be working towards the same goal. So why don't we start with the things we agree on first and worry about the rest later?

Michael Badnarik said this best: We agree with each other about 98% of the time on most issues but, we spend 98% of the time b!tching, complaining and arguing about the 2% we disagree on, this is why nothing gets done, and he is correct!

You don't like a post? Don't read it, it is easy to ignore posts and comments. You don't have to agree with people but you do need to find a way to work together to grow the movement and attempt to effect real change this country needs or we will accomplish nothing. Take the high road and let freedom work for a change.

For the record I have not given my support to Gary Johnson although I did spend some private time with him at Paulfest in Tampa because I was paulfest staff and had access to Gary. My vote is just that MY VOTE! I will not tell others what to do with their vote -- please don't tell others what to do with theirs. Set good examples and educate them in a civil manner, you will win more people over that way in the long and short term.

If we continue down this US vs THEM attitude we only divide our numbers even more. I prefer to follow Ron Paul's example of integrity and I hope you will as well.

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Get out of my face. You are making me want to vote for Romney. Same tactic they use. don't blame me if we are not united blame yourself. Vote for GJ or else????What in the world is that all about??? Get out of here.

It's unproductive that the Paul supporters don't unite

I understand the belief that GJ is not the candidate that Dr. Paul is. But Dr. Paul is out of the race. Johnson is not. We should stop wishing for the perfect candidate (there never has or will be one of those) and vote for the BEST candidate.

When the GOP reads threads like these (they do, by the way), they laugh their rear ends off. Why? Because they pat themselves on the back and say that the liberty movement is rudderless now that Paul is off the ballot for certain.

The best we could hope for is to focus our votes to ONE place (I'd suggest Johnson, but write-ins for RP would work, too) and show the GOP clearly where our votes went. That way, when they lose, it's easy for the media to see that the Lib candidate normally gets 3%, but this year got 18% and have to explain that for the world to see. Instead, there will be splintered bits for this, that and the other, which will be vastly easier to ignore.

We need to punish the GOP for it's actions and make it crystal clear to them how much they lost by their behavior. That's the only hope we have of getting them to try to embrace us next time around. If our hope is truly a third party, we're done before we even start.

I think this post is silly

the only reason gj supporters are here is because they don't have the intelligence or capability to start their own blog and they think Ron Paul supporters will be so angry with the GOP that we'll abandon Ron Paul's strategy of winning back the Republican Party from the stranglehold the neocons have on it by getting elected to precincts, etc.
As bad as the 2 party system is, unless (until?) America falls, we're stuck with it. We have a better chance at rouring out the evil in the GOP than we do in the democratic party and we should not abandon that strategy.
A vote for gj is just as 'wasted' as a vote for Ron Paul, but at least writing in Ron Paul, or leaving a post-it on the machine with 'My vote is for President is Ron Paul' written on it, leaves your integrity intact. Plus, there's now the write-in campaign going strong.
I vote for principle.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

What? GJ supporters aren't

What? GJ supporters aren't asking people "to abandon Ron Paul's strategy ... by getting elected to precincts."

It's an Anti-Romney protest vote. A big ol FU to Mitt Romney. If someone suggests that you join the LP, that person has lost the plot.

The normal, rational response to the situation we're in "the guy we like lost to a guy we hate" is to vote for Gary Johnson or Virgil Goode.

The message is "Romney, if you weren't so Liberal, you would've gotten these votes right here." So, you vote for somebody who is on the ballot.

GJ, VG, not going to win. The specifics of their policies do not matter. Can it be argued that the candidate is Conservative? If so, voting for that candidate makes sense.

What you're not getting is that every Johnson supporter

is a Ron Paul supporter.

"The only reason gj supporters are here is..."

They've been here all along, you just want to kick them out now that Ron's not running.

What does voting for Johnson 2012 have to do with reforming the GOP? These are completely compatible and independent goals.

