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HQ Suggestion: MUST SEE & HIRE Rev John Killian NOW! Give him anything he asks!!!

It's Sunday morning folks....time to get off the gin-soaked road to oblivion and onto the path of righteousness! We need a preacher man!

Get religion and watch these FANTASTIC videos!!!

You think you love Ron Paul? Wait till you hear Rev. John Killian. He is the BEST Speaker in the Universe. He speaks in support of Ron Paul at the Alabama Straw Poll and his delivery is rapturous and powerful, un...be...ievable...This guy could convert the biggest nonbeliever.

Man, the campaign need to hire this guy IMMEDIATELY!!!

Ron Paul gets 81% in Alabama Straw Poll (part 1 of 2)

Part 2 Ron Paul wins Alabama Republican Straw Poll with 81%

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I agree!

He should travel with Ron and introduce him! Powerful!