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A call for unity between Paul supporters and Johnson supporters.

I have seen the war between Ron Paul supporters and Gary Johnson supporters and I think it is rather silly that people in this movement have such a hard time following Ron Paul's advice. It is pretty simple to me.

We can not force our goodwill on anyone, we can only set good examples and hope people wish to emulate us. --Ron Paul

My suggestion would be that if you support Gary Johnson, fine support him. That is what freedom is. If you support Ron Paul, fine. Most of us here do support Ron Paul and have for several years. If you support both fine, but lets stop eating our own.

The goal should be to grow the liberty movement not divide it. Great movements are always destroyed from within, not the other way around.

I have seen the arguments from both sides and many statements are misguided. The whole notion that some claim they are turned off on Gary Johnson because Johnson supporters are trying to cram Johnson down your throats is the same excuse where many called people that didn't support Ron Paul sheep because, those people claimed they wouldn't support Ron Paul because Ron Paul supporters tried to force Paul on them. Do you see how silly that argument is?

How can anyone force anyone else to support someone?

My suggestion would be if you are not going to support Johnson fine, don't result to name calling of Johnson supporters, this makes you no better than the people that did the same thing to Ron Paul that pisses us off. Talking to people in a civil manner goes a long way, insulting them is counter productive and will accomplish nothing more than to isolate people that may share many of the same things you support.

You may not like the people you are working with, they may not like you, but we are all supposed to be working towards the same goal. So why don't we start with the things we agree on first and worry about the rest later?

Michael Badnarik said this best: We agree with each other about 98% of the time on most issues but, we spend 98% of the time b!tching, complaining and arguing about the 2% we disagree on, this is why nothing gets done, and he is correct!

You don't like a post? Don't read it, it is easy to ignore posts and comments. You don't have to agree with people but you do need to find a way to work together to grow the movement and attempt to effect real change this country needs or we will accomplish nothing. Take the high road and let freedom work for a change.

For the record I have not given my support to Gary Johnson although I did spend some private time with him at Paulfest in Tampa because I was paulfest staff and had access to Gary. My vote is just that MY VOTE! I will not tell others what to do with their vote -- please don't tell others what to do with theirs. Set good examples and educate them in a civil manner, you will win more people over that way in the long and short term.

If we continue down this US vs THEM attitude we only divide our numbers even more. I prefer to follow Ron Paul's example of integrity and I hope you will as well.

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excuse me!?!?!
Did you read my posts? i am NOT a Gary Johnson shill. I donated my time and money to Ron Paul, you ignorant POS. I held up signs by myself for weeks in my hometown while the Ron Paul campaign abandoned Virginia.

Read the only other time i have posted here....

People like you are what is holding back this movement

and this

Oh and by the way, i dont just sit around in the echo chamber - i am trying to overturn the status quo everywhere it exists


Ask me anything about Dr Paul or anything that happened this year. You are barking up the wrong tree pal, just because I was not a member as long as you that means my point of view is irrelevant. Hmm that kind of thinking sounds familiar...oh yeah that's how the GOP treated us all year. I make shit for money and have a family to support, but I still contributed to Dr Paul's campaign, and spread the word every way I could, so fuck you! Get off your high horse. Your right though I'm not fooling anybody, I don't belong here anymore, there are no freedom fighters left only bitchy little trolls that are pissed they couldn't get their way, so they want to piss on everone elses parade.

Oh and ps FUCK YOU!

Mike G.

Shills huh?

I think you should re-read the OP's post because it's obvious you didn't get it. I'm voting for Johnson because personally I view a write in as a wasted vote in California.

Happy to see the comments

section here. If we can all get on board and really make a push for Johnson the way we did for Dr Paul, I think we may achieve something everyone says is impossible (remember they also told us that RP was unelectable, and a nut), we are very good as a group at overcoming the impossible. Hell we put up such a massive fight the only way to silence us was to cheat.

Let's start the social media blitz the same way we did for Dr Paul, let no site, or youtube video have a comments section without the words Gary Johnson for president 2012. I might be overly optimistic but I honestly believe we could elect the new POTUS this year and really stick it to the whole establishment, not just the GOP.

Mike G.

I really am trying to figure

I really am trying to figure out what to do come November. If you have the time and inclination, I would appreciate any insite you have here: http://www.dailypaul.com/253758/is-goode-any-good-requesting...

