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Is GOODE any GOOD? Requesting Opinions on Voting Constitution Party

I absolutely cannot vote for Romney or Obama. I have considered writing in Dr. Paul’s name. I have considered not voting at all. I am also considering the Constitution Party.

I just found Dr. Paul last year and was quite devastated over the way he and our delegates were treated at the RNC. I also realize Dr. Paul has asked us to retake the GOP. I am floundering on what to do next.

That being said, I am still looking for a presidential candidate with whom I can agree this year. If my Friends of Liberty would be so kind, I would appreciate your thoughts on the Constitution Party. I have heard they are Pro-War, but I just looked today and did not see that. I think a lot of you all out there are a lot smarter than I when it comes to Liberty principles so I would appreciate your help.

If you could take the time, please see the CP platform: http://www.constitutionparty.com/party_platform.php and let me know what you think regarding how that party lines up with Liberty.

The 2012 Presidential Candidate is Virgil Goode: http://www.goodeforpresident2012.com/the-issues.html

Any time you can provide is much appreciated!

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You may be right, but I need

You may be right, but I need to see some evidence. Many things are fancifully said on this website, and some of the Johnson supporters seem rather desperate to garner support for their candidate.

I answered your comment here:

I answered your comment here: http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/2731040

voting only provides legitimacy

The voting process is hacked. Voting at this point only provides legitimacy to something that is not legitimate. Stop voting and let everyone else know to stop voting. As the number of people voting falls to only the bureacrats there will be no more legitimacy for anything they do. Stop voting it is the shortest path to liberty. Government will not bring you liberty only awareness will.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

Actually, the right response

Actually, the right response is to have your own election.

Make up your own ballots, vote for who you want, and actually count them. Have a real election.

As the numbers of open non-cheating voting starts to exceed the government one, the list of real people becomes the real election.

Maybe it would work like a petition at first, but eventually, it would be the real election, the ones the people organized themselves.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

I have not been able to

I have not been able to understand the concept of not voting. If good people do not vote their conscience, that leaves to polls to people who vote for other reasons.

I am also confused by rigged voting. What is with the fact the Romney's folks are trying to keep Goode and Johnson off of state ballots? If voting doesn't matter and it is all rigged, why do they put for the effort to keep people off of ballots?

Any words you can offer for my education are appreciated.

What's to prevent a grassroots organized write-in campaign?

What extra effort do we need to write in "Ron Paul"? Here's the rules for each state:


This is what triggered this suggestion:


In a lot of states nothing has to be done and they will count the write-in votes. Check it out.


I think we better be using

I think we better be using 2012 rules!

I check my SOS office website http://www.sos.mo.gov/elections/writein.asp and rules for Missouri are:

Q. If a candidate runs in a primary election and loses, can the person run in the general election for the same office?

A. No. If a candidate files for nomination to an office and is not nominated at a primary election, that candidate cannot file a declaration of intent to be a write-in candidate for the same office at the general election. (Section 115.453(4) RSMo)

I am assuming since RP did not win the primary he cannot file for write in status.

There is also a rule that says if a write in and a ballot candidate are both designated on the ballot the ballot candidate will supercede the write-in. That sounds pretty ineresting to me...ballot tampering of write-ins?


"There is also a rule that says if a write in and a ballot candidate are both designated on the ballot the ballot candidate will supercede the write-in. That sounds pretty ineresting to me...ballot tampering of write-ins?"

Here is the best tactic I've seen in some time.

Someday there will be something similar to what Gerald Celente calls Direct Democracy, not necessarily the Legally Sanctioned way of electing (transferring power) to individuals for Law Power Offices, but the tools are all here for us to use, unless the tools are turned off by those Legal Criminals who seem to be so able to crush all competition to their Monopoly Powers.


A Web Page that is started for documenting every write in voter who writes in a vote for Ron Paul can "gain currency" and if it does there will be significance to it, and there will be ways of measuring such POWER.

What would it be called?

How easy would that Web Page be to find with a Google Search?

How many people who actually do write in Ron Paul as president will also be choosing to list their names on the unofficial tally?

Where would such a process go, if it went somewhere?

Would such a Web Page be corrupted by the Legal Criminals, or would it become, somehow, against "The Law"?



