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Update: Jim Uprichard Update and Chip-In (Motorcycle accident)

If you feel so inclined please embed the chip-in, thank you! UPDATE: we have a ride, thank you.

PLEASE keep bumped!!

Hello ALL,

I know this is probably the last thing you want to hear or see. BUT, here it is, for those of you who do not know.

Jim Uprichard, a Nevada Delegate for Dr. Paul went to Tampa and voted for Dr. Paul last week. You probably have all seen him in the video of the Nevada delegates or standing next to others as they discuss strategy. He rode his motorcycle the more than 2800 miles across this nation. Jim is a great friend and a wonderful patriot. He was offered to convoy with others but chose to go it alone stating, "I like to get up when I want and stop when I want."

This man worked hard calling, canvassing, and rallying for Dr. Paul. He even received an award for making the most calls one night at the campaign office. When I was doing the Feed the Hungry Food Drive in a county over and I could not be in two places at once, he stepped up and took it on. When we were not getting a lot of donations, but we knew the media was coming, he and others bought food to make it look good for the media. He always has his Ron Paul Revolution sweatshirt or t-shirt on and a smile.

On September 3rd, just days after the convention he was traveling in Daytona Beach Florida, still more than 2800 miles from home, and he was in a motorcycle accident. We are not sure of all the details of the accident. However, he was in critical condition and for some reason no identification was found on him. Fortunatley, a group that meets in Nevada, and normally would meet with Jim, decided to give him a call. The officer was at the scene and happened to pick up the phone, otherwise we may not have known of this event at all, or it would have taken a lot of time.

Currently, the prognosis is unknown. Jim was on a ventilator and put into a medically induced coma. His brain has been badly bruised and he has had surgery on his shoulder and arm area. (not exactly sure of the exact area). Today, he woke up and tried to speak, but not intelligble at this time. He is in and out of consciousness. The good news is that Jim is moving in the right direction. However, we do not know his prognosis at this time. Please keep praying because it is working!

We want to thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers for our friend (family really) Jim. I know most are pretty strapped from the years we have been fighting for liberty, but anything you could give would help greatly and be greatly appreciated.

The last known conversation was Jim calling from Florida to another patriot that was in Nevada, and he said, "Hey, do you see the moon? It is a blue moon." He was calling another friend who was fighting for liberty at the RNC. She had recently lost her husband while she was in Tampa. Nevada has been hit hard. This also, a great patriot and fighter for liberty and she needs your prayers at this time as well. Jim was thinking of her. Now we are all praying for both of them.

ALL funds will go to Jim to pay for rehab. care, or whatever he may need.


If anyone would like to send a card or visit him, please email me privately and I will give you the information of where to send a card or where to visit. (no flowers can be sent at this time) He only has had one patriot visit him since the accident happened. Thank you for your visit and your prayers.


Here is information and pictures posted by his cousins. http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/jimuprichard/photos
A great website, FYI: if you donate to them you are donating to caring bridge and not to the family.

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Hey guys, sorry I responded to an old comment and

bumped up an old post. Please see the updates regarding Jim here:


If you would like to help please go here:


Thank you.

Does anyone know

Does anyone know 4Constitution? I'm interested to know how Jim is doing.

Southern Agrarian

New chip-in posted for Jim on DP

Jim stayed with some friends this weekend and he did pretty well, but he is still in a lot of pain, has double vision, and is feeling dizzy. He ate a good dinner with us, but he went to bend over to reach into a bag and he fell back about 4 feet and landed, fortunately on his rear, and did not do anymore damage. He was quite frightened by the event because he was falling to his left side and that is where he has all the broken areas on his body and he could not reach out to catch himself.

Holding a conversation is getting easier daily, but he still gets tired quickly from too much conversation. He had a long talk with his cousin today and went in to take a nap soon after. We have appointments set up with the nurse and physical therapist for the a.m.

