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Why "Leaders" Are Important.

Aside from the fact that a president can sign an executive order to cancel a non-Constitutional executive order.


We are Liberty minded. But we are still unique individuals, and though we agree on foundational issues, as individuals we may go about things very differently.

Does this help win elections? It could. One may not have thought about a stratgey that another has considered, for example. Ideas and information gathering are always essential, as long as it supports the desired end result.

But often times, too many individuals may go off into different directions, causing others to become sidetracked or lose direction all together. This is where our deficiency currently exists. Sometimes it is best, as individuals, to "decide" upon a leader or point person, to maintain direction and focus.

Ron Paul is not on the ballot. Understood.. though due to underhanded tactics. So what have we done? We have decided to become sidtracked and take matters into our individual hands. We no longer have the cohesion that brought us and bound us together as a powerful force [Ron Paul].

Is it too late for this election, or the next? Well, the ones who know me know that I never give up or quit.

The question of you remains within yourselves.

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No Offense ProudAmericanFirst but this post makes me cringe

I know you are a good person and have the best intentions w/ this post and all you do...

However, humans already have a very strong natural tendency to look to "LEADERS"; they do not need more encouragement in that direction, the need is for much encouragement against the natural tendency toward Leaders.


RP has shown us the way-he is the spirit of this movement-spiritual leader. Let us all be RP. Let us each be our own Leader in the RP spirit/tradition.

Leaders are a concentration of power. We are fighting extremely concentrated power. That is only one of many reasons to not encourage/promote the concept of looking to LEADERS to lead us out of our concentrated power nightmare.

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in


Is What I was taught by all this and I intend to stand on it.



Love of God , Love of Country, Love of family, Love of Life, Love of Liberty. I would take a bullet for this man.

I understand the point you're making

It does take an extraordinary leader to get all us "cats" herded together. The problem is, we seem to have a shortage of extraordinary people who are willing to take on a presidential election. I think GJ is a pretty good candidate, but not extraordinary like RP. GJ doesn't seem to have the knowledge RP has on economics, the montetary system, history, the constitution and libertarian values. Because RP had all that, he was able to attract huge support from across the board - dems, reps, indies, libertarians...and even vast numbers of foreigners! (too bad they couldn't vote for him). GJ is good, but extraordinary he's not. He just won't be able to attract enough votes to make a difference. Another problem is that he's running 3rd party and as badly as the system was rigged against RP running as a republican, it's rigged even more powerfully against 3rd party candidates. As I've stated before, I think it's foolish to continue putting time and effort into challenging the establishment through presidential elections while the system remains blatantly rigged. I am willing to work with any group of people be they republican, democrat, libertarian or independent who are interested in putting up a fight against electoral fraud and leveling the playing field for all candidates. If you have a plan to try and open the televised presidential debates to 3rd parties, I would be supportive of that.

I have two communication leaders:)

Josh Tolley and Robin Koerner...




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Rather than "Leaders," I wish you would have said...

Productive communication.

Communication has broken down to some degree, and although this is largely do to lack of Ron Paul's leadership, hoping that someone is going to continuously step up to carry the torch is wishful thinking.

Productive communication entails genuinely considering other people's perspectives from a rational point of view and voicing concerns, ideas, and fallacies with respect to the subject at hand. Productive communication is hindered by name-calling, filibustering, cold-shouldering, Charlie Brown Syndrome, etc.

However to be quite honest, most of the productive communication that I participate in in real life is with people over forty (I'm 31). Many folks my age or younger tend to jump at the first opportunity to get pissed off or interject with a snide remark - not all of them, though.

I just wish we could all communicate on a rational basis while showing mutual respect - The Golden Rule approach.

Sincerely, if you want to change your life and improve your relationships with people, I would highly suggest spending ~$10 and purchasing "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. I've purchased the book for my friends before, and everyone I've EVER talked to that has read it says that the quality of there relationships are night and day compared to before reading it. The chapters are super short and only take between 15-30 minutes to read. I PROMISE that it would be well worth your time and treasure.

Denise B's picture

Spoken like a purist

Libertarian as usual, dwalters (not meaning to be snide at all!). I understand your desire to live in a world without leaders, and if it were a perfect world, that might be someting that could be accomplished, but realistically, it just doesn't work out that way. There is not and never has been (unless you can point an instance out for me) a successful movement, organization or even revolution, where there wasn't at least one, or in some cases several, people that have stepped forward to give guidance, direction, cohesion and motivation to the movement (i.e: leaders). For me, it isn't a matter of hoping that it will happen, but more a matter of realizing that without it, our chances of success go way, way down.

Early America...

the not so "Wild" West...

Both are examples where national governments were far removed from everyday life.

Denise B's picture

I would love to live in

a place where "national governments are far removed from everyday life" and if that place still existed, I would move there right now. The "Wild" west of the old days happened at a time when the national government was far removed from what it is now. The problem we have; however, is those conditions no longer exist and we are trying to find a way to shrink a very powerful, illegitimate government back to a place where it is again far removed from everyday life. The only way that is going to be accomplished is with a lot of people working together on the same page, and unfortunately without some kind of leadership keeping them on the same page, that is going to be a gargantuan, if not impossible task. That, at least, is my opinion anyway...

The longer term your goals are the higher you need to aim...

to even have a chance at hitting your target.

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I agree ProudAmerican...

leaderless armies don't usually stay armies for very long. Seeking leadership in and of itself is not a bad thing...you just need to be very careful who you allow to assume that role and also that you're desire for it is really not just an attempt to alleviate you of your own responsibilities. I do think; however, it is important that if Ron Paul is no longer going to be that person, than someone else needs to step into that position or the movement is going to splinter in a hundred different directions. The big question remains, who?


in that viable leadership (inc. expertise, diligence, ingenuity etc) is indispensable to any just cause.

Dr. Paul's Congressional absence will be markedly felt, but I believe that many have been enlightened and someone is likely to assume another creative role.

Outside of that the Liberty movement is fortunate to have others demonstrating such qualities in multiple ways: Judge Napolitano publicly, Alex Jones informatively, Sheriff Mack civically, Chuck Baldwin evangelistically etc

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