No GJ supporter

is a Paul supporter, they are only here to grab those who are still ignorant of what Dr Paul is fighting against. GJ is no different than the shill they ran to stop the last threat to them. They made him appear to be an outsider in a great bait and switch move, that was Ronald Reagan. And that is what caused Dr Paul to run as Libertarian in 88. That co-opted revolution was mainly the outgrowth of this book which started being mailed around in the 1972 election cycle. http://chasvoice.blogspot.com/2011/09/free-e-book-none-dare-...

Who are these "they"?

You're talking about people who've been on here for years.

Your conspiracy theory needs a little "meat" to it.

Vote on Principle

Thats what I would do too, I cant believe people are ready to go back to compromising.

Dude you're a troll. You

Dude you're a troll. You completely ignored the point of the post and started attacking Johnson.

The owner of this site supports Johnson. Go troll somewhere else.

Neo con JHONson

will never be heard of again after the election,Where as Dr Ron Paul will still be still spreading the message of small govt and the constitutional Republic...


Dr. Paul says Johnson is

Dr. Paul says Johnson is "wonderful" and doing a "good job".

I like that the

post calling for Ron's picture to be re-implimented has more upvotes than this. lol

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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I like that, too, but

unfortunately, TPTB on the DP won't allow it on the front page or even to appear in their 'highlight' box and they are refusing to honor Ron Paul by putting any picture of him up. Pity.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Because they are sick and

Because they are sick and tired of trolls like you continuously using the lame excuse, "This is the Daily Paul not the Daily Johnson". GET OFF IT. I'm sure the pics will come back when people realize that their insane hero-worship of Ron Paul is simply not what this site was designed for. It's about LIBERTY, not a man, and actually achieving it in our lifetime DOES require compromise. Not of your morals, but of the actions that are taken because otherwise nothing EVER gets done and tyranny prevails.

+Sorry This site is about Ron Paul

If your idea of liberty is Gary Johnson....then the movement is over for you.

Look everyone here

Supports Ron Paul or Has supported Ron Paul and will never forget what we have been taught by him.

Not everyone here supports or even LIKES Gary Johnson.

Stop blaming it on Trolls or Mitt Romney supporters, Its the Ron Paul supporters who will not compromise on principle, and do not at the moment even trust Gary Johnson.

I have yet to hear how supporting GJ KONY 2012 makes him a good candidate, and Why I should beleive that he would end the fed, when he has never said he would do so?

I'm only voting...

...for Johnson if he picks up Paul as part of his team. I like Johnson but there are just too many things he doesn't quite get or is not yet clear on. For example, he supports humanitarian military intervention. So do I if it is done Spanish-Civil War or Letters of Marque style. Gary has not stated clearly how he would go about this. Also, he may be a civil libertarian, but his support for free markets seems limited to a very utilitarian point of view, which effects his view on just about everything, not just economics. A Paul as VP (not implausible even at this late hour) or cabinet official would ideally have Gary's ear and would hopefully help to steer him in the right direction. Until I see something like this happen, I have as much reason to vote for Gary as I do either Obama or Romney, i.e., none at all. That is not to say he is the same as them, but just that he is different enough from an ideal candidate to satiate my conscience. Maybe that is selfish of me, but I can not vote against my conscience, even if the consequences are a Obama-reelection or a Romney election.

Keimh3reg Peh2u Meg


Its high time that we UNITE and support the BEST CANDIDATE ON THE BALLOT. That candidate is Gary Johnson and NOT RON PAUL.

Lets wake up and look at reality. Why do you want to waste your vote by writing in RON PAUL??? Gary Johnson is best candidate on the ballot compared to Obama and Romney and believes in most of our issues. Do you think the MSM will bother to report write in ron paul votes??

Do we want Dems and Republicans to splinter us into a dud?? The answer is a RESOUNDING NO!!! I am frankly little disappointed why Dr.Paul has not yet endorsed Gary Johnson when he has endorsed other congressmen and senators in the past. DR. PAUL - Please explain why you have not endorsed Gary Johnson?

I am hoping that Dr.Paul does not want to stop the liberty movement with him. If the answer is no, then why not OPENLY Support the LIBERTARIAN candidate who is on the ballot?? Hope Dr.Paul remembers the rude treatment by his own party (GOP BASTARDS)


honestly are you paid to spit this babble?

nuff said

Aaron Russo, Nikola Tesla, Ron Paul, I'm jus' sayin'

Why do you waste your time

Why do you waste your time playing these election games when no one worthy is running in them?

