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Is There Any Hope of Change?

The two major political parties have a lock on power in the United States. The election laws, the media and family voting patterns all collude to make the election of a third party candidate to the Presidency a near impossibility. The closest in the lifetime of anyone reading this happened in 1992 when Ross Perot garnered 18.91% of the vote and not one electoral vote. He has long been blamed for causing the defeat of Bush the Elder and the election of Clinton the Last. Whether Mr. Perot did have such a dramatic effect on the presidential election is still debated. Just as in most theological debates both sides offer well-constructed arguments supported by what they consider irrefutable scripture references or in this case, the life’s blood of political statements: statistics.

One certainty that cannot be debated is that Perot did not have an honest man’s chance in Washington to be elected.

Consequently either Barak Obama will continue as America’s president or he will be unseated and Mitt Romney will replace him. There may be others running. There may be better qualified people. There may be someone who could inspire and lead us all into a second century of American ascendance; however, despite whomever else there may be it will be either the Democrat Obama or the Republican Romney. Life may not be fair but it usually is predictable, and this is as predictable as the sun rising in the East and setting in the West. One of the two parties of power will win.

Given this preordained outcome is there really any hope of change? Or will we continue to watch helplessly as the perpetually re-elected parties continue to spend us into oblivion?
With Mr. Obama’s second term there is no doubt that all we can expect is more of the same, on steroids. Mr. Obama has said, “I think that after this election, we’ll be in a position to once again reach out to Republicans and say that the American people have rendered a judgment, and the positions we’re taking are well within what used to be considered bipartisan centrist approaches.”

A divided government, if the Republicans maintain control of the House, might slow things down, however Mr. Obama has shown he is ready, willing and with the silence of Congress able to rule by decree. If Congress won’t pass the Dream Act he imposes it. If Congress won’t pass Cap-N-Trade he regulates it into being. So we know that if he wins a second term it will be his way or the highway. His agenda will continue to be the national agenda and four more years might be enough to sink the ship of state in a Cloward–Piven Strategy overwhelming the system scenario.

Four more years of the Obama led Democrat Progressives and we may be fundamentally transformed beyond recognition. The heritage of our Founding Fathers may become the lost cause of a failed experiment in individual liberty and economic freedom as America descends into the morass of a welfare state based on re-distribution and political correctness. In other words, the dream of Obama’s father.
That is one side of the coin. What about the other?

If we get Tweedledee instead of Tweedledum will it be morning in America again? Will the ghost of the Gipper lead us from the government’s shovel-never-ready Great Recession into a new era where things are made in America again and everything’s coming up roses?
There is no way from where we are: 16 trillion in debt, a decimated industrial base and a large proportion of our population addicted to government handouts, back to being the largest creditor in the world, the largest manufacturer, a land of self-reliant patriots without major dislocations, and dare I say it, austerity.

Mr. Romney’s fifty nine point plan to save the economy is a well-crafted and well-presented plan to revitalize America’s economy through a pro-capitalist free market approach. It is however not as easy to explain or present as tax the rich and give everyone else free stuff. Since it is better known and has been more widely and perhaps more eloquently presented the Republicans appear to be fronting with Paul Ryan’s plan to save America. Both the Romney and the Ryan plan are a clear step away from the plunder policies of Mr. Obama and his Progressive shock troops.

However, neither Republican plans adequately addresses the entitlement time bomb. Neither projects a balanced budget in any timely fashion and neither proposes any way to ensure that future Congresses live by any restraints imposed. Both promise to preserve our imperial defense spending needed to support two wars and more than 100 foreign bases. Both rattle sabers in the direction of Syria and Iran. What we have is an effort to slow the growth of the debt by reducing the yearly deficits.

Slowing the growth is decidedly better than accelerating but the debt keeps growing and the abyss that looms ahead of us is the unsustainability of the debt. A future rise in interest rates will sink the ship as the service on the debt wipes out the government’s ability to keep its promises or meet its obligations. This is the very scenario the Progressives have been progressing towards. The people who tell us never to let a crisis go to waste have long worked incrementally to lead us to the crisis at the end of the Constitution. A final crisis when limited government will be completely unshackled and the central planners will triumph.

If Romney wins he and his administration may put a speed bump on the expressway to the poor house, but unless they are ready to shut down the gravy train and turn off the spigot of re-distribution we will merely postpone the day of reckoning. Slower is better than faster when it comes to assuming room temperature; however, unless we turn this ship around we’re headed for the shoals of bankruptcy and the reefs of insolvency either way.