I know that we are truly witnessing a miracle with his recovery. The nurse came the other day and she said that she has seen people with these type of brain injuries and in 6 months cannot follow directions the way that he is.

I hope you will all continue to pray and donate anything that you can to support his recovery. The visits are very expensive, we are still trying for the VA, but at this point it has not happened yet.

Thank you.

just sent you a private msg

asking for a quick update about Jim. The DP family would like to know how he is faring. thank you in advance.

latest update?

Hello from NorCal - what is the latest on Jim? How is he doing?
thank you for any updates, ~d

Would like to hear how he is

Would like to hear how he is doing too.

Southern Agrarian

I just sent a private msg to '4Constitution'

so we know how Jim is faring.

I talked to Jim last week.

Jim had to move recently, so he had to put a ton of stuff in storage. We helped him get everything out and I "yelled" at him quite often (he had been doing things he should not have been doing to move and hurt his shoulder pretty bad, he is in a lot more pain recently) It is a good thing he moved because he is now in town and people can give him a ride much easier now. Unfortunately, his rent has now doubled. Prior to Jim's accident Jim was needing a very expensive part on his car, in order to move the car he had to get the car fixed, so that happened last week. (I know a good friend came from out of state to help him). But, Jim said to me he did not remember how his car got to the shop and got repaired. I was out of town on the first vacation I have had for more than two years, so I was unable to go to his first vision therapy appointment with Jim. I do know he was very excited about the expectations from the doctor and he should have his therapy glasses in this week. His first appointment was much more than they told me it would be, over $700. (Jim could not remember the exact amount and he was only able to pay half, he did not want anything to "bounce")

Hope this updates you a little bit on his progress. Jim is not a complainer (very often, if at all), but when/of he does I know I have to help. I have emailed him some info from this post and asked him if he would post a comment. (we shall see if he remembers his log-in and password, sometimes typing is a little off) Speaking of that, he said he did the test for the doctor (about 4 hours) and he thought he was doing great, found out he was doing pretty badly. Keep saying prayers...... Thank you.

Update, making progress, but still not out of the woods.

Just wanted to update you on Jim. He is resting right now and he does this alot. This past week he had some memories which will help a great deal with getting the necessary forms to the VA. Hopefully it will be soon and we will make some progress. I faxed info again today. We were also able to sit down and go over the enormous hospital bill and radiology bills. This was a little difficult, but we got it handled.

I found out where his bike is located and talked to the repair shop. Not sure of the prognosis at this point, it is 50/50?? It should be at the shop for at least a month and a half if it is repairable.

I have Jim an appointment this Wednesday that is covered and next Wednesday that is also covered. I should be getting a phone call back today regarding him some occupational therapy and Jim may need assistance with those appointments. I am not sure at this point.

I had terrible pain on Thursday and Friday of last week with kidney stones and was very close to going to the hospital myself. If it was not for Jim and my child sleeping I would have went in the middle of the night....PAINFUL and very tireing.Thank you jday, I think it helped.

Things are going well at this point. We may need to reevaluate our role here in the next two weeks. If anyone is willing to assist with anything please email me privately and I will let you know what we need, or what you might offer and how we can get it to Jim. So far Jim's pain level has decreased a bit. He says it takes him an hour just to brush his teeth, but he is doing better than that. It probably seems like things take a lot longer for him. I asked him about doing an update on the dailypaul and he said he would like to do that, but again he tires very easily. We will try to get to it later today.

I think he was happy with the progress we made today, the busiest day yet without aggravation and relatively lower pain. The focus was much better today than it has been. His vision is still very blurred and he closes his eyes a lot. It is much better to have softer voices and only one person talking at a time. I have loaned him a pair of sunglasses as he could not find any at his home (?)

Thank you from me and my family for all the assistance for Jim. We appreciate it and I know Jim does as well. He says hello.

Please continue to pray for Jim's recovery, he has come a long way, but as the doctor's have stated he has a long way to go.

What does Jim still need? The

What does Jim still need? The chip-in event has ended.