I am pro-life and that keeps me from voting Johnson unoless I am not understanding GJ correctly. I will either not vote, write RP's name in or if you could add any insite to my above post link I would appreciate it because I might vote Constitution Party. (I am not slamming GJ, I am only stating MY personal desire in a candidate.) Thanks!

Pro Life is not an excuse to be Pro Liberty

For one thing show me anywhere in the Bible where Jesus said you have to do what I say? If it's there the caviat was if you want to get into the kingdom of heaven. Jesus was pro choice even if he didn't agree with your choice. This is about liberty and to me if you want to end abortion then do something about making a better place in the world for them. No one knows the situation of anyone else. Leave that for them to decide and lets get back on track and fix the problems that we should be focused on!! Just my 2 cents.

I do not understand your

I do not understand your title

"Pro Life is not an excuse to be Pro Liberty"

Could you explain what you are meaning because I am not following and I do not want to answer wrong.

Good Grief

Ron Paul IS PRO LIFE BUT he doesn't believe that the Federal government has a right to dictate what a woman does to her body!! Dr Paul believes that the states are the ones that can determine whether they allow it or not. That way you can vote with your feet....if you don't like what a state's stand on abortion is then you can move to another state!! I am so sick of the pro life issue determining whether a candidate is elected or not! I grew up when abortiion was illegal and I knew women that died from illegal abortions being done in dirty hotel rooms with filthy equipment. Same as drugs, if it is illegal, people will still find them. Do any of you REALLY think that ROE vs WADE will really be reversed??? Come on, focus on the police state and losing our liberties..this is just a way to divert us from the important issues!!

Speaking Out for the Voiceless

So what you are saying is people are going to murder their babies anyway...so let us make it safe for the murderers if they happen to choose to murder?

Who speaks for the unborn? It is ok for them to be murdered in clean hygenic settings by professionals paid by my tax dollars?

Hmmmm, how about a gun ban so lone gunmen can shoot up coffee shops or enter homes without the risk of getting shot.

IMO There is a big difference between putting a drug in your own body and a knife or coat hanger into someone else's. (I am speaking of the baby's who has no choice.)

Yes, Ron Paul said it was a state's issue, but his platform says this:

As a physician, Ron Paul consistently put his beliefs into practice and saved lives by helping women seek options other than abortion, including adoption. And as President, Ron Paul will continue to fight for the same pro-life solutions he has upheld in Congress, including:

* Immediately saving lives by effectively repealing Roe v. Wade and preventing activist judges from interfering with state decisions on life by removing abortion from federal court jurisdiction through legislation modeled after his “We the People Act.”

* Defining life as beginning at conception by passing a “Sanctity of Life Act.”

He wanted to pass a sanctity of life act. Just what would that have been?


I understand that the life issue is dividing voting blocks. I think that is why it is still an issue. The Repubs and the Dems know it divides us so the issue has not been resolved on purpose. But that does not mean that it has to be resolved to allow murder to be legal. Why don't we just decide non whites are no longer human either. I seem to remember that being an issue...and it sounds absolutely rediculous that anyone would have argued it.


I suppose I am being a little pushy, I am sorry, but I guess my buttons have been pushed!


You fool! You just don't get it!! Listen to what Ron Paul said about the President and abortion!!! I agree with him!! You can't claim to be a libertarian and shove something down someone elses throat as a President! I get it! I think abortion is horrible but our opinions won's matter if we become a Marxist state and we waste all of our energy defending the unborn when the whole system is collapsing around us!! CHOSE YOUR BATTLES! This subject can be dealt with latter when we stop the New World Order!! If you want to argue about abortion go to a group and organisation that are like-minded! I am fighting for the very survival of my BORN children and my country!!

Excuse me? Did you call me a Fool?

I believe the very premise of supporting liberty for the unborn supports liberty for the born. I am trying to figure out what to do. I too realize we are between a rock and a hard place and I too am extremely concerned for my children.

Exactly what did "Ron Paul said about the President and abortion!!!"?

If you have a quote, perhaps that will help me.

Did you read what Ron Paul said: * Defining life as beginning at conception by passing a “Sanctity of Life Act.”

Oh wait, here is a quote: "..unless we protect life, we can't protect liberty." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkAsLPrnJGc&feature=player_em...


