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Bilderblogger Meeting

Calling all Oklahoma and nearby independent journalists and bloggers!

I am organizing a sort of conference for libertarian and conservative "new media" participants, currently under the codename Bilderblogger Meeting. I'm super excited about this and will have a flyer made soon. Currently this is in the developmental stage, but I'm shooting for October (maybe Columbus Day weekend).

Here's what I need:

  • If you're interested, or know of someone who would be, send me a message, either on here or to my e-mail conference@standardexcellence.net.
  • I have talked with some people I know, but as yet have not selected a venue. The most likely locations will be Stillwater, Tulsa, or Oklahoma City and details will come soon. I will update as any speakers or vendors are secured.

This is a very important election year - not just at the national level - and our media is still in its infancy. People are turning off their TVs and starting to read online. The more organized we become, the more credible we can be, so join me next month and network with others who do what you do! Become a better blogger, learn how to get press passes, increase your audience, and have a good time with other liberty-minded individuals.

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