Southern Agrarian

Can I get back to you on this?

Jim and I have gotten alot of things done today, more than any other day I have held his attention. With the brain injury it has been an amazing challenge. He is now starting to remember things, things like where the doctor's office is and whether or not he took his medication today, etc...

I have talked to him about getting his paypal going and starting a chip-in. Anyone in the area that wants to help with food or rides to the appointments that would be helpful as well. Thank you very much.

physical therapy may help as well.

So, the doctors have reported that Jim is about a year and half

out from gaining his memory back. (They are Ron Paul people and so far they have not charged him). Jim is going to need speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. This is going to be costly. He cannot see correctly, his vision problems are hard for him to explain as he cannot find the appropriate words for his issues. Jim's shoulder and elbow are in the most pain, but they are healing. He was able to get the 22 staples removed and the scarring looks good, no redness or swelling around the incision.

I have been doing a lot of reflexology on Jim's hands and feet and we have been using breathing excercises and color therapy to assist him with managing the pain. We did a math excercise, such as 4+5 and 3+7 and it was quite a challenge for him to accomplish. The doctors have been asking him to recall three thing, such as bird, dog, and cage. He is not able to do that yet. In spelling world frontwards it is no problem, but recalling it backwards he is unable to do.

Your continued prayers for Jim are necessary. I will be updating about the first hospital bill soon.

Thank you, thank you..... the progress has been amazing from being on a ventilator and searching for the next of kin, to all the bruises being healed, long term memory being almost completely restored, and getting some of the memory of the Republican Convention back, we appreciate your thoughts and prayer for this liberty loving patriot.




Southern Agrarian

Bump for a patriot in need

Bump for a patriot in need

Southern Agrarian



This is an update from me:

Hello all,

Well, it was a long and tough visit, but Jim did very well getting through it. We went in a bit after 4:30 p.m. and left about 8:30 p.m. He was starving and a few ofhis friends met with him and we went and ate and got a Starbucks. This was pretty challenging for him, but he slept great all night long. He really likes visitors because he recognizes faces and it seems to help with his memory. We are going to have at least 3 more consults and may need around the clock care for a little while now....

I was lucky enough to score a hospital bed that will just make it easier with his shoulder injuries to get up and out of bed. I may have to make room at my home unless someone has any better ideas. He will have good food and I hope visitors, I can take him to his appointments and I know I can do this for the next couple of weeks without any issue.... (?)

I cannot repeat what the doctor said he did to himself because of the profanity, but...... ;0). I think you get the picture.

Jim is healing with amazing speed, the bruise on his left side is almost completely gone and for those of you who saw it know this is amazing. Each day more of his memory is coming back, some personal things he was able to recall that he had not been able to recall before, yes!!

Thanks to all the good food, the great prayers, the healing energy, and the massage work, I feel blessed to witness his recovery. He will still need some assistance. Marge, thank you for staying with him last night. Ed, thank you for covering tonight, I will see you at the docs at 11 a.m. Awesome....lots of love.... Bill, hopefully we can get together about this weekend and arrange some things.

Also, I want to put out some prayers and thoughts to Sands out in Yerington. Sands was heavily involved in the Ron Paul group in 2008 and she has done some wonderful work this time around as well, BUT she needs us to send her some good healing energy and prayers. As most of you know her battles and she has been doing this for a long time now. Please think of her today and put her in your prayers for the next while. Thank you.



Southern Agrarian


bumpity bump!

Jim is so lucky,

he has his angel. She has been so responsible for him. Of course the chip-in is still open & any donations will be appreciated. If you live in the Reno area, & could spare a day or two looking after Jim, that would help a lot.

