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Why are all these people voting for Johnson?

I seen a question in the comments as to why would anyone vote for Gary Johnson and I wanted to write a long winded answer to that question but first I want to talk to the Ron Paul only people out there, yes you know who you are. Please understand that the majority of Johnson supporters would be happy to support Dr. Paul any day of the week. They understand the message, they are not Johnny come Lately's, they are not the unwashed and unclean.. they are your brothers and sisters of this revolution and they get it. So you may want to give them a little credit and listen to what they have to say before you go with your gut reaction. The following is what I, one of them, has to say to the following question.

Why are all these people voting for Johnson?

Harry Browne was an author and the Libertarian Party candidate for President in 1996 and 2000. He is the person who brought me to liberty, just like Ron Paul brought many of you to liberty, Browne was the person who opened my eyes and cured my apathy. Harry Browne had a radio show in the past, and he was once asked the question, "Is is better to advocate for Anarchy or Limited Government?" .. Browne's answer surprised me at the time because he said, it is an impractical argument and doesn’t matter because we are so far away from a free society that we can have that argument once we get closer to having a free society. (I've actually found the show if you would like to listen to it, as long as this link holds out. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7lozno1fy84jzdy/Harry%20Browne%20o... )

We do not and it is not practical for us to continue to argue who is better, Ron Paul or Gary Johnson. If I agree with Paul 90% of the time and Gary 80% of the time does that mean I should throw my vote away because neither are 100%? No, the message must move forward. Gary openly admits he smoked marijuana. Calls for an end of all wars. Will tell the American people you have to stop government spending now. This is our message, it is my message and I want it out there.

It's simple really. When you are in a hole, you need to go up by any means necessary, just because you have a ladder and not a jet pack doesn’t mean you throw the ladder away and pray for a jet pack to materialize to get you out of the hole. We have to continue to move up be it by rope or our bare hands we have to move forward.

We are voting for Johnson because, like it or not, believe it or not, Ron Paul is not running for president in 2012 in any way shape of form that would indicate he wanted anyone to actually vote for him. Vermin Supreme is a crazy crackpot but he is running for president, we know because he says so, and despite the fact that he will never be on a ballot anywhere and wears a boot on his head, he actually indicates to us by saying so that, Yes, he is running for president. Ron Paul was on the Tonight Show, with millions watching.. including a vast number of potential voters and he did not tell people to vote for him. So we know for sure that Ron Paul is not a candidate in 2012. We lost, I'm sorry.. if you've been around the liberty movement for any amount of time you'll know this is not an uncommon outcome.

Why now Johnson? Because Gary Johnson is the smallest "small government" Governor in the entire history of the United States. If your looking for someone who is on equal stature as Ron Paul you won't find it, but Gary stands head and shoulders above all the other potential politicians running for president. Clearly he is the logical choice for liberty minded people. It is the most effective thing you can do with your voice as of right now. (and if someone has a better plan, lets hear it. I'm all ears.)

Don't worry about the argument if Ron Paul is better than Gary Johnson or vice versa, that’s not the argument to have now. The argument to have now is how we can further the message of liberty and bring this to more people and awaken more even more of us. We can argue the finer details when we are at a point where we can actually do something about them as Harry Browne had suggested.

Writing in Ron Paul will effectively have about as much impact as voting for Mickey Mouse. On election night our voice will read "other" on the CNN news feed (if it's listed at all) .. wouldn't it be great if instead of "other" it said Gary Johnson? People would flock to the web to see who this person is who could get so many votes and in turn learn about the message of liberty.

The people of this country HATE their choices for President, but they don't believe there is a viable alternative. What we can do this election is unite the Ron Paul Revolution around Gary Johnson and get more than 20% of the general vote. If we achieve that it will shock the world and in our loss we will advance the message more than anyone could dream. The message needs to continue to be out there and it needs to look viable to the main stream to get traction. This is our chance to do some good here even in defeat.

This is why those of us are voting for Johnson, and I'm sure you'll see many comment below on their own reasons... If you are a "Dr. Paul only" please read them and consider our words.. We are with you, we just disagree on the finer details of what to do now.. And remember this movement has never been about the man, it's always been about the message.

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I'm Hoping

Most RP supporters are being logical and will not be swayed by Romney trolls on our site. They sure do want to split us up now that our candidate won't be on the ballot. My logic is to keep the movement in momentum and start supporting Johnson. The liberty message is what really counts. Plus we need to stick it to the GOP!

I am reminded ...

I am reminded of the time when the tea party people first started to get a little attention and the media conveniently provided Sarah Palin and presented her as "their leader". Ah-ha. A few years out and every neo-con on the planet now is supposedly sipping on that tea.
So now it's time to subdivide the Ron Paul support and what do I see ??


Great post!!

Ron Paul "write ins" are the dumbest thing I have heard yet. Ron Paul said he really liked what Johnson stood for. Is that not enough?? People need to accept that Paul WILL NOT win the POTUS and move on to support Johnson. Hell, at least support him to get him in the debates.

Official Anti Romney Vote

Since Johnson is officially on the ballot a vote for GJ lets the GOP see and count my displeasure with the candidates they select.

Another great post that was

down-voted by scared Romney team.

GOP you will pay a heavy price in November -- 3rd place finish and return to the 3rd party status.

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

You can take your Johnson and

You can take your Johnson and shove it. I couldn't resist

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

What's the point of voting if

What's the point of voting if you are just gonna throw your vote? Gary Johnson u is really the only choice

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Where do you draw the line?

