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A Poem

Some liberal smarta,,,uh,,,butt, wrote a poem about the conservative views, so I took a little creative license and wrote up this poem as a rebuttal to him and the establishment. Thought you'd enjoy it:

Barack Obama was hailed as a great speaker (like Hitler)
but he couldn't seem to do it without a teleprompter.

He campaigned with words of change and of hope
Yet all the country got was another Wall Street puppet dope.

"I'll cut the deficit in half within my first four,
And I'll do it by spending lots, lots more."

He said he'd create jobs for the poor and middle class
Yet 20 million people still sit on their ass.

He wants the tax returns, all of them Romney's
While his own jobs czar ships jobs overseas.

Ask Obama about his next plan, he will only answer “Shush
It’s another 4 years of me blaming Bush.”

The Republicans are no better, just look what they did to Ron Paul
He was the best candidate for the nation, the world, basically all.

You called him crazy to want to end the fed
History will Show the Fed was something to dread

Paul said "bring the troops home tomorrow", you booed and you jeered
yet Clint Eastwood says it, and you all stood up and cheered.

You don't want the promised entitlements to end
While troops all over the world to bully we send

The solution to peace is certainly a chore
But the Neo-con path is to have more war.

The people and the corporations, the treasury they fleece
Soon we, too, will end up like Greece.

The status quo party is over for sure
yet American sheeple think this way will endure

You think Romney/ Ryan will save us, you are sorely mistaken
They will still grow government and the economy will shaken

Our country will collapse and we will still be at war
But the troops will be brought home to fight us on our shore

The troops will remember their oath to the Constitution
and turn Civil War into the next Revolution.

Big government will cease and status quo will feign
Liberty, freedom and justice for all we will again attain.

I know my poem lacks a little organization,
Patriots, prepare just the same to take back your nation.

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My favorite line of your poem - amazing, huh?

"Paul said "bring the troops home tomorrow", you booed and you jeered
Yet Clint Eastwood says it, and you all stood up and cheered."

It kinda tells you something about your average establishment Republican, huh?

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

yeah,,,one word

Baaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! (lol)

What was his version?

What was his version?

Southern Agrarian

his version

The townhall cartoon site is acting a bit weird, but this was what I copied from the Henry Payne cartoon he posted under. I've improved my poem from what I posted originally:

Welcome to the Ostrich farm! A ditty for those here who want to end Social Security, Obamacare, unemployment benefits, food stamps,

Heads in the sand,
sand in their eyes,
stuffing down fries,
while libs they despise.

They don't give a rap,
as environments crap,
or care for this Earth,
just want to give birth.

But once kids are born,
from rape victims torn,
they leave them forlorn,
its political porn.

That is a pretty weak poem..

That is a pretty weak poem..

Southern Agrarian