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Dennis Kucinich at the DNC - On war, drones, and assassination list

Interview of Dennis Kucinich at the DNC by Democracy Now - starts at 6:58:

"...stop trying to run the world, stop trying to pretend we can pick the leaders of other nations.."

you get the idea.

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Couldnt agree more....

Ron Paul and Kucinich would be an awesome balance. Our country might actually regain some respect from both other nations and from within the nation. I am registered as a republican, but, if Kucinich were on the ticket, id vote demo. Unfortunately as others have noted and has become all to plain to see, we will never be offered a choice of a presidential candidate that is anywhere near respectable, honorable, or thinks with the people in mind. Certainly I cant remember a time when the choices were not between bad and worse. "The greater good" apparently is greater than you or I since we seem to be constantly told that the people who are capable of returning our country to normalcy and the people are "unelectable" or are out and out black balled.

Sigh, what a shameful mess.

we don't need balance.

we don't need balance. Kucinich is still a socialist. they would not balance.

Thanks for embedding it but.....

I had it linking to the Dennis Kucinich part of the video at 6:58


hope that helps. There is one already edited on youtube but they cut off the end.

Thank you

Thank you for the only sane thing I've heard come out of that building all week.

We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.
-George Orwell

Thanks for the tip.

I wa going nuts listening to Jesse babbling at the beginning of that clip.

Audit the Fed is a one-shot deal!

The end of the video clip reveals that Kucinich lost the primary race because of redistricting (so that's how the Establishment removes a burr in their saddle).

So you have two of the most vocal proponents of the Audit in both parties leaving Congress after this term. We need to get the Audit passed in the Senate while political pressure from the grassroots can be magnified because of the election or else we'll be in the dark for the foreseeable future.

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Dennis is the only Democrat I

Dennis is the only Democrat I like, a good man.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

Yep, I was into Dennis

Yep, I was into Dennis running in 2008. That was before I started reading about economics and such and moved away from some socialist ideas I'd been fed. He's a friend of peace for sure.

End The Fed!
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