Even though Mr. Obama makes the Carter Administration look like the good old days don’t count out the machines ability to pull an election out of their hat. From no voter IDs and Black Panthers patrolling the polls, from polling places in cemeteries, to every obstacle imaginable in the way of people in our armed forces voting this will be a no-holds-barred Chicago-style campaign by the Democrats. The Progressives know this is the one they need. This is the election that will seal the deal and finally transform America into a re-distribution center with them picking all the winners and losers. They win…America loses.

As one example of how the institutions the Progressives have built over the years will line up to re-elect Barack Obama, look at the recent moves of the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve is moving to inject massive amounts of money into the economy, while keeping interest rates near zero, before the election in a clear move to help re-elect President Obama. How are they going to do this? Will they just print more money? No, they wouldn’t do anything so crude or easy to see as that. Instead, they will announce an open ended mandate to purchase Treasury Bonds and mortgage backed securities. This is QE (Quantitative Easing) 3 in all but name. In QE1 the Fed bought $2.3 trillion of securities and in QE2 $600 billion of Treasuries. How big will this round of pump priming be? According to San Francisco Fed President John Williams, since this is an open ended authorization it could eventually be, “at least as large as QE2 or arguably even larger again.” The casino stock market will soar, and the Fed, through its Chairman, will continue to assure us inflation is small, negligible, and nothing we won’t be able to handle. Then again, what’s a little inflation if it helps re-elect a president whose goal is to swamp the system.

Expect an October surprise such as action against Iran or Syria. Expect an encouraging jobs report right before the election that will be revised lower later. Expect the Obama Administration to do whatever it takes to win.

Romney’s road may still lead to the poor house but Obama’s is a bullet train to nowhere. Is there any hope for change? Not with what we’ve heard so far. Maybe there is a chance to switch from the certainty of near term collapse to the promise of at least a few more stations and a few more track changes before we hit the wall. Who knows with enough time maybe enough people will get up off the couch, turn off the game, and pay attention to make a difference. At least that would be a change we could all hope for.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion. He is the Historian of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com © 2012 Robert R. Owens drrobertowens@hotmail.com Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens

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'Obama’s [road] is a bullet train to nowhere.'

Not necessarily. Obama's road coming into view now (despite Romney's candidacy) may well be the tipping point to change. Most people avoid change and would rather suffer encroachments on their liberties than the unknowns that change entails.

It is only when things become too intolerable that some people will abandon that former comfort zone. When the comfortably ignorant get bit in the a** by the status quo, they may finally move for change.

I may sound like an Obama supporter but I am not, nor am I a progressive. I could not possibly vote for this fraud nor can I vote for Romney. I believe they are both a danger to our constitution but I believe Romney is actually a greater danger to our liberties than Obama.

I contend that more people will be polarized against a scorched earth, second term Obama, than a Romney as Head Chef cooking frog-in-the-pot.

I agree with your premise, but

I think you miss the other side. While fear does motivate people, I think there's another way that can get people behind a change. Incentive, as I've found, is even better. i.e. Carrots work better than sticks.

Instead of saying, "If Robomney is elected, there will be scorched earth type apocalypse...", we can say, "If Ron Paul is elected, 80% of the wealth of the banksters would be returned to the hands of the masses. This would effectively raise wages across the board by 4 times while prices would probably drop."

Then, it's an easy sell to show how a population with 8 times the wealth in the hands of the people would not be concerned with petty issues such as charity, welfare, private health care without insurance, school loans, small business loans, local school budgets, and even more extreme things like private police forces or private roads, etc.

Think of it this way, study after study has found that the level of donations to charity (as a % of disposable income) goes up, proportional to how poor someone is. In short, the poor donate more than the rich, compared to what they can. What would our world look like if a part time, minimum wage job paid the equivalent of today's master plumbers?

However, what we've been given in the way of a message is only the stick part. "The banks are robbing us." "The banks and corporations have bought off the rules of the game." Nothing is ever said of what would materialize should we eliminate that robbery. No one ever says that this robbery constitutes 4/5ths of our hard earned wages. No one is out there with the message that candidate X or Y will put that money back in our pocket.

I would say that change is inevitable.

The only question is what kind of change. Obama was elected in my opinion to complete the revolution that was started by FDR in 1933. This is described in the book by Garet Garret "The People's Pottage" that is available for free download at mises.org.


Romney strikes me as a corporatist fascist who will continue implementing the plans of the oligarchy to destroy the sovereignty of the Nation States and the replacement of the Treaty of Westphalia with the UNSC Responsibility to Protect initiative of 2005.


The only perceptible difference between the two is the degree of emphasis on national vs. international but I believe it is a cosmetic difference.