You have your fun thinking you're actually going to stop an economic collapse with a guy like Johnson. Did you forget how much we spend on defense? The dollar is going to collapse much sooner than later and you're going to deeply regret that you spent your time electing a CFR jackass with NO education on liberty OR the constitution OR austrian economics instead of preparing yourself and your family for the worst and organizing with like minded people to help rebuild our country.



"Did you forget how much we spend on defense?"

I thought Gary proposed a 43% first year reduction in military spending, which was even more than Ron proposed?

I think all independents should unite

First, Paul joins Johnson and makes the Libertarian Party a real contender.

Next, all other parties, the Constituton, Peace and Freedom, Greens, Commies, Socialists, Reform whatever join in endorsing this ticket on a one time basis, without necessarily merging.

Just kidding!

You should have started your post with this: "You don't like a post? Don't read it".

I'm a Ron Paul supporter and honestly don't know what I'll do in November. You said "silly" a number of times in your comments and it's probably silly of me but I don't believe Ron Paul is a goner even if he said he'd rest up 'till 2016. In the meantime I'm not offended at all by free speech and it won't persuade my vote one way or the other. I’m also confident that those here are perfectly capable of sorting things out themselves.

In November I’m voting for a Liberty minded candidate. That may be Ron Paul or Gary Johnson. Either are on the right track with regard to the big picture as far as I’m concerned and little differences are completely unimportant to me.

Things to question

Johnson said in an April 2012 Daily Caller interview that he favors withdrawing or reducing American forces in Europe and the East Asia, but not necessarily the Middle East. He also said he stood by comments to the Weekly Standard the he might support waging war for humanitarian reasons. He also stated that while he thought drone attacks create more enemies than they kill, he would not necessarily stop the drone attacks against Pakistan or Yemen, leaving all options on the table.
On April 9, 2012, Johnson told The Daily Caller that while he would withdraw military forces, he would not rule out putting U.S. military bases in Afghanistan.
While running as a Republican, Johnson stated that he "supports the right of Israel to exist as a sovereign country and believes that the United States should protect that right militarily if needed. He also stated that Israel is an important ally, and that America's military alliance with Israel.

Like Ron, Gary favors

*Cutting all support and aid to Israel
*Not following Israel into any war it starts
*Not telling Israel who it can or cannot attack to protect itself.

Ron refused to condemn Israel's raid on Iraq's Osirak reactor even when Reagan, Thatcher and other conservative leaders did.

While Gary may not have been as unilateral on immediate troop withdrawal, he also advocates greater year one military spending cuts than Ron did.

You can easily get all this information from ontheissues.org or wikipedia.


Arm yourself and wait for them to come or leave this rotten disappointment of a country. Those are the two options I'm looking at right now, not Paul or Johnson.

leaving this disappointment


A place to go to escape the statists.

We Must UNIFY Behind a Goal!!

Unless we focus our support, we are doomed to fade away. Ron Paul, as much as I absolutely love him, has let us down in terms of providing leadership for his supporters. We need him to tell us what HE wants us to do. I understand why he is not doing this, but sometimes, it has to be done. Our options are as follows.

1) Write in Ron Paul - Does no good other than making you feel good about yourself. It will not help the Liberty movement, period, end of story.

2) Vote Romney to stop Obama - Most die hard RP supporters would never do this, and the few that will, go ahead and follow the sheep.

3) Vote Gary Johnson - If we ALL support Gary, just as strongly as we would Ron Paul if he were on the ballot, we will change history in this election! You don't have to 100% agree with him to vote for him. He is a vote for Liberty! He will get into the debates, and will likely earn over 20% of the popular vote, more than Ross Perot. It will launch the Liberty movement to new highs and get our ideas in front of a world audience!! VOTE GARY JOHNSON!!!!

IF YOU AGREE, JOIN THE MOVEMENT!!! http://www.facebook.com/RonPaulSupportersVotingGaryJohnson