"Here is the best tactic I've seen in some time."

Yah, and they even practically admit it. I wouldn't have been so keen to notice the tampering angle if someone else on the DP had not cautioned me to not leave the presidential portion of my ballot blank as it could be filled in by someone else.

To me (((((((((((((BEAR)))))))))))))))

Because Obama is the incumbant, he's the ONE to beat. The remaining candidates are all "spoilers" for each other. The canidate with the best chance to beat Obama, (and I want Obama to lose, he is my president, but IMO he should not be rewarded 4 more years), so any third party or Indy takes away votes from Romney and defaults FOR Obama.

Also, I see the names, but I believe those names, Obama, Romney represent people sitting on committees, and since Ron Paul has people on committees, I am voting to empower elected Ron Paul Republicans with my Romney vote.

Mr. Goode has no chance to win and no way to earn 15%.

He has nothing to say about cannabis hemp, which is an important issue to me, the war on drugs, which is a war on American citizens, he appears to be for war and occupation, says nothing about the federal reserve bank, want to preserve social security and not give people an opt out, his issues have much to say about illegal immigration, and he has selected a few key issues, so he's representing a minority that have issues with immigration, UN Agenda, want to keep their SSI.. he's not appealing to the younger generation, so he would not get my vote if I was an Indy. He's a nice looking man, and I'm sure a very nice person.

Thank you Granger, I

Thank you Granger, I appreciate your well thought out analysis.

Can you tell me how Romney winning gives power to Ron Paul Committee chairs? I am not at all versed in how all of that works, and I think it may be very important.

Thanks, I appreciate your help!


The Party that comes into power enjoyes a lot of privledges, as you see now, The president is offering you school, mortgage breaks, government jobs, passing executive committee orders, and these are empowered by those central committees (Which the Democratic Party is "owned by Clinton, not Obama, and what makes Obama appear as a liar). So a Romney win means our committees have the upper hand, and since we have so many new members, the Neocons are old, tired and leaving, the Tea Party, Ron Paul Republicans, ex Constitution Party /Chuck Baldwin just came back to the GOP, and Palin's Earthquakers are taking the seats... together, we will do for Romney, what Hillary has done for Obama.

But how does the committee

But how does the committee offer those things? What is the mechanism. Your ignorant friend, bear

My friend

Ignorance is not wanting to know.

The mechanism is several things, one. we operate under Robert Rules of Order, and while that may be relaxed, it's still a tool, so good to know.

The By Laws are registered with the county (county clerk) on the county committee level, where I am, with the state committee, at the state level (sec of state) a higher level, and then you have those national guys that seems to be captives of 10 fat cats and some dirty rats.

There are inniatives, resolutions, and platforms. These move up and down.. national has theirs that go down to state committees, who vets them, establishes their own as well, and distributes them the counties as recommendations, which vet them and also have their own. As we get them, or go through them, they go on the agenda, into the minutes, into new business and we vote, goes into the minutes, next meeting old business, if we have no promblems, they are returned to the state as we voted, we don't have to accept anything, especially if it is unconstitutional.

Also, we have our own committees, from fundraising, recruitment, speakers, events, finances, executive, parades, tabling, PR.. and we have elected officers.

Everyone is encouraged to be on another committee, and to be on government committees, like on our board of supervisors, city council, elections...

So let's say that next meeting, actually, since we are going into a general election, our meeting will focus on getting Romney into office, and we also have other candidates.. there are fundraisers, meet and greets for our state senate, district congressman (I'm on that committee, Dan Roberts is a Liberty candidates, so I feel lucky to be able to focus on him, while others will focus on the others), though we all work together.

Last meeting we voted on state inniatives that will be on the ballot.. we did not accept the ones that were unconstitutional, and we let the state know that, and why, of course... so where an inniative is going to be on our ballot because the state put it there, we will not promote it, or write about it. If anyone were to ask me about one of the issues, I would tell them, our committee didn't pass it because we found it unconstitutional. The committee has become liberty minded, so this is what makes all this FUN.

It's VERY interesting and it gives you a lot to think about. Like anything, sometimes you win (Dan Roberts), and sometimes you don't (Romney), but you don't give up, you just keep plugging along with the goal of restoring America.

