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RE: Brandon J. Raub - RevPAC Sends Letter Signed By More Than 2,000 People To Virginia AG

Revolution PAC Sends Letter Signed By More Than 2,000 People
To Virginia Attorney General Regarding Brandon J. Raub

In America, all people are created equal under the law, and
everyone and must be held to account equally before the law,
including local, state and federal officials.

Washington, DC—Today, Revolution PAC sent the first installment of more than 2,000 signatures on its letter to Virginia Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli demanding that he prosecute the individuals responsible for planning and executing the kidnapping and "disappearing" of Brandon J. Raub into the Old Dominion's psychiatric gulag.

"This is just the first installment of signatures," said Revolution PAC chairman Lawrence A. Hunter. "We are receiving more and more signatures everyday, and we will regularly pass along new signatories to Mr. Cuccinelli as they come in."

Revolution PAC has submitted a Freedom of Information Act Request regarding the Raub incidents to the Attorney General's office and is waiting for the AG's reply. "It is unambiguously clear that the Gestapo tactics used on Mr. Raub and his "disappearing" were well planned and coordinated in advance by a conspiracy among local, Commonwealth and federal officials, and as such constitute plain, old-fashioned racketeering by thugs acting under the color of law," Hunter concluded.

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Petition kept open...

We are going keep the petition open until we get answers...


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