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"No One But Paul" Super Brochure


We are updating the Super Brochure to be "No One But Paul". On the last panel when you open it up will be the "write in" info plus other changes though out. We should have the new design up soon.

Iowa's independents are currently up due to a very high demand from the grassroots there.

In Liberty,


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yeah, real silly

Just curious...

I kind of like this actually. And I have my reasons for supporting it. But I think my reason is different.

Anyone want to add a few words as to why the effort for this?

how about a Liberty SB?

you know, something we can use as an intro...an icebreaker

the size and format of the RP2012 SBs were perfect. Now if we can just have such a tool to help educate people and wake them up as to what the real issues are...that would be great.

a Liberty brochure would have cross over support for other prospective candidates as well, so when we have surplus from a congressional run, for example, we are not scrambling to offload them or they don't end up in the garage collecting dust because they were all about one candidate.

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Great idea!

great idea NY4RP.