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Is GOODE any GOOD? Requesting Opinions on Voting Constitution Party

I absolutely cannot vote for Romney or Obama. I have considered writing in Dr. Paul’s name. I have considered not voting at all. I am also considering the Constitution Party.

I just found Dr. Paul last year and was quite devastated over the way he and our delegates were treated at the RNC. I also realize Dr. Paul has asked us to retake the GOP. I am floundering on what to do next.

That being said, I am still looking for a presidential candidate with whom I can agree this year. If my Friends of Liberty would be so kind, I would appreciate your thoughts on the Constitution Party. I have heard they are Pro-War, but I just looked today and did not see that. I think a lot of you all out there are a lot smarter than I when it comes to Liberty principles so I would appreciate your help.

If you could take the time, please see the CP platform: http://www.constitutionparty.com/party_platform.php and let me know what you think regarding how that party lines up with Liberty.

The 2012 Presidential Candidate is Virgil Goode: http://www.goodeforpresident2012.com/the-issues.html

Any time you can provide is much appreciated!

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Goode was Good since '96

I knew Virgil when we were were both Virginia Democrats. He was the most conservative Democrat in the state. Later, when Virginia Democrats started to become socialists, I helped found the Reform Party of Virginia and Virgil switched to Independent, winning by a landslide. Later, in Congress, Virgil was a member of the Liberty Caucus, standing beside Ron Paul on many issues.

I am currently the Nevada Vice-Chair and the Clark County Vice-Chair of the Independent American Party of Nevada. We are the Nevada affiliate of the US Constitution Party. Due to the fact that we have over 65,000 registered voters enrolled as IAP, Nevada is the most influential delegation to the US Constitution Party national convention.

During the 2008 and 2012 election cycles, I helped organize Ron Paul delegates in Clark County. I never switched to join the Republican Party, but I hope my efforts in getting Ron Paul delegates to the county, state, and national convention are not overlooked.

With Ron Paul out of the running, I have considered Gary Johnson, but when I met him at a fundraiser here in town, he was wishy-washy on ending foreign engagements.

Virgil has been consistently on the side of non-intervention without a formal declaration of war after 2001. He may not be a veteran, but as a member of the National Guard, he has more military experience than either the R or D candidates.

Virgil has our party's support, and hopefully the support of over 65,000 Independent Americans in Nevada. I hope that you will give Virgil equal consideration to the other candidates.


As a Ron Paul state Delegate from Nevada, I appreciate your post for the Constitution Party. I find the same problem with Johnson. I will look further into your party. I know Nevada will not count a write in for Ron Paul and prefer Virgil to Johnson. I just know know enough to commit a vote. since he limits donations to 200.00 per person I may do that though. Just so we can learn more. I also love his stand on term limits.

Being in the National Guard...

Being in the National Guard does make you a veteran. Are you meaning combat veteran? Or maybe someone who deployed? No big deal though :)

"Be a listener only, keep within yourself, and endeavor to establish with yourself the habit of silence, especially on politics." -Thomas Jefferson

I am very glad that you have

I am very glad that you have stopped in here to vouch for Mr. Goode. I am concerned with his voting record: http://www.ontheissues.org/Virgil_Goode.htm

He voted to make the Patriot Act permanent. That concerns me greatly. I have about come to the conclusion that I cannot vote for him, but would like to be persuaded otherwise. Do you have any insight?

Additionally, while I appreciate his moral stance in his voting, it concerns me that perhaps he does not follow Dr. Paul's strict constitutional voting pattern. That concerns me as well. Do you have any insight there as well?

Thank you!

I am a State Chair for CP

I love Dr.Paul but the fact of the matter is he will not be on the ballot in November. Having said that, I am switching gears to support Virgil Goode who is much closer to the platform of Dr.Paul than Gary Johnson. Looks like the people that have chimed in so far have little or no knowledge about the CP or Goode.

Yes, you should support Goode if you feel he is a better choice than the others. We are NOT a theocracy and we are avidly ANTI-WAR so those that have said otherwise, sorry but they don't know what they are talking about. Like Dr.Paul, we are non-interventionist, want to END THE FED, abolish the IRS, end abortion, stop illegal immigration, support tariffs on imports instead of income tax or federal sales tax, repeal NDAA, NAFTA, GATT, etc..... We stand up for the Constitution!!!!!!!!!! Our name does say it all.

The thing to understand about Virgil is he has now spent approx. 3-4 years heavily involved in our party. During that time, he has learned a lot from us about the constitution and the dangerous pcs of legislation that he supported back when he was in Congress and not yet awake. I used to hold his old record against him until I honestly took a look at what years we were talking about and the fact that back then I was a blind Neo-con myself. So, I now just can't blame him for that as that was the past and I did not know any better back then either. Virgil Goode greatly regrets some of his past votes but is now awake and in-line with Dr.Paul on almost every issue.