Whether the present global crisis has been engineered by the oligarchy to further their aims of world domination is moot. I lean towards the belief that it is. However I also believe that they have overstretched and are presently in a crisis management mode. Everything is not going as planned and they are desperate to complete before it blows up and they all face incarceration and trial for their crimes.

One possible source of opposition to them is the US military who have not been fully infiltrated and still retain a high degree of loyalty to the traditional American ideals and the Constitution. One scenario that could precipitate the arrest of the criminals in charge is the complete acceptance by the US military general staff of the 9/11 hypothesis that the attack was carried out by the Mossad with the cooperation of certain elements of the US Federal government. According to Pulitzer Prize winner Dr. Alan Sabrosky this is already happening:


I believe this is why the oligarchy have been building their private armies and security contractors both within and outside government control. I understand that many of the operatives in these firms are not American citizens and therefore owe no loyalty to the American people.

There are grounds for hope that the present global financial system that has been carefully constructed over the past several hundred years and which is at the centre of the globalists' plans for world domination will collapse completely outside of the oligarchy's ability to manage the collapse and that those who are still loyal to the Republic will prevail and be able to teach their fellow citizens why what is happening is happening. Those who have solutions to the problems facing the world will then take up positions of leadership and steer the world back onto a sane course of development.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

Hope & Change?

The teleprompter n' chief read his teleprompter wrong, he needs glasses. He was supposed to read:

Rope & Chains.....

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

ecorob's picture

don't waste your time reading this romney BS...

take your neocon boloney down the road!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

As Atlas Shrugged was the blueprint...

expect this system to completely bankrupt itself in true Hegelian fashion with no cessation of momentum...even as the cliff before us is easily discernible.

Galt's Gulch is a euphemistic reality as those that are setting this up have no need for their industries and institutions to survive as "financial enrichment" is not the power ring...it is the necklace already in possession and one that will afford respite from any form of personal suffering for those behind the redoubt walls or languoring in their Shan-gri-la Valleys.

These arguments...or if you will..."revelations of the obvious" are in themselves mental masturbation as no amount of discussion or hand wringing will stop the inevitable destruction of our nation by enemies from within. Just get used to the idea...accept it as the forgone conclusion. Color yourself Red. Color yourself Blue. It doesn't matter as together you will be bruised and of a purple hue.

What can be hoped for (or for some prayed for) is that the Hegelian "solution" sought, that which will appear in solid form after the fall from grace, is universally rejected, the perpetrators hide-outs discovered, and revenge exacted. But don't hold your breath on that one.

My $.02...take it or leave it...it doesn't matter as your opinions can't stop "human progress" as designed by our masters.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Excellent post doctor. So what is the best course of action?

I've tried this post once before in hopes of stirring debate on where do we go from here. I would be ecstatic for some involvement from Ron Paul over the coming years, including a another run in 2016, but I won't hold my breath. With that said, I have been pondering about the future direction of the liberty movement for some time. Now that it's apparent the good doctor isn't going to get the nomination, I'm wondering what is the best design to follow to achieve an enormous unified organization under at least a basic platform? Other post have discussed leaving each individual to do as he or she feels best, but I'm speaking more in terms of a united front under one......name....party...organization?

I really do like the idea ( for the time being ) of essentially taking over the GOP from within and ousting establishment folks, but I fear that we will lose Democrats and Independents that are having the very same awakening as us old Republicans are. I also love the idea of a third party, but with the rules stacked against it, there might not be a viable option now.

To keep this quick reading...

How to we get disenfranchised, awakened Libertarian party, Tea party, Constitution party, Republican party, Democratic party, Reform party etc... under one banner?

How we get the masses of people that follow Judge Napolitano, Mike Church, Alex Jones, Kevin Trudeau, Bob Chapman, Tom Woods, Jesse Ventura, Jim Rogers, Ron Paul etc. to pitch/push for one future organization and help be the watchdog for it? Yes, I know not everyone agrees with some of those figures mentioned, but they do all have listeners that can perhaps unite on a basic platform.

How do we get the Ron Paul and Liberty web sites to unite or at least contribute to one future organization while maintaining their individuality?

I would like to see the top leaders and talking heads of the liberty movement get together and hash out the best course of action. Sure there will be disagreements, but the way to beat the empire is from a united rebellion with millions of people behind it. Power in numbers! It just seems to me that we are all individually doing our part and that's great, but I believe sooner or later we are going to have to pick a direction for the awakened masses to follow, participate, raise money, elect politicians and focus the talking heads on topics and maybe leaders we can all agree on.

