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A question for you Legal Eagles

Is it possible our movement can legally form a union? If we can, would that give us leverage to counteract the GOP rule changes?

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A union? Seriously? As what? No one here is employees of the

GOP - just members.

Not only does the concept of union not apply, it goes against libertarian principles.

If you don't like the GOP - leave.

Why such a curt reply.

There's nothing wrong in brainstorming, and this is the place in which to do it. The OP threw out an idea and was looking for feedback. Yes, we can leave the Republican Party, and some of us plan to do that. Some already have - just like some people walk away from an abusive spouse. But there is also the concept of JUSTICE. An injustice was done here, and it WOULD be fitting if there were a way for justice to be done, just as some abused women see that the perps are thrown into jail for assault. For some where justice isn't found, they can end up murdered, like Nicole Brown Simpson, for one. When abusive individuals continually get away with things that are immoral or worse, it only empowers them. What's being raised here is the idea of, like unions, would there be a chance for retribution if we were united in some way so as to be a larger and more powerful force to be reckoned with.

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