We NEED everyone's support as a party. If we can't grow the party and have support, people have no one to blame but themselves for being stuck in this 2-party outrageous system. If you want to never break out of it then just keep throwing all your time and money into the r's and d's and see where it gets all of us!!!!

Third parties need your help and your donations so that we can rise up from this ash heap of a ONE PARTY scam and finally starting being able to get somewhere in the future.

In Freedom & Justice.

Hi can you give us some info on the CP

Aswell as Goodes present foreign policy stance?

I'd be pretty interested to learn and try to promote them if they are everything you say they are.

Here is Mr. Goode's platform

Here is Mr. Goode's platform as it stands. Some have said that his shift in position suggests insincerity, and this may well be true. But since we are voting for the platform and not the candidate, for the sake of our consciences, knowing that neither Goode nor Johnson is going to win, consistency need not be an issue.


Thank you for taking the time

Thank you for taking the time as a CP state chair to stop in here. I appreciate Mr. Goode's conservative stance. And I see that you have explained in his progression of constitutional understanding. Do you have any video links of him speaking?

You mentioned that he aligned almost nearly with Dr. Paul. Can you tell me in what areas he does not currently align? I appreciate Mr. Goode's moral stance, but I want to vote someone who will stay within the confines of the Constitution.

I would also feel much better about voting for him if Dr. Paul were to endosrse him as he did Chuck Baldwin. Do you know if an endorsement might be forthcoming?

I am also saddened to know that not all of the founders agreed with the constitution http://www.wfu.edu/~zulick/340/henry.html Patrick Henry had serious objections.

That is not something that I have ever heard discussed, but it may very well be that we have been operating under a contrived document for many years now. I m not saying toss out the Constitution, but what I am saying is that we should be well aware of the pitfalls that were discussed back in that day. I highly respect Patrick Henry and was surprised after reading his document this year that he was not at all impressed with the document.

When you drop...

The religious supremacy stance. I'll give your party a second look.

Until then you've got a funny idea about liberty and a christians only view of the constitution.

Thanks but no thanks!

Agreed. Dump the

Agreed. Dump the Christian-only boosterism and I'd give a look. Until then, it's just one more neo-con Tea Party splinter group.

I think thier stance on the drug war is the biggest change

they'd need to make to get on-board with us... Though he wouldn't persue it at the federal level Goode wants tougher laws on non violent drug criminals!

Part II

The states that we will not be on the ballot, Virgil will be a CERTIFIED Write-in candidate so one way or another when all is said and done we should be an option in most if not all states. Gary Johnson will be in the same situation so there is no reason to use ballot access as a reason to rule one out over the other. GJ is obviously not familiar with the level of corruption to keep 3rd parties off the ballot but he certainly should be by now yet still makes the false claim of being on all 50 ballots. He would have to have a crystal ball and some slick talking to keep making that claim with a straight face.

Do you know in which states

Do you know in which states GJ is not on the ballot?

In shich states is Mr. Goode still having trouble getting ballot access?

I saw the Maddow piece about Virginia. I cannot believe that candidates are trying to keep other candidates off the ballot. That is disgusting...just like the shenanigans at the RNC. I did not realize the level of corruption...

Goode won't be in CA or TX among others

The American Independent Party of California used to put the CP candidate on the ballot, but ever since the AIP put Alan Keyes instead of Chuck Baldwin back in 08, they have now completely disassociated themselves from the Constitution Party. In fact, I can't remember his name, but the AIP nominated a DIFFERENT person in California, who is only running for President in that ONE state.

And the AIP is pro-war, the CP is anti-war. And the amount of registered members of the AIP are mostly individuals who believe they are registering independent, because only a fraction of them voted on who would be the nominee for President.

There are many reasons to like and dislike Goode, but one major reasons against him is that he does not have the ability to garner enough electoral votes to win the nomination even if he won every state he was on the ballot in.

liberty lover in Nor Cal!

Well, I want to vote my

Well, I want to vote my conscience so I may be throwing away my vote, but I really don't care. I want to vote my conscience for once instead of the lessor of 2 evils. Are you absolutely positive that VG will not be on the TX and CA ballots?

Last time, Chuck was a certified write-in in CA

I know that in 2008, when AIP got Chuck Baldwin kicked off the ballot we got him set-up as a certified write-in candidate in CA. I lived in CA back then and was the first time in my life I wrote-in a Presidential candidate. Boy!!!!!! was it good to vote my conscience.
I will have to do some checking regarding TX and see what the options are currently there.

I am in Missouri, I need to

I am in Missouri, I need to check to see if he is on the ballot here. I was able to vote CP in some state elections so I never considered that VG wouldn't be on the ballot this year.

Missouri ballot access

Yes, Virgil Goode is already on the ballot in Missouri. There are only about 11 states left to be determined at this point where deadlines for petitioning is not over yet or there is no decision yet. The states not possible or Republicans throwing him off of, paperwork is submitted for certified write-in status. Hopefully there will not be hardly any states where one or the other option is not possible but the major parties get more ruthless every cycle.