The collar bone that she talking about, is her daughter's. She fell out of bed last week & fractured her collar bone, in the midst of all of Jim's problems. Jim's angel lives in Carson City, about an hour and a half from Jim's home. She has been commuting back & forth trying to give the best care she can to Jim and her eight year old daughter. Talk about tough! On top of cleaning Jim's house, getting him dressed, fed, medicated, and trying to bring back his memory, she's also trying to find paperwork to get him enrolled in the VA. ALL of his medical bills so far have not been covered by any insurance. So, just know that she has been the most faithful, energetic and selfless friend to Jim that anyone could imagine. She's also a fantastic mother to her brilliant, home-schooled daughter.

Hello all, this is an update from me.

I picked up Jim at the airport at a little after 10 p.m. on Thursday night. It was a rough day. He also thought we were going to pick up his motorcycle outside of the airport and he kept mentioning his car, that he wanted to drive it and go get a hamburger. Instead of attempting to find his home in the dark, as he lives a ways outside of town, I put him and his cousin in a room for the night and we got room service for Jim, he was "starving". They both slept really well and I picked them up in the a.m. We had to get Jim a wheelchair as it was too far for him to walk, he can go about 50 feet and is wobbly.

We found his way home, he did not recognize any part until a certain point on the freeway and some things really started coming back. I was patient and let him tell me how to get home. HE DID IT!! He had one really rough night on Friday and then again on Sunday. After some feet reflexology treatment I gave him with essential oil, vitamin E. and lots of praying he slept like a baby on Saturday night.

Saturday afternoon and Sunday were a little bit rougher, he has moments of lucidity and agrivation. He knows he is injured and he needs help, but he does not really understand why. He is incredibly independent, but he is taking my assistance. He did some laundry yesterday, but today he has spent most of the day being agitated and hurting. Sometimes he does not know who people are that call. He had one moment where he was upset that a certain friend had not called, which I thought was a step to remembering and realizing.

He does not remember being in Tampa at all. On Monday, I mentioned an interview that I had heard another patriot had given him, and it was the first time that you could see a light come on and he vaguelly remembered getting interviewed, you could see him making the connection. Also, yesterday was the first time without prompting he made the connection that he was in a motorcycle accident. He said, "I think I really messed myself up on that motorcycle." Progress.

I have tried working with the VA. The guy there is extremely nice, BUT he thinks the "hospital should have there license taken away for allowing him to fly and leaving him without follow up care." They did not do there due dilligence. They will not help without information that we cannot get because Jim does not remember. I have talked to doctors that are involved with the Ron Paul group and we are currently trying to get a plan for his care for the next few weeks. the following information is intended for you to send Jim your prayers and healing:
fracture of the left frontal sinus
fracture of the left lateral wall of the orbital
extensive fracture of the left maxillary sinus wall
disc displacement of l5-S1
extensive left facial fractures
fracture and dislocation of the left scapular and humerus
humeral head was dislocated

He has extensive bruising on his left side and he has about 22 staples down his shoulder from the surgery.

The amazing thing is that this is what Dr. Paul has talked about. Daniel stayed with him, while I went to get him food, go to the VA, check his mail, etc... and get his cousin on a plane. Daniel helped out so much with dishes and preparing food. I stayed with him the first nights, changed out bandages, etc... Now Ed is with him. Marge has brought good healing food over and a meal and Gene is making some awesome organic, vegetable soup with good herbs and seasoning. Bill is going to bring some excellent superfoods this weekend. We as a community are helping Jim. Others have offered nights stays, etc.. It is not perfect, but it is working it out as a group with like minded thinking of gettting him well and doing no harm.

I have to admit that I did not have that much faith, but it is coming together.

Thank you.

I am at home today taking care of my little one and a broken collar bone and calling and setting up follow-up care for Jim. Also, I will be going through receipts and getting with his cousin, via phone, on what needs to be paid. Thank you for being paient with me on all of this as it will take some time to see what Jim's needs are. He is unable at this time to log on to his computer or pay bills or anything, as soon as it gets to that point, the chip in will be changed to him. appreciate all your prayers, they are working.

Are yall still accepting

Are yall still accepting chip-ins?

