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Daniel Hannan, LINO

This is a few days old now, but serves as a reminder to people in the US not to get too excited about UK politicians who appear on your TV, while not getting a hearing over here. There could be a reason. In this case, Hannan is the flip-flopper.

Obama won my support – but it won’t happen again


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Flip-flopper? He never was on

Flip-flopper? He never was on our side. This is like calling Sarah Palin a LINO...

Daniel Hannan has ALWAYS been close to the GOP establishment, including Priebus, was praising Paul Ryan as far back as last year, was friendly with Cavuto, Hannity and Beck, gave a half-hearted RP endorsement while continuing to praise GJ (but never mentioned him again after he went LP) and Cain, he's even the president of the Young Britons Foundation, a pro-Republican and pro-NATO/Anglosphere alliance organisation.

Hannan is not a libertarian. He is liberty leaning, liberty minded, libertarian influenced but is not and never will be a libertarian like us. He is like a Palin or a DeMint, but even closer to the establishment.

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