A committee can write a resolution, have it vetted by executive committee, then the committee votes on it, and if it passes it is sent up to the state, and then they vet it, and if it passes, then they will distribute it to other counties, or of it is a national level, the state will send it up to the RNC and the dirty rats, and if a fat cats likes it, it goes on a national ballot.

ALL elected officers, from governor to senators are ad-hoc committee members.. they can appoint seats, they have a lot of power, and they usually write the resolutions or inniatives, but not always.. a up and comming congress person is someone who wrote a resolution or inniative and it was successful.

I got a lot of this practice in my Grange BTW. We have local, county, state and national conventions just like the GOP.

A big part of America's problem is people don't belong to these groups any longer, and don't know how things work.. but it's not hard. There is a leaning curve, but it can be a lot of fun, and the better you are, the more you just love seeing someone pull a Roberts Rule of Order... and I think at least to me,, part of the problem at the past RNC was the lack of people at the top KNOWING how it all works because their jobs were from promotions that were inside jobs,, not rewarded for compentancy, but who they know and what they did for them.

I hope that helps you understand how it works.

Thank you my Proud Ron Paul

Thank you my Proud Ron Paul RepubliCAN friend!

It seems like rules don't matter any more. But I suppose if all of us liberty minded people would take the seats we could enforce rules and have fair elections. Like they did in Minnisota, if I am remembering the correct state/chair.


Rules DO matter. And THAT is why our job is to RESTORE AMERICA to constitutional government for the REPUBLIC as RepubliCANs in the Ron Paul rEVOLution. IF we could advance from Meet -ups to committee seats we would WIN. We NEED people. We can help and support each other and make life GOOD. ((((((((((((bear))))))))))

Granger, have you written a

Granger, have you written a post to explain to people what Ron Paul asked us to do and why? I know you are getting marked down alot and it grieves me. I mark you back up, but I only have 1 vote LOL

Anyways it may be the same few doing it and maybe a post would be an inspiration to get people involved. A post helping people to understand that they need to add political GOP activism thru committee seats to their meet up group agenda.

How can we get people on the credentials committee? That was a great need this year... plus that one guy that was driven around on a bus so he couldn't get to his rules committee. If there had been more on the committe, maybe they wouldn't have been able to marginalize him.

Anyway, Maybe some step by step instructions? See if I remember right, you said you were an INDI, so I supose that you were involved in that political process? I wonder if there are a lot of people like me who don't even understand what goes on politically on a monthly basis and how to find out and why it is so important.

It bothers me that you had to sign a pledge. Do they do that to everyone in all states?


Obama is hired by the Bankers (most powerful Legal Criminals by any other name they pull the strings on their puppets) so it is misleading to think that Obama being taken out and Romney being put in place has any relevance to Power shifting from Legal Crime to Liberty.

I think it is misleading to go down this path, leading the sheep to more slaughter, as there is no way out without those 3 things on Ron Paul's Laundry List:

End The FED
End The IRS
Bring the Troops Home

Without those, at least those, the "workers" will be digging holes, and filling the holes back in.

No compromises on principle.

No lesser of two evils.

It is not only possible, it is easy, and a matter of numbers, so if the idea, somehow, is to lend moral and material support to this Romney Puppet, to gain power in numbers, and then suddenly we can return back to principle, once we have enough numbers, then someone, to me, is either deceiving themselves, or is working at deceiving targeted victims.


I don't completely agree

I agree with the bankers, but In many areas, like mine, where medical marijuana is decriminalized, GMO foods are banned as crops, just to name two issues, wee the people have the opportunity to control our lives and we do. The feds have every right to play drugs wars in national forests and on the ocean, but they don't have the right to come to your home, which makes the state reluctant, because it doesn't get that back up it wants. You can buy tags from the sheriff, and if you don't, no one cares if you get busted, but if you do, even people like me, who frankly don't care what youre business is, will back you. Every now and then, we get some real big case, where someone from the fed or state will decide it's time to mess with us, but for the most part, we have a very nice community here because we coexist left/right.