You say 80% - I think it is much lower... what if GJ held 70% of Paul's positions? or 60%, or 50% - where do you draw the line? If Gary wasn't running, would we be plugging Romney - cause 25% is better than 10%?

I don't like Johnson - He is not a good messenger for the cause... and his message is different to boot.

(But - I do agree that a line has to be drawn - so, I shouldn't harp on that so much... Ron Paul is almost an impossible figure)

I guess the line would be at

I guess the line would be at 50% because more liberty is better than less liberty. Either way I don't need to decide that because it's obvious that Gary is better than Romney or Obama.

Who really is better that is running in 2012? And you know we can put the write in thing to a test.

Ron Paul in 2008 got 42,426 votes as a write in.
Bob Barr got 523,715 votes in 2008 as the Libertarian party candidate.

Ballot access makes a huge difference and I think Gary Johnson is just a tiny bit better than Bob Barr don't you think? :)

The only difference between GJ and the Obamney twins

Is what rhetoric they use to corral their intended group of voters. They put GJ in the race in an attempt to divide those who would support Dr. Paul, then when some of the actual LP candidates for the nomination were openly speaking about stepping down to offer the slot to Dr Paul he was sent to tie that up. But you say they treated him like an outsider, yep just like they did ol Ronnie Raygun in 76 and the first part of the 80 campaign to derail the revolution of that time which was mostly due to this book being circulated. http://chasvoice.blogspot.com/2011/09/free-e-book-none-dare-...


...If the establishment wanted Johnson to take away votes for
Ron Paul, why did they try so hard to keep him out of the primary debates? Why did they move him outside of the Republican party, so that he wasn't even competing with Dr. Paul for the Republican nomination?

But, then begs the question...

Did Ron Paul draw a line when he voted in Congress? Say... if he agreed with 90% of a bill?

This might be a reason for all the backlash against Johnson folks... I just realized this during another post of mine on another thread. Ron Paul is such a purist - if an entire bill wasn't Constitutional, it was a 'No' vote. I believe this has rubbed off on many of us.

Paul is unique on this

Paul is unique on this stance, most people.. including Gary Johnson and Rand Paul play the game of politics and tell people what they want to hear.. and that's upsetting sometimes but we have to understand that it is a game and this is how they play it. We also have to be honest with ourselves, Ron Paul is not entirely genuine as much as we'd like to believe. Keep in mind, Ron Paul voted to give Bush the authorization to start the war on terror. Where is this in the Constitution?

I don't think 100% representation is even possible with a group of people anyhow.. 5 people can't decide on what kind of pizza to get, let alone how to run the country.

I'm more concerned about perceptions than actual outcomes in this election. The outcome thing is past us now, but we did well and I feel proud of it. Also our choices are better than they were in 2008 when Ron stopped.

There are several things of Gary Johnson platform I don't like.. at the same time this is true for Ron Paul as well. One thing however I feel that Johnson is better on than Paul is on immigration as I believe free people should cross free borders freely. (now thats not Johnsons standpoint it's my own but his is closer to my own than Paul's.)

The perceptions that I want the general public to hold after this election is that voting for liberty is NOT a lost cause and that you don't have to vote for the lesser of two evils.. and I am hopeful that we can achieve some progress in this direction with Gary Johnson.. so I support him.. I don't really need to be entirely concerned with how he will run government if in the unlikely chance he win's because I feel reasonably assured by his governance in NM that I can be safe in the assumption that it will be better than Romney or Obama.

The Gary Johnson "perception"

The Gary Johnson "perception" is a complete *distortion* of everything we are working for. Please don't distort our message.

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

Ron Paul disagrees with you!

He says Gary is doing a good job.

Stop Lying ...

When asked, he said "they're doing some good things". That's not an endorsement any more than his saying Romenys acceptance speech said "some nice things".

lol.. -3 in 3 seconds. How

lol.. -3 in 3 seconds. How about you guys actually read it.. That or tell me why I'm wrong.

Honestly Jay

I'd vote for GJ in a new york second if the electoral process weren't rigged. But if it weren't rigged, Ron Paul would be the Republican nominee right now and we wouldn't be having this discussion. I respect your choice to support GJ. I choose not to add to the illusion of legitimacy of the establishment by casting a vote. Until something is done about electoral fraud, I'm withholding my vote from any candidate. And I didn't down vote you.

If we had an election where

If we had an election where nobody voted do you think the politicians would go home? I wish they would but it's actually happened before I forget where, and the incumbent decided they won because nobody decided to vote to change things.

So where as it's good on the moral ground, and I respect this. I don't take this path myself. I think we have to use the levers and devices of control that people commonly understand to change things.

Really it's not wining an election that will give us a free society.. it's educating a majority of the people so they understand liberty and then demand it. I give money to Ron Paul because Ron Paul is better at doing that than I am.

I think if nobody voted

It would expose the American "democratic" process as the charade it is. It would terrify the crooked people who control our govt. and all their corrupt little toady politicians. The world would take notice and realize that Americans are pretty decent people who don't support all the horrible things our govt. is doing around the world. The establishment would lose all credibility in our country. I think withholding my vote is the only rational option left when the electoral process is so blatantly rigged. I think the primary reason I feel offended by all the GJ support on DP is that our candidate was openly robbed ... and the most blatant robbery just took place about a week ago, it's still a fresh wound for most of us. Yet many here don't even seem to care, they just jumped right on board the GJ bandwagon as if they'd learned nothing about the system being rigged and don't even care about exposing the fraud and trying to get any justice. People just wanting to vote for someone, anyone who isn't as bad as Obamney is so shallow and thoughtless to me. Our top priority should be not allowing them to get away with stealing the election once again.