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SOOO Angry At GoogleNews

I sent the following to as many contact areas for Google News as I could! I am so fed up with them trying to spoon feed the news to us! I am looking for an unfiltered searchable News site. I have used Before Its News, but you've gotta sort through all the wacko stuff. This action by Google is basically shutting down access to free news, which is why I read my news rather than watch the news. I'm disgusted!!! If anyone can find away around their new propaganda machine, please let me know.

"I am VERY dissatisfied with the new results on Google News! I am sick to death of your company trying to control the news I read. When I first started searching Google News I could put a search in, and get all the news on that search. Then I could sort by date and get unfiltered news! Then you guys came up with this page supposedly to give me the news I wanted, but in reality it was to give me the news you wanted me to have about the subject I was interested in. There was no link to sort by date so I could get unfiltered news. I knew what you were doing, but I could still type a search in quotes and sort by date, so I jumped through your hoops to get my news unfiltered, and unbiased. Now you have taken away this option and along with it, my use for Google News!!! Perhaps your company would like to make us all into little trolls that you spoon feed all of your propaganda to. However, It ain't gonna happen! Restore my right to search the news I want, or I'm out of here!!!"

Little Bit Farm

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3 suggestions...

Sounds like you are seeing the downside of social computing. If everything you see is purposefully related to what you have already seen, you will no longer be privy to new information unless it is sponsored by somebody.

1) use different browsers for different tasks

For instance, use chrome for nothing but webmail, use opera for facebook, and use firefox for everything else -- there are numerous browsers out there than can help you here.

2) Never do a google search from the same browser session that you use for webmail/facebook/twitter

3) use http://DuckDuckGo.com

PS -- learn about flash cookies (LSO is short for "Local Shared Object") and regularly clear your cookies/history.

Didn't some congress critter

Didn't some congress critter talk about socializing youtube or facebook or some other dumb site?

We take google for granted and forget they are a private company providing a service whose tentacles reach a little too deep into the Federal Government.

Companies should not do the bidding of the Government, Governments should not do the bidding of companies, and churches should not be connect to either.

Southern Agrarian

same here

used to be able to google by date.

actually in 2003 it was very very very awesome. you could go back and read articles from years prior.

now they just suck at everything.

Yeah, it's pretty limited ifyou try to search for certain things

I remember it being hard as hell to find news articles through g-news about Obama's kill-list czar, Brennan. I feel the google news funnel has somehow become smaller over the last couple of years.

Good luck finding a directory, but until then, I recommend: Democracy Now!, AlJazeera english, Russia Today, and sometimes AlterNet (though that can get pretty pulpy-poppy).