It's not about lending Romney moral support. It's about holding Romney to the constitution, which we have a lot of liberty lovers on my committee and I'm sure my committee is not alone, as the neocons are happy with Obama so they don't show up and really don't like how the tea party, Ron Paul republiCANs, and Palin Earthquakers are taking seats, where they have no replacements.. we want to hold Romney to the constitution.. no one is holding Obama to the constitution. and since we are not on his party's committees we can't.

One of us is delusional

It may be me.



I think you are both visionary!

Granger is doing what Ron Paul asked his supporters to do. I think it is the same premise that G Edward Griffin encourages by retaking power positions in pyramid structures. We, Friends of Liberty are supposed to get active in our local Republican parties so and retake the party for Liberty. Why would Ron Paul ask people to do that if he didn't think it would work?

You my friend, have a vision for Friends of Liberty to commit to developing competitive forms of currency so as to remove power from the Legal Criminals by July 4 2013: http://www.dailypaul.com/244168/july-4th-2013-liberty-day-ch...

Me, I'm considering attending a GOP meeting. I've signed on in spirit to the Liberty Challenge and I'm still learning Liberty Principles so graciously and patiently provided by Joe Kelley.

FYI, are you listening to the Gary Johnson interview?


When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

I didn't catch it live. I

I didn't catch it live. I hope a replay link will be provided. I have been out all day and am just trying to catch up a bit with my DP posts. I will have to finish tomorrow. I must get up at 6AM and dance with my oldest! We missed the last 2 mornings because I haven't felt well, but I started an antibiotic today so I am hoping to feel better in the morning.

Hope you're feeling better.

The Johnson interview turned out to be disappointing to me. I don't know how you'd feel about the issue, but it looks like I might just not be voting this year... http://www.dailypaul.com/254136/johnson-answering-paul-suppo...

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

I am feeling better! Amazing

I am feeling better! Amazing how a couple of doses of antibiotics have already turned me around. I probably went way to long before going to the doc, but I hate to take meds so I put it off.

Going to try to Listen to the recording today. Did he say anything else that alarmed you? I have a difficult time with the life issue. Dr. Paul says "If we cannot protect life, we cannot protect liberty"


So my question, "Is protecting life essential to protecting liberty, and if so, if GJ isn't correct on the life issue, will he be able to judge correctly so as to protect liberty?"

duplicate post


Jill Stein Maybe on Bill MOyers again 9-8-12 in Texas PBS

Happened to see Jill Stein on Bill Moyers show (public television).

Interesting interview, didnt hear all of it, but what I heard was in alignment with Dr Paul's views.

Looked up her website and was surprized that she has ballot access in most states, write-in access in a few, and still pending access in about 10 or so.

She is Green party.

Worth a look if you are still searching for a candidate with Ron Paul ideals.

I dont think I can vote for Johnson, I am too suspicious of his motives, I think he is too much of a neo-con.
NOt sure yet, I may change my mind, but I just doubt it.

I know a women cant win, but we all know a 3rd party isnt going to either, this time. So for a record protest vote JIll may fit the bill, too.


I dont think I can vote Green Party.

Have you read the Green Party Platform? http://www.greenparty.org/Platform.php

I see an expansion of rules and regulations when I read it. There are things that "sound" good. But I think we have all seen how well the government implements regulations. If I am remembering correctly Dr. Paul spoke to the fact that it took the government 1000 some odd pages to reform a 1 page financial application. I surely do not want governmental engineering of society.

Focus on power principles

"I surely do not want governmental engineering of society."

Government can mean a spring on a lever and the spring governs the RPM of the motor.

Government can be a commandment from God.

If there is no government there can be no limits on anything, so the fact that criminals have taken over government, it seems to me, aught to be the focus of power principles, so don't blame government for things done by criminals - please.

Failing to stop providing the means by which we suffer, or failing to competitively, peacefully, and efficiently end the FED, IRS, and the Criminal use of Nationalized Troops, means that government (National Monopoly Government) will remain a Criminal Enterprise.

In that case, sure, it is bad to give Criminals more power than they already have, to regulate the "environment" (Spraying aluminum and barium into the air) or to regulate how much they pay themselves with your earnings.

This, to me, is too important to let go.

Ron Paul has set the Standard of Value to meet and exceed.

Why settle for less?

Not enough numbers of people who know better, and not enough numbers of people who won't settle for less?


Who is counting whose counting?