I am glad to hear VG is on

I am glad to hear VG is on the MO ballot.

I have found that I am somewhat naive when it comes to politics. I cannot understand why parties can throw candidates from other parties off the ballot. Do you have insite into how this works?

That's "lesser"

That's "lesser" of two evils, which is still evil. The "lessor" of two evils would be the guy who leases you a pair of evils.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

I appreciate your kind education!

Thank you my friend, I will remember that. But when it is all said and done, if I were to vote for either Romney or Obama and one should win I would be leasing from the lessor of the 2 evils who will then deliver that which I have leased to the White House for the next 4 years unless perchance a new landlord should arrive on the scene and evict that evil.

Lesser ... 6 more times

I am glad you brought that to my attention because my life is half over and I would hate to continue to make that mistake!


It sounds like you have write their names in for third party candidates. They will not be on the ballot like in Nevada. You just write it in. It makes it harder for independents to make a choice though.

Oh, I'll check. I'm in

Oh, I'll check. I'm in Missouri. I check to see if I could write Dr. Paul in and I can't, but I haven't checked on anyone else. Thanks for the headsup!

As you should

As you should. I am in the same spot as you. Only recently have I found out about Goode. I live in Virginia. I was debating between writing in DP, voting for GJ or VG. I am 90% sure now that I will vote for VG. He is 100% pro-life (which to me is a HUGE liberty issue). He is anti-war, anti-federal education, and the list goes on. The things I don't like about VG is that he seems to be pro-the war on drugs. He also wants a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. I am not for same-sex marriage, but I don't think the Federal government really has a say in anything to do with marriage. There are a few other minor things as well. He did vote to make the (un)Patriot-Act permanent, but I believe that was before he was *awake*. Back then, I would have voted for it as well. So I don't fault him.

To me, this is just MY opinion, he is the best Liberty choice besides Dr. Paul. Especially if you live in Virginia, which I do.

"Be a listener only, keep within yourself, and endeavor to establish with yourself the habit of silence, especially on politics." -Thomas Jefferson

Yes, there is a comment here

Yes, there is a comment here in this post by Ralph Hornsby saying that Virginia is a huge in the playing field when it comes to voting VG. I suppose you know Rachel Maddox even mentioned it in one of her pieces.

I am sorry to say it has taken my nearly 30 years to figure out that I should vote my conscience instead of the lessor of 2 evils. .What a lie that has been perpetrated on the American people.

The Constitution Party is

The Constitution Party is misleading in its name. It is intertwined with christianity and jesus. Liberty has no religion in my opinion.

The last guy they ran in 2008 was a pastor. I guess that's better than a banker or lobbiest though.

So? There'd have been no American Revolution w/out pastors.

This was referred to by the British as "The Black Robe Regiment."

P.S. Actually, their (positive) influence on what would become a revolution began well before that. We aren't taught about that. I only learned about that via a different source, "Drive Through History." It's meant for teenagers, really, but I'm afraid that that's where I was in terms of my American History knowledge until I saw this series on television. http://www.drivethruhistory.com/series/american-history/epis... Of particular interest is George Whitfield. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Whitefield

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

It matters not

It matters not if you think religion has a place. What are the issues? Where do candidates stand. I for one came to the Liberty paradigm THROUGH my religion. I believe that the ideas of Liberty we all espouse, including limited government, are all set forth in the Bible. BUT, that's just me. I respect your difference of opinion, it does me no harm, and my view does you no harm. Whether you came to liberty through religion or through some other avenue matters little.

P.S. though I am a man of faith I will fight for your freedom of religion and freedom FROM religion harder than anyone. I want you to be free from having to have a religion, and I want to be free to exercise mine. That is true liberty.

"Be a listener only, keep within yourself, and endeavor to establish with yourself the habit of silence, especially on politics." -Thomas Jefferson

Christianity is right in

Christianity is right in their party's platform. That's a red flag for me.

Can't argue with you there. I don't care if people worship jesus, or lucifer or a flying speghetti monster. I just don't think it should be brought into politics. Law should not restrict or require worshiping or not worshiping any deity.

The Religious intolerant

should work on their offense of others religions and work at forming some sort of respect. The CP do not require it or it's members to be Christians or to even believe in God. They believe the constitution is inspired by God. I do not but that doesn't send me running out the door.They are acknowledging that their belief is reflected in their platform. It is the platform of their founders. It doesn't mean the constitutionality of it can not be debated and the words altered. The DNC tried it this week and were backlashed because they don't want the nominee and the platform to disagree on such key issues. The party may not think Jerusalem is the Governing capitol of Israel, but Israel and Obama do and they may not want the reference to God in their platform but Obama does....Obama does so they changed it for political reasons. It was done illegally and the words are not the same even. Either way nobody should be railroaded and debate and discussion should not be crushed.