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Ron Paul Write-in Info: CA, NY, MI, PA, WI, ME, VA Deadlines (152 Electoral Votes)

Here are the biggest states whose deadlines have not passed for making Ron Paul an official write-in candidate whose votes must be counted and recorded. Each state should keep a Facebook Write-in Ron Paul page to try to get a rough count of how many of us have pledged to go in and write-in Ron Paul. Where a vice president write-in candidate needs to be listed, pick someone who meets the age and citizenship requirement.

What you find out as you go down these lists is it is surprising easy to make someone an official write-in. Between just these states below are more than half of the 270 needed to win. What this means is a strong Ron Paul write-in will have a strong impact which cannot be ignored, whoever winds up winning. This will force attention to the Ron Paul message, and show that we demand to be taken seriously as a force in 2016. Ron Paul's friend Doug Wead assures us that Dr. Paul may not have been kidding when he said on Leno that he is "resting up" for 2016.

Dr. Paul comes from a family of near-centenarians, folks who are just getting started when they are 75. Praise God.

In all cases your primary resource is your Secretary of State's elections department, which runs the show. Ask lots of questions and make sure you understand exactly what is required. Look up state Ron Paul delegates to give you a helping hand. They are the ones who can contact Ron Paul in cases where his signature is needed, which means you have to save time for a Fed Ex overnight both ways (or maybe even meet up with Dr. Paul himself!)

More research coming. Share what you find or ask questions here.

CA: 55 Electors

Needs independent confirmation: According to this report CA has already done an official write-in for Ron Paul for its 55 electors. If the report turns out to be mistaken, here are the requirements:



1. Voters in the General Election are technically voting for the 55 Presidential Elector candidates, not directly for the candidates for President and Vice President. Therefore, in order to be a write-in presidential candidate, that candidate must have 55 write-in Presidential Elector candidates file papers pledging themselves to the presidential candidate.

2. The 55 write-in candidates for Presidential Elector who have pledged themselves to vote for a candidate for President and a candidate for Vice President must file a Declaration of Write-In Candidacy, which must be received by the Secretary of State on or before October 23, 2012 (E-14).

NY: 31 Electors



Write-In Candidates

To run as a write-in candidate for president, you are required to file a certificate of candidacy with the State Board of Elections no later than the third Tuesday prior to the general election [Oct. 16.] The certificate must be signed by the presidential candidate and must contain the following information:

Name and address of presidential candidate
Name and address of any vice-presidential candidate, and a signed certificate of acceptance from such candidate
Name and address of at least one elector, with an acceptance certificate and pledge of support signed by each such candidate for elector.

See Election Law §6-153 (pdf 3,303KB) for further information.

MI: 17 Electors

Page 2: http://www.michigan.gov/documents/sos/2012_Important_Dates_Filing_Deadline_346119_7.pdf


By 4:00 p.m.,
Oct. 26, 2012

Write-in candidates file Declaration of Intent forms for the November general election. (168.737a)

Michigan Declaration of Intent: http://www.michigan.gov/documents/Dec-Int-Write-In_94360_7.pdf

PA: 21 Electors

State Elections Department: http://www.portal.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/community/voting_and__elections/12363

More information needed. Information from 2008 web resource: http://writein2008.blogspot.com/search/label/Pennsylvania


The official election code refers to the fact that a voter who wishes to cast a vote for a write-in Presidential candidate must write-in the names of his/her 21 Presidential Electors on the ballot. However, according to a PA Bureau of Elections official, historically counties in PA have counted whatever is written in. If voters write in the actual candidate’s name, that write-in vote has been counted for the candidate. The official said that the distinction between “presidential elector” and “presidential candidate” is allowed to be blurred. However, he said that he always advises write-in candidates to contact the various counties in PA to assure that all the votes written in for them are counted as such – for example, without that communication, some counties might not watch out for various spellings of a candidates name, and end up counting them as separate votes, etc....

VA: 13 Electors



Write-in votes for President and Vice President will be counted only if the
following requirements are met:

1. The candidates for President and Vice President file with the State
Board of Elections, the joint declaration of intent to be write-in
candidates. (Prescribed form enclosed.)

2. The joint declaration of intent includes a list of the thirteen
presidential electors pledged to those candidates.

3. The joint declaration of intent is received by the State Board of
Elections on or before October 27, 2012.

WI: 10 Electors

Unclear. From 2008 resource:

The candidate must file a list of 10 presidential electors and a “Declaration of Candidacy” in the following manner no later than October 21, 2008. The list shall contain one presidential elector from each congressional district and 2 electors from the state at large and the names of the candidates for president and vice president for whom they intend to vote, if elected.*

Because of the clause below, candidates do not actually need to file the list of electors to have votes counted.

Elections Division - Wisconsin Government Accountability Board
17 West Main Street, Suite 310
PO Box 2973
Madison, Wisconsin 53701-2973

Phone: 608-266-8005 FAX: 608-267-0500

WI Declaration of Candidacy: http://elections.state.wi.us/docview.asp?docid=1839&locid=47

ME: 5 Electors (not large but it's the principle)


This form and a consent form for each of the 4 electors named above submitted to the Department of the Secretary of State, Division of Elections, no later than 5 p.m. on Monday, September 24, 2012 (45 days before the General Election -- date adjusted for deadline falling on weekend).

Maine Electors Form:

Other states:

The first thing to do is find out what your state says about official write-ins, which means going to the state government website, clicking "Secretary of State", then "elections", then "candidates." This usually takes you to the place where you can do hit the "edit" > "find" on your brower, then in the box that comes up type the word "write." This will search a big document and go straight to where the words "write-ins" comes up, so you don't have to plow through the whole document. Use this thread to ask for help if you are having trouble finding anything.

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Bravo to you; No One But Paul

Now, this is a man who deserves to be president, and we deserve this win, too!!