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Fake Headlines

I'm imagining a blog site, or a fake news site (onion-esque, but not for satire) that would allow me to post links to 'articles' on facebook, give a nice photo preview and a headline to draw attention. Basically, do what MSM does and make up stories to report as the truth.

Headlines could be like:
"Romney charged with election fraud, RNC to reconvene" or
"Candidates Paul, Kucinich face off in tonights debate" or
"Obama resigns, ashamed of Yeminese civilian murders" or

Got any good headlines? Anyone have any idea how to set up a 'news' site?

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is a perfect example of something like this. Check it out.. I hardly believed it was satire at first. Feels convincing enough, and reading the first few paragraphs of a story makes you wonder if the writer is crazy or just clueless. The point is, the headlines are shared and it forces people to edge their perceptions with new possibilities!

Romney's 2nd wife just found in Utah

RNC helped romney cheat in (each state here)
GOP/DNC are run by the same group

This is fun!!! We need a site like this

Ya made me look!

Ya made me look!