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The Real Reason Ron Paul , So Far, Cannot Get Elected President !

Ron Paul entered the political arena in the early 1970's because the U.S. went completely off the Gold standard at that time, and Dr. Paul knew that this act was un-Constitutional, but would eventually also destroy the standard of living for the millions of middle class American working class people, of which he was also born into.

During this same period, {1970's-to present time. } The banking industry was gaining power, through out the world by convincing countries and politicians worldwide that Central Banks under good management could/would benefit their people better than the old Gold standard monetary systems.

Unfortunately, the central planners were wrong, and Ron Paul was right, about the world's monetary systems. However, as the people have just seen with these primary conventions, dishonesty prevails because greed and corruption, has triumphed over honesty and integrity, when it comes to politics. However, the days of King dollar in it's present form are numbered, as many countries {China,Russia,India, Japan, etc.} are said to be accumulating Gold/Silver at a rapid pace anticipating a change in the worlds monetary systems.

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it sounds like you and I were watching the same primaries....


Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

Yes, I Have Also Been Following Ron Paul's Career,,,

Since the 1970's.
Originally he wrote about Gold ownership, and actually was an owner or part owner in a California coin shop, along with being a Doctor.

It's really a shame what has happened to the USA and the U.S. Constitution.