Whether Obama or Romney loses, you can bet both parties already have a conveyor belt of pre-selected candidates for the coming years. I feel, we have really no one, and I get the sense that we don't trust many either. Who will have the voting record of a Dr. Paul?

Why do you bother asking people for solutions?

As you saw, the response to your last post was nil. People here don't want to discuss solutions anymore. They want to gossip about how bad things are and use that to justify feeling defeated. It's the downfall of a great site that used to be predicated on grass roots ACTIVITY.

Still, you asked for a solution in response to the Doctor's post which didn't offer one so I'll post one more time that I have come up with some solutions that you may be interested in looking at. The only response they've gotten is 1 comment and 2 likes (that weren't mine). Oh, I did get lots of feedback on another comment where I summarized and linked to them but that was all for a typo!

So you guys want to fix the election - as in repair it? Check out my last post and you'll find something that a smallish group can do and that most groups (including the masses of the big two) would support.

If you want to see some fallacies and misdirections in whom or what to unite behind, check out the next to last post.

These are two small pieces of a much larger plan that is already underway on the private side. The difference is that the election amendment one needs popular support so therefore it needs awareness.

Will it bring change, as the OP writes? If we can get some support behind this or another idea that actually promotes a unified solution for people to rally behind. If, on the other hand, we continue infighting and petty whining, then we're definitely going right where the OP says. It's up to the people. I'm just a solution provider.

Those were both excellent post.

I'm afraid I can't offer much help on your algorithm post. Honestly, it's a bit over my head. You're obviously on to something here and my advice would come off as intellectually bankrupt. lol I mean, you need to write a book, get on a talk show, get some financial backers or something etc..

Your second post was well written and made perfect sense. You are right though. You received 2 votes up and no responses. Mine was a dumbed down version of yours, and I received the same two votes.

I think I can sum up the problem. What we have in the liberty movement are folks that are awakened. They had enough intelligence to challenge their own ideological beliefs and be open to what's really going on. However, in my opinion, most are like....................minds that have been rebooted, or waking up from a long time coma or........like Neo ( reference the Matrix ) when he awoke from the matrix. You get the idea.

I say this b/c although I'm more of an advocate than many of the people i've woken up, but even I am searching for the next leader, the next Ron Paul. I think the power of the dark side is too big for the individual to fight. I truly believe we need several big time leaders, several big time media pundits and one political party that takes in disenfranchised people that have had similar awakenings and gets them under one banner.

Yes, I do believe we also need to do this by the grass roots. For example I registered and was on the ballot to become a district Rep. committeeman for the REC.

This is only my opinion, but I just get the sense we need one big organized political party to unify and focus the millions of people into. I would like to see the current liberty members in congress, the current radio liberty talking heads, the current liberty web sites etc.. form a basic platform they can all reasonably agree on.

You can bet the the TPTB will use the divide and conquer strategy against us.

PS. Maybe the Daily Paul should have a "where do we go from here forum"? Where people can discuss and organize rather than just bitch and rant.

lindalsalisbury's picture


On your rules change post, I see government intervention as far as the eye can see, and at hugh cost.

I have bookmarked your other post, so I can give it a proper examination.

Keep pounding away at us, so that, maybe, we will find and consider your opinions. Keep up the good work!

How can they intervene?

The encoding algorithm is public so anyone can double check it and since everyone can subscribe to receive all the vote-keys directly, they can't be altered without EVERYONE knowing.

Picture me starting with 10 numbers and you're given the result of their product. (the algorithm in this case being "product" or a times b times c, etc.) The only way you can figure out what the originals were is to find out 9 of them first. Same principle.

It's not meant to eliminate vote fraud or mandate any type of election process. It is more like a perfected, instant and mandated exit poll that can't be altered. As I see it, the federal government cannot mandate anything about states' elections but they sure can mandate how result are reported to them.

lindalsalisbury's picture

Plan of Action = POA

Waiting is so negative. But we need a plan of action to implement after the election. After the election, some of these parties will be somewhat neutered, as is, our own Dr. Paul. Possibly all these people will see the need to unite in stregnth, as for example OPEC and APEC have on the global level.

I suggest that Judge Nap could be the uniter of all these parties. We have Ben Swann and (no matter what her agenda) Rachael Maddow prepared to speak out against disenfranchisment.

The sickening reality will really will set in after the election.

A new unified party is the only way to go. The repugnance some people feel for either the dems, or the repubs, will not allow us to work within either party.

In my opinion, changing the rules on ballots and debates, would be far more realistic.

After the election, Independents will be more receptive to the idea of unity, as the hopelessness hits home. However, some ground work must be done, and maybe, it has already started.