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How Do We Prevent 2016 From Being a Rerun of 2012?

And 2008...

What is going to prevent the GOP and RNC from cheating and changing the rules again in late 2015-16?

Getting to the top of the GOP mountain seems impossible, especially when the establishment controls it.

Can Rand Paul politically maneuver his way all the way to the top? That seems like a daunting task, and one that might be composed of many undesirable compromises along the way.

If Ron Paul runs again in 2016, what is going to change?

What are we going to do to prevent the same crap from happening again? I was really hoping Ron Paul would launch a new party run, but that does not seem likely to happen now with 2 months to go until Election Day.

I feel very lost in the political sauce right now...but I can still read between the lines. Ron Paul has had a lot of experience and knows a lot about running third party. I think he was essentially saying that the system is rigged to prevent a third party candidate from ever winning.

We have 3 choices to prevent a rerun of 2012.

Do we rage against the GOP machine as we have done in the past two elections?

Do we ignore Ron Paul's warning, jump ship and start a new party?

Or do we learn how to play political baseball and beat the GOP at their own game?

What is political baseball one might ask...

Jesse Benton set a good example. I honestly believe that if Jesse didn't play ball with the GOP, Rand Paul would have never spoken at the RNC. His speech is about the only thing that gives me hope right now.

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Doug Wead says it's possible

Doug Wead says it's possible a Paul will run in 2016, be it Rand or Ron. Lets focus on pointing out how both candidates suck. We should not take sides but use this to educate people on how similar they are. We need people to wake up and be ready for what is to come!


What we need to do....

...is keep working to build our organization in the early States. This campaign has left us an incredible legacy: control of several key State parties and a fierce grassroots machine. There's no reason, with the right candidate, that we can't sweep the first several States in 2016. And what are our sock-puppet opponents without their precious "Mo" and all the otherwise unjustifiable media attention it brings them? Losers, that's what.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Ultimately, we must end Diebold voting machines

and push for paper ballots. No vote should be certified until it jives. Period.

That's easy.

By then the NWO will be in full control (ie No more elections, just appointments.)

In 2014, we do as much as

In 2014, we do as much as possible to win seats in state houses and senates as well as national seats on Congress. With the direction that this country this going people will be more open-minded about who they vote for.

We also need to take county and district seats in our respective state. Gotta work from the ground up.

This will further stabilize our future. Nevada's done it. Minnesota's done it. Maine's done it. Iowa's done it. Just keep on adding onto that list of states in which there is some liberty influence.

Its simple

Every time that RP runs we have more support. We will have more support in 2016.

If we are the majority, then they can't cheat us.

Don't fight the GOP, BECOME the GOP.

Now,now,now...who fell for Obama in 2008?? I almost did.

You are absolutely right. I

You are absolutely right. I feel better already.

I just hope that people here understand that in order to actually "become," the GOP, many of us might have to learn how to tell a white lie or two every now and then.

"Do you support the war in Afghanistan?"

Sure, why not?

"Do you support NDAA?"

What's that?

Fight stupid with stupid.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.