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Gary Johnson still fighting to keep his name on the ballot in Pennsylvania

The Libertarian Party of Florida started early in the process of the election cycle to ensure Gary Johnson would be on the ballot in Tampa Bay and throughout the State of Florida. However, that process did not go so smoothly in all 50 states. Within the last week, Gary Johnson has claimed victories against the GOP Establishment that worked to keep him off the ballot in the states of Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, and Virginia. Nonetheless, as of Thursday, 06 September, Gary Johnson is still fighting for a place on the ballot in the State of Pennsylvania.


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Is it still possible to..

add my name to the list? I don't know how this signature system works. I was never asked or made aware of the need to collect signatures (I'm still new to the whole political process). I live in PA and would like to help in any way I can! I'm not saying I'm 100% pro Johnson, but I think 3rd parties deserve their fair shot.

I don't think it's possible

Last I heard he only needs 4,000 more valid ones and there are around 20,000 signatures still to be verified to be looked at -- so for sure he will have enough valid ones to be on the ballot.
Plus there are 6,000 signatures marked as contested and about half of them might go GJ's way.
So don't worry.

This article explains situation in greater detail:

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