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Dear Ben Swann

I personally trust you to interview Gary Johnson with all Ron Paul's supporters issues first hand.

* Sound money
* Civil liberties
* Balanced budget
* Government reform

Until Gary Johnson shows up to the biggest game in town, 1 that understands that it is a very complicated and large network. It is up to Gary Johnson to achieve the people through the RON Paul movement that May support him

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You missed the #1 discord

You missed the #1 discord between RP and GJ: GJ supports the phoney war on terrorism and doesn't seem to mind undeclared wars because "they keep us safe".

You know...

Gary Johnson is doing an Ask Me Anything on Reddit next Tuesday at 3pm EST. This isn't a link to it, just a link showing his announcement, it was well received by Redditors.


You don't need an email address to sign up for Reddit.

Join the social network that pays you https://www.tsu.co/tylercox



Did you send this directly,

Did you send this directly, or are you hoping he will see this here?