GJ on Abortion

It is a little more complex with Gary Johnson. Gary Johnson is more pro-life than the traditional libertarian party member. Please Please go to the link and check out a couple things. The most important thing is that Gary Johnson wants to overturn Roe v Wade and lets the states decide (which is also Ron Paul's position). Gary Johnson has said in the past that he would support a Constitutional amendment, but until we get one - it is a state issue.

It's not great abortion position, but it is still better than Romney/Obama's. At the end of the day, you have to consider everything. Good luck to you


What about GJ s weak foreign

What about GJ s weak foreign policy. He wants to cut foreign aid to everyone but Israel? All libertarians should be concerned about that.

I don't know where you are getting your information

From Ontheissues.org:

Cut all support and aid to Israel
Q: Should the U.S. continue to support Israel?
A: No, cut all support and aid.


Dr Paul wanted to cut all foreign aid PERIOD. But this makes GJ weak on foreign issues? Were/are you a Paul supporter? Just curious because most of us know better than to make silly statements like that. We actually know all of Dr Paul's views and political stances.

Mike G.

What I was saying is that GJ

What I was saying is that GJ panders to Israel. To me that suggests that GJ is likely to be persuaded and is NOT the torch carrier of the liberty movement. Most Paul supporters like myself are not willing to budge on our stance on foreign policy.

I think you misunderstood me. Not sure how.

foreign policy

foreign policy is one of GJ's weakest issues. Ron Paul's is the best position.

However, you must balance the fact that a write-in vote will probably not be counted versus choosing a lesser candidate who will actually be on your ballot. Peace

Voting the lesser is still

Voting the lesser is still voting for...

Isreal has a huge influence on our foreign policy. They have one of the biggest lobby's in Washington. That is why our politicians are hell bent on Israel.

Our foreign policy is one of our biggest threats we face. If we don't get rid of our Israel problem then we cannot fix our foreign policy.

i understand

i understand. everyone has a breaking point. For me, Gary Johnson reaches the threshold where i am willing to compromise my vote in order to vote for someone who is on the ballot.

It is totally cool if you want to write-in Ron Paul...Just know ahead of time whether that vote will count or not.

GJ won't win anyway. May as

GJ won't win anyway. May as well not vote if you cannot write in RP. At least you won't have to bend on any issues. Just saying.

Are there any other 3rd party candidates that come closer to Paul than GJ?

Virgil Goode is worth looking

Virgil Goode is worth looking into and there are discussions about his value. In my opinion, Virgil is further away from Ron Paul than GJ is. I have heard Virgil voted for Patriot Act and Iraq (Bob Barr rehash?)

I've posted on another thread

I've posted on another thread before that at this point it is not about winning an election. We just have to show them the numbers. I guess you could vote GJ as a protest vote but I encourage all who can to write in RP. I just don't stand behind the notion of all Paul supporters to back up and push GJ . He won't win anyway...that's why he's a "3rd" party.

Im afraid if we all backed GJ in the election it could muddy up our message and our movement.

i am under no pretense that

i am under no pretense that GJ will win. Yes, it is about a protest vote. In fact, it is about "quantifying the movement"

I dont care who you vote for - since you obviously know what you are doing. I just want it to be 'registered' as a vote. Peace


95% is better then 0%. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

One of the biggest threats we

One of the biggest threats we face is our current foreign policy. This needs to be corrected yesterday. I cannot support a candidate who is willing to pander to the nation who infuences our evil policy. I will not budge on this issue. Neither should you.

Gary Johnson

Has basically the same stance on abortion as Dr Paul did, he is morally against it but does not believe that the federal gov. should be in control of the issue. The only mandate he would like to put in at the federal level is to put laws in place to stop late term abortions. Hope this helps you.

Mike G.

Thank you for your reply.

Thank you for your reply. Would you mind linking me to his position on life? Thanks!

Why Some Ron Paul Supporters Should Not Vote for Gary Johnson

Why Some Ron Paul Supporters Should Not Vote for Gary Johnson

Am I the only one

who remembers that Dr Paul was against abortion morally, but would not enact any federal laws against it as he saw it as a state issue? Why does everyone keep saying Johnson is pro abortion? He has much the same stance as Ron Paul on the subject, but aside from it being a state issue he will also enact federal laws to prevent late-term abortion. So in reality politically he has stronger pro-life views than the Dr did.

Mike G.