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Canada denounces Iran as greatest threat to global security

Closes Iranian embassy, expels Iranian diplomats. Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says that Iran is the world's "most significant threat to global peace and security."


Really disappointed in my government for going along with the warmongers, despite all evidence to the contrary. We're now just one less country who'll stand in the way of the all-but-inevitable US/Israel air-strikes.

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I wonder

how much dinero that cost us? Friendship doesn't come cheap, ya know.

I see a cowardly little twerp

sucking up to the neighborhood bully. The worst human rights violators in the world, at this point, happen to be the Israeli and U.S. governments.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose


Iran couldn't even make the list of greatest threats to US national security during a Congressional session with military intelligence experts awhile back (Russia and China did, for fairly obvious reasons).

The only reason I could see anyone calling Iran the greatest threat is because that's who the US is currently most motivated to go after and beating the drums for.

That's like calling a tasty treat in the yard the greatest threat to neighborhood security because it's most likely to make the dog lash out with its teeth.


NATO's lead. The NATO allies will all have the same attitude. I too am disappointed in my country, but not surprised. Wish Harper had more courage to not go along with NATO and the UN.

Fiat Serf denounces John Baird and his fearmongering.

His hostile words are a threat to peaceful international relations.

Canada-Iran/Arabs-Israel - what a complicated affair

"Reversing the Poles: How the Pro-Israeli Policy of Canada’s Conservative Government May Be Moving Jewish Voters from Left to Right" (Perhaps here in the U.S., too.)


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Funny, we can invade two of Iran's neighbors and then occupy them, surround Iran with bases, move aircraft carriers into the waters off their coast, contribute to a loss of more than 1 million civilian Iraqi casualties, disrupt a functioning country's infrastructure, and then blame Iran for being the greatest threat to global security. Seems as though we are the ones instigating hostility.

This will not be remembered to be a valiant point in American history. At least I hope not.

Reminds me of Greenwald's article.

George Orwell on the Evil Iranian Menace -

"The U.S. has long had Iran virtually encircled as a result of the American occupation of Afghanistan on Iran’s Eastern border, its invasion of Iraq on its Western border, its NATO ally Turkey hovering on Iran’s Northwestern border, some degree of military relationship with Turkmenistan on Iran’s Northeastern border, and multiple U.S. client states sitting right across the Persian Gulf (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Bahrain, where the massive U.S. Fifth Fleet is stationed).

Additionally, some combination of the U.S. and Israel has bombarded Iran with multiple acts of war over the last year, including explosions on Iranian soil, the murder of numerous Iranian nuclear scientists (in which even one of their wives was shot), and sophisticated cyberattacks.

Meanwhile, top American political officials from both parties are actively demanding that an Iranian revolutionary cult be removed from the list of Terrorist organizations (just coincidentally, they’re all on the cult’s payroll).

In the past decade, the U.S. and/or Israel have invaded, air attacked, and/or occupied Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon, Sudan, Syria, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (to say nothing of the creation of a worldwide torture regime, a system of “black site” prisons around the world to which people were disappeared, and a due-process-free detention camp in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean where many people remain encaged for almost a full decade without charges).

During this same time period, Iran has not invaded, occupied or air attacked anyone. Iran, to be sure, is domestically oppressive, but no more so — and in many cases less — than the multiple regimes funded, armed and otherwise propped up by the U.S. during this period. Those are all just facts...

But — despite all of these facts — all Serious people in the U.S. know that Iran is the Aggressor, the Modern Nazis, a True Menace, while the U.S. and Israel are its innocent peace-loving victims."

If Iran

If Iran gave up their nuclear program tomorrow it would make no difference. Iran wants to trade oil outside the dollar, that is why they are a pariah.

The state must constantly create new foreign enemies in order to create the climate of fear necessary to prevent any possibility of a rational debate on our role in the world.

Meant to sway US opinion.


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I somehow feel that the US

I somehow feel that the US should be denounced as the largest threat to world security. Afterall, the US is the only country that has invaded multiple other countries in the last decade or two.

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The "Canadian Resistance" to The Lobby rivals the French.

"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."

To present this deceptive view of reality:

american >> IRAN> -Someone was playing Scrabble with their letter tiles.

Iran maybe be the greatest threat to global hegemony.

Free includes debt-free!

No suprise

We no longer have an independent foreign policy to speak of. We have been colonized economically and politically and few seem to notice or care.