Southern Agrarian

Yes, we are still accepting donations, the hospital stay will

be in the 10's of thousands. So far we have not found any medical insurance and he does not remember, he is not able to tell us. Hopefully that will not last long. Thank you or inquiring, we appreciate any help, thoughts and prayers are still needed.

reedr3v's picture

Goodness your are doing all this with a broken

collarbone? You and the others helping there are inspiring.

On Jim's memory lapses, I wonder if it might help to leave prominent notes around his house reminding him of what happened and what he needs to do to actively support his own recover?

Thank you for that advice. I am reminding him continually

AND it is my child who fell out of bed and broke her collar bone while sleeping last Wednesday. Thank you for all the thoughts and any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Update from Jim's family

I apologize for not posting Jim's address as quickly as I promised.

PO Box 20424, Reno, NV 89515

Cards and notes will provide another level of support for him in the days to come.

Jim is doing lots of sleeping. Friends are staying with him to make sure his medications are dispensed and the pain in his shoulder/arm is managed. Because of them what little he eats is nourishing. He is also receiving massages that appear to be helping with his bruises.

Jim is still very frustrated by the brain injury. He knows something is not right. He says some bizarre things at times but is quite lucid at other times. He has actually attempted to look at some of his Eniva business paperwork and inventory. Trying to process it is a challenge but he is trying.

Each day we are encouraged. Your support is invaluable. Thank you.

Jim is most definetely not out of the woods. He has a long

recovery. The bruising is amazing, so whatever he hit, he hit hard and must not have slid, just stopped.

Anyway, I posted in other areas about his progress and I wanted to thank everyone for helping. Please, please keep praying.

I will post in the next couple of days what the funds have gone to help. I know he appreciates it and I am sure when he feels up to it, Jim, will post here and let you know what it means to him.

Today, I stocked his fridge somewhat with fresh fruits, some veges, some rice and beans, etc...

I just received receipts, so I will post more details here very soon. Tomorrow I will be driving to Jim's and giving another patriot (that is awesome) a break and do some much needed body work on Jim.

anyone with any ideas of how to get him some professional help, please let me know.

Please, please continue to pray.

I have been praying that they would not put Jim in

a rehab facility in Florida and today i got a call saying he is coming home tomorrow. This is truly a miracle. He still has a long way to go, but if we can get him home he will have a lot of support from his friends.

He is leaving tomorrow and will be home late at night. His cousin is flying home with him. Thank you very much for your thoughts and prayers. I will update a later post to what all the funds are going to help Jim. Here is some below:

So far, I know his bike was $260 to get out of impound. The flight to get Dick to Florida was about $415, the flights for them traveling back are about $1100. I still need to get the car rental bill and the hotel stay for his cousin, which may cost more than we think because of the drop-off location. We are also trying to get his belongings shipped home and his bike home as well.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Update for Jim Uprichard.

WE located Jim's belongings today and retrieved it. Amazing that the first KOA I contacted said yes. Miracle!

I talked to Jim today and he is having trouble connecting things, but he has come a long way from a week ago. He sounded good, but jumbled. I am sure the medications are not helping with that, but good for the pain. I have heard that his eye is looking much better, but still needs healing. Thank you for all the calls, thoughts, prayers, donations. They are all helping greatly.

Update from family member:
"Hi, Jim is able day by day to talk more easily us. In order for my brother and I to try take care of some of his affairs it has been necessary for Jim to talk to some people besides us and he has been able to do so satisfactorily.

Therapists worked with Jim today and his is definitely able to give some correct answers verbally as to where he lives, his birthdate, etc. However, if he is given an excercise where he need to identify a rabbit as an animal, he may not respond correctly.

We have a long way to go -- but we are encouraged...........

Dick is a hero. He has been running both yesterday and today trying to take care of gathering some of Jim's belongings that have been at various locations.

Thank you to all of Jim's friends who continue to contact us and support Jim!!"

Let's keep praying for Jim.

Thank you for the updates.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
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Thank you for keeping us updated and thank you for all that you're doing to help Jim.