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Post-9/11 Airport Security Measure Not Discussed Very Much

Let me just start off by saying, like most us, I despise the TSA and everything they've done to "keep us safe" and "stop another terrorist attack", such as the showing IDs, taking off shoes, confiscation of sharp objects, liquids and now the pat-downs where they touch your privates.

But my big beef is Ticketed Passengers Only. Since 9/11, only ticketed passengers can pass through security meaning visitors can't go up to the gate to see off and meet friends and family there. They have to wait for them outside security. That, I hate.

I think everyone has a right to enjoy these facilities regardless of whether they're flying or not and watch planes take off and land.

Sure, I've heard horror stories from people on other websites who've complained about there being no seats at the gate and how there would be 20 or 30 people waiting for someone. I used to fly a lot from 1994 to 2001 between Omaha and Spokane and I never encountered any of those inconveniences at any of the major airports I was laid over at such as Minneapolis, Denver, Phoenix, Salt Lake City. Those things weren't problems there.

And I've even read comments from those who complain that allowing visitors to pass through security would slow lines down. Maybe so, because there's 6 lines and only 1 or 2 of them are open!

This policy is not to keep lines from slowing down or guarantee passengers a seat at the gate, it's for supposed "security" reasons. But what makes someone who isn't flying more of a security threat than someone who is? If you're not getting on a plane, how can you possibly hijack one or blow one up?

I think pre-9/11 security was just fine. As far as I'm concerned, all these extra security measures are a complete waste of time. All they do is slow everything and everyone down, make flying very unpleasant and only serve to make us more obedient and complacent to government "authority". Private screeners were effective. They actually got the job done. The TSA was/is a completely unnecessary replacement for them.

Besides, we can still pass through security in other buildings that have a security checkpoint such as federal buildings, police stations and courthouses. So why not an airport? What's the difference?

I liked it when you could meet people at the gate. I hate having to do it outside security. How come groups like the ACLU aren't all over this? Why have there been no lawsuits to end this or other useless post-9/11 draconian policies at our airports?