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A Case for Romney

Most of the liberty movement would agree that Romney is, on balance, an unattractive candidate. His divergence from Ron Paul on two major priorities--(1) constitutional rule of law and (2) the national debt--is troubling, and many will not accept voting for the lesser of two evils in presidential election.

Recently, there has been talk about the future of the movement. Ultimately, the liberty movement will go where the most influential activists decide to take it. But for now, I would like to make the case for our movement's future lying within the GOP.

I personally believe Gary Johnson is the best candidate in this election cycle. However, I will likely be voting for Romney in part because of one particular topic: the Supreme Court. It is critical to note that the winning party this election is likely to take control of the government and, for many of us, policy changes will not be immediately apparent. A Johnson or Paul write-in protest vote is a noble and principled thing to do. I am not prepared, however, to relinquish a third of our government to anti-liberty Justices just for a protest vote.

Even if the policies of the Executive or the Congress don't change drastically, the composition of the Court will. Romney is our ally in this regard, and this election will determine the future of the Supreme Court and critical rulings that affect the civil liberties and economic freedoms of American citizens.

This is just one opinion, but here are other reasons I believe the future of our movement lies with the GOP:

+Rand Paul's growing clout and sympathy to certain liberty movement tenets
+The ability to shape policy discussion without becoming a one-issue third party (e.g. move than an "End the Fed" party)
+The Republican principles of limited government, constitutional rule of law, and minimizing national debt--which I believe can be restored to the party through our continued efforts.
+Deeper connection with Tea Party and a wide range of age demographics

Romney is not an improvement over Obama in many regards, but with an aging Supreme Court we have the rare chance to make a profound impact on 33% of our federal government this election. We should not relinquish that opportunity.

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while Gov. appointed something like 24 out of 27 judges that were liberal.

Keeping the status quo

will buy us time. If Obama wins and the economy picks up, it will be twenty years before any classical liberal candidates have a prayer of winning the White House.

What so many libertarians

fail to realize is that the only libertarian on the Supreme Court, Justice Alito, would not be there if John Kerry had been president. We can complain until the cows come home about Roberts' betrayal of the Constitution on Obamacare, but, I would rather have Roberts on the Court than anyone Al Gore would have appointed. The Supreme Court has amassed FAAAAAAAAR more power than what the Founders of this country ever intended it to have. And by amassing all that power, it has made presidents extremely powerful as well.

The Liberty Movement NEEDS Romney to win in 2012 and win again in 2016. Romney will be a moderate, but, he will keep the status quo and free up the economy a little along the way. But, if we grow our base in the Republican Party over the next 8 years and take back the Tea Party from within, by 2020, we will not only have a HUGE caucus of Liberty candidates in state houses, the House of Representatives and the Senate, but, we will EASILY take the White House.

I'll vote for anything.....

thats not Obama or Romney.

I see no increased clout for

I see no increased clout for Paul. His supporters were raped in public!

Anti-liberty justices

Uh, that would be all of them. Some prefer left wing tyranny to right wing tyranny, is all. Find me a justice who talks about the unconstitutionality of fiat money, Social Security, Medicare, the FDA, TSA and undeclared wars, and get back to me.

And the chances of Romney appointing anyone a liberty-lover would approve are sub-zero.

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No, by God, Romley

on this dogs plate having researched GJ ,I'm in for the win !

maintain and LOve the R3volution

-The Tea-Party was taken over

-The Tea-Party was taken over by Neo-cons just the same as the entire GOP was. No one needs a connection with more RINOs.
-The larger the numbers behind Johnson, the more the GOP realize they were wrong for cheating and alienating voters when they lose or win by a small margin. Not only will they not want to lose voters like they did in 2012, but they'll want to win or win by a much larger margin. By 2016 they would realize their party is being taken over, the neo-con reign was almost over, and the only way the party has a chance in the election is to put a libertarian through as the nominee.
-The more libertarians who fall back to Obama or Romney, the less threatening our number seems and the more comfortable the R/DNC become in the idea that people will fold to their fear of the other party enough to vote for the lesser of two evils.

They rely on these theories... so we must destroy them.

Critical Thinking > Emotional Thinking > Pseudo-Intellectuals that Saturate DP
Utilitarianism > Consequentialism > Deontology > Egocentrism
Making people feel "troll'd" with the truth > being an intentional troll > acting like one naturally

You nailed it!

Nothing to add. Thanks!


Will it matter?

The appointment of Supreme Court Justices in the next term has been a concern of mine as well. But will it really matter who is President? Justice Roberts has already been mentioned in another comment. He certainly didn't vote as most would have expected. And if speculation is true that some other higher power (not spiritual) is really pulling the strings of both political parties and their appointed puppet leaders, we would probably end up getting the same anointed justice regardless of who is President. Of course, that is all pure speculation and akin to conspiracy theory, but it makes one wonder. There might also be the possibility that if the Senate goes Republican, they would not approve of any Obama appointment. Although this issue troubles me, I still can't seeing myself voting for Republicans or Democrats. That would be just more insanity.

The first person I thought of

The first person I thought of when reading this was Supreme Court Justice John Roberts who was appointed by President Bush.


Neither party can be trusted and neither deserve the vote of a Ron Paul supporter. The farce of their convention's these past 2 weeks should make that very apparent. I plan to work in the local GOP but will never vote for another GOP or Demo presidential candidate.

I really appreciate your post

It's unfortunate that so many won't even look at your post, but I need it, because it is hard for me to SEE why beyond my need to fullfill my obligation. I have ideas, but no one ever discusses the need.

The election is between Romney and Obama, and there is not any way I want Obama to have another 4 years.

It's an interesting point you make about the judges.

The only real thing I could think of is at least Romney empowers the GOP that has Ron Paul Republicans and other constitutional based voters who do not want to lose our nation to "the world".

I will study what you have posted here, and I hope that you continue to post.

Again, this is very important to me, and I THANK YOU