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Ron Paul 2016?

In his blog, Doug Wead has given some credence or plausibility to a Ron Paul run in 2016 if Romney wins in 2012:


I think that would be awesome! However, I'm a little confused. Is it just wishful thinking on the part of Wead?

When Dr. Paul was on Leno, after Jay asked about the possibility of a 3rd party run in 2012, Dr. Paul said, "No, not much, I have to take a rest and prepare for 2016." He laughed, and then it sounded like he said quietly to Jay, "Just kidding."

Here's a link to that moment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSGNE07LHXI&t=5m40s

Am I right or wrong that he said, "Just kidding"? I know a lot can change in 4 years. Maybe he's just toying with the idea now and later on, after he got some rest, he would seriously consider it